409 Chapter 409: Gone?

    "Alright, don't get offended. I won't call you that," Long Chen said as he smiled wryly.

    "Hmph, that's better. This King might see Fluffy as an equal, but not others," the Snake Monarch let out.

    Five minutes were over since the first statue had appeared, and the statues started moving.

    "You statues want to go against this King? It would be a different matter if you were statues of someone as beautiful as this King, but despite being ugly statues, you want to fight me?" the Snake Monarch bellowed as it increased in size.

    The Statues brought their stone swords and got ready to attack, but they stopped. It was as if they were stopped in time.

    "I remember that attack. He used it on me the moment I met him to escape. It felt like a force was preventing me from moving. If I didn't have my Space Law, I don't think I would have been able to catch him," Long Chen muttered as he saw the attack of Snake Monarch.

    As the statues stopped moving,things became a whole lot easier for the Snake Monarch, who crushed the statue under its massive body.

    The Snake Monarch came back after a few minutes without a single wound on its body.

    "You are getting worried for no reason. See how easy it was for this King? This King fought the Emperor's of heaven themselves, what are a few statues," the Snake Monarch said proudly.

    "It was a good fight. You can go back now," Long Chen said. He was about to send them back when he saw the pieces of broken statues moving.

    They moved towards each other and started joining together.

    The hundreds of Statues combined into 3 Giant Statues that were multiple times bigger than last time.

    "The battle isn't over yet. They look like 4th Stage Sky Realm Statues this time," Long Chen muttered.

    "So what if those scrap stones are 4th stage? Did you forget the cultivation of this handsome beast before you?" The Snake Monarch inquired.

    "I know that you're in the 6th stage, but you shouldn't underestimate anyone. Treat everyone as an equal when you fight, and you'll succeed, as soon as you start underestimating someone, your chances of loss increases,"  Long Chen told the Snake Monarch.

    "Stay here and watch how this king handles them," The Snake Monarch said.

    Even though Long Chen was confident in Snake Monarch's strength, he still sent his Spirit Sword Fury to help him out.

    The battle this time also finished just as fast as last time.

    Even though the statues were stronger than last time, they still couldn't move after the Snake Monarch used its unique skill on them.

    "That skill, it's so powerful," Long Chen let out as he saw the Snake Monarch destroy the statues.

    "Of Course, this skill is amazing. The Snake Monarchs are known for this ability. It's what makes them a force to be reckoned with," Xun appeared beside Long Chen and said.

    "Wouldn't that make the Snake Monarch's invincible? Unless someone had something that could counter their skills, they would have no chance of winning a battle against them," Long Chen muttered.

    "That's what it seems like, but it's not without its limitations," Xun said.

    "This skill has limitations, as well?" Long Chen asked.

    "Of course it does. There are only a few things in this world that are truly powerful without any limitations. Everything else has a limitation in some way," She told him.

    "What are its limitations?" Long Chen inquired.

    "There are a few important ones like their skill don't work as effectively on the ones that have a stronger cultivation than them. The skill will cause the opponent to pause in their position as well, but the duration is often unstable. If a cultivator has stronger Cultivation than the Snake Monarch and he is affected by the skill, he might be able to escape the effects of that skill in a second if he's lucky, and if he's unlucky, the skill might keep him stuck for longer," Xun explained.

    "So this skill works based on luck if the opponent has higher cultivation. That's not bad. Most crowd control skills aren't even worth it to those with higher Cultivation, this one at least works," Long Chen let out as he thought about it.

    "That's not all there is to it. Another limitation of this skill is that if it's used on a person once, it can't be used on that same person again, even if that person has weaker cultivation," she added.

    "Oh? That one is bad. I thought that if the stronger cultivator broke the skill, we could cast this again, but the second limitation changes everything. It's still a decent skill though and pretty dangerous if used properly," Long Chen let out with a frown on his face.

    "See? I told you that this wasn't difficult. The battle was easy," Snake Monarch came back and told Long Chen.

    "Yeah, You were great," Long Chen complimented the Snake Monarch.

    He turned back as he heard the noise from the back. He saw the wall go inside the ground, and the door was also opened.

    "Looks like it's over. You guys can go back," he let out as he sent the beasts back to the Beast Region in his storage ring.

    He stood up and stepped out of the hall. The Wall again returned to its original condition. Long Chen pulled out the tombstone and left the temple

    He crossed the river with the help of the tombstone. As he stepped on the other side of the lava river, he sent the tombstone back in his storage ring.

    He again called Orion outside and got on top of it. Because of Orion, Long Chen's speed was much faster. In about no time, he got back to the black barrier. He sent Orion back.

    "Heaven is divine, and the Divine is human. The Ancient is past, and the past is dead. O Merciful Lord, let this person leave as it has seen the full glory of the Divine. Akhumba Mikaaku Xalami Sensen Kekeni," Long Chen repeated the words from the letter. A door shaped opening appeared in the barrier, allowing Long Chen to step outside.

    As he left the barrier, he was expecting Chu Miao to be there, but no matter how much he looked, she couldn't be found.

    He even used his Divine Sense to search his surroundings, but he didn't see her.

    "Chu Miao! Where are you!" he called out loud as he walked around like a lost kid trying to find someone.

    "Chu Miao!" he kept calling her name as he moved forth, but he didn't see her.

    "He searched around the whole surrounding area but didn't see her

    "Where is she? Did she leave," he muttered as he walked back to the barrier.

    "Sigh, I guess she did decide to go ahead without me. Hopefully, I'll find her," He let out. He resumed his journey as he started walking ahead, leaving the barrier behind.

    As Long Chen left that place, a shadow appeared behind him and disappeared.

    "There is only a week left, but I've already hit the target. I hope I find their skill hall on time. The skills are what I'm truly after. The skills should be overpowered," Long Chen muttered as he kept going forth.

    He even increased his speed somewhat as he was hoping to catch up to Chu Miao, who he thought was ahead.

    "The heck?" He exclaimed in shock as he stood at the dead end.

    It was standing at the end of a cliff. There was nothing ahead. He looked down the cliff, but all he saw was what seemed to be a sea at 50000 meters depth.

    "This shouldn't be the dead end. The Dead End should be the outer walls of the sect; if it were, I should be able to see the walls," Long Chen muttered with a frown on his face.
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