408 Chapter 408: The Necklace

    There was a river in front of him that circled around a place that looked like a temple.

    The thing that made this river different was the fact that it was filled to the brim with hot molten lava.

    He stepped forth and placed the Tombstone over the lava. The tombstone started floating over the lava. Long Chen stood on top of it.

    The Tombstone started floating towards the temple.

    The Tombstone floated over the lava and brought Long Chen to the temple.

    Long Chen stepped over the land in front of the temple and brought the tombstone out of the Lava.

    He held the tombstone in his hand as he looked towards the temple.

    The temple seemed to be made from the same material as the tombstone. It was pitch black in color.

    Long Chen stepped towards the door of the temple and pushed the door open as he entered inside.

    The inside of the temple was similar to the outside. It was just as gloomy and dark. It seemed to be an empty-looking hall with nothing inside, but Long Chen knew that this was not all there was to it. He was already told about what he needed to do here.

    He stepped towards the wall at the front. There was an opening in the wall that seemed to be of the same shape as the tombstone in Long Chen's hands.

    He inserted the tombstone on that opening, which fit perfectly as if the tombstone was the piece of the wall that was taken.

    The Wall in front of him started going downward and disappeared into the ground, exposing the thing that hid behind it.

    There was a stone altar there, and a coffin-shaped necklace was lying there.

    Long Chen walked to the stone altar and picked up the coffin.

    "This small necklace is what Lang Jing's after. Even though he didn't tell me what this necklace does, it might be a weapon of destruction from the way he talked about it," Long Chen muttered as he observed the small coffin shaped necklace.

    "I can't feel any Qi from it, but it's giving me a strange feeling. Xun, do you know what this necklace is?" He asked Xun.

    Xun appeared in front of him.

    "I think I know about it, but I can be wrong," Xun let out.

    "What is it?" He inquired as his curiosity peaked.

    "Although we hadn't seen this necklace before, I heard a rumor about there existing a coffin-shaped necklace. This coffin-shaped necklace can keep a person or beast inside. That person can stay inside as long as they want because the time doesn't move inside the necklace. Time stays still inside," Xun explained.

    "Really? If it's true, wouldn't this be an incredible item? A person can enter the necklace and cultivate for eternity," Long Chen said.

    "It doesn't work like that. The time inside is still, even for the person that is kept inside it. They can't move, let alone cultivate. It's like they are in a limbo," Xun told him.

    "That decreases it's worth significantly, but still it's an incredible item. Lang Jing wants the necklace; it shouldn't be for no reason. Either he wants to put someone inside or bring someone outside that is already inside," Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "That's what I heard about that necklace. I'm not sure if it's the same or just something that looks similar by coincidence," Xun said. "It might just be a coincidence, and I don't believe that item could find its way here. According to the rumor, it was with the ruler of the Demon Realm, so I doubt that the real one would be here." Xun said to Long Chen.

    "Is there a way to test? How do I open it if it's the real thing?" Long Chen asked.

    "How would I know the method to open it? I told you that I heard a few rumors about its existence. There was nothing about how it works or how one can open it," Xun said as she smiled wryly.

    "So technically, we don't have a way to check if it's the real thing or not. Even if it's not what you're talking about, it should still be something important on its own," Long Chen muttered as he sent the necklace in his storage ring.

    "I'll just ask Lang Jing how it works before I kill him," he added.

    Long Chen was about to leave when the altar started shining. The whole temple started shaking as if it was enraged at its belongings being stolen.

    He found out that the doors of the temple were closed automatically. The wall that had entered the ground appeared again and blocked his path.

    "It looks like you're trapped. It must be the mechanism of the temple to prevent someone from leaving with the necklace," Xun let out softly.

    "This wasn't what I was told. I think even he didn't know about it. Why would the Divine Heaven Sect do this? If they didn't want someone to take it, there was no need to place that tombstone out on the open," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    Long Chen was talking with Xun when he heard a voice from behind.

    "You took something that doesn't belong to you,"

    "If you don't put the thing back to its original position in 5 minutes, you will be killed,"

    Long Chen turned back and found a stone statue there.

    "Where did it appear from?" Long Chen muttered, but he soon got the answer to his question as he saw more stone statues coming out of the walls.

    The stone statues were all different.

    While some looked like humans, others were of beasts.

    In no time, there were hundreds of statues that could move. Long Chen also felt cultivation from them. Most of these were Earth Realm statues where a rare few were at the Initial Sky Realm.

    "Doesn't matter," Long Chen muttered as he took out his King's Sword.

    He also called out the Snake Monarch and his Spirit Sword.

    Orion was also called out along with Dark Horned Armored Rhino.

    "Why did you call this King? I was in an important meeting with my second in command about the future of our world domination," The Snake Monarch said to Long Chen.

    "I want you to destroy those statues. I thought it's better to take help than wasting my time destroying them alone. This place doesn't have any Qi; I want to save as much Qi as possible," Long Chen replied.

    "You guys can replenish your Qi in the beast region, but I can't," He added.

    "Isn't this a small matter? This King can alone handle them all. There's no need for others. Just sit back and watch," The Snake Monarch said. He was a 6th stage Sky Realm Beast now and didn't put these weaker statues in his eyes.

    "Oh? Alright then. You guys come back and let your Junior Brother fight. He wants to do it alone," Long Chen told Orion and the Dark Horned Armored Rhino as he stepped back.

    Orion and the Dark Horned Armored Rhino listened to him and stepped back, but the Snake Monarch was furious.

    "You're their Junior Brother! Your whole family is their Junior Brother. This King is their leader!" the Snake Monarch let out loud.

    "That's not how it works. The one that joins later is the junior brother. So technically, you're their Junior Brother, but there's no shame in it. You don't need to get offended," Long Chen chuckled.

    "This King doesn't care about how it works! If you don't stop calling me their Junior Brother, this King won't fight," The Snake Monarch said furiously as he looked towards Long Chen.
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