411 Chapter 411: The Reward

    "Looks like the real deal," Long Chen muttered as he brought the thing out of the box.

    "Isn't this a good thing? Who knows, We might use this on our private time in the future," Long Chen chuckled as he put his hands over Xun's head

    "Cheh, throw that book away. You don't need that," Xun said.

    "Come on. Don't be so quick to judge if it's good or bad. Who knows, it might be different. Let me read the content, only then can we know if it's what we're thinking, or different," Long Chen chuckled as he looked at the book in his hand.

    The book had the title carved outside in bold letters, "Pure Dual Cultivation Technique."

    Long Chen opened the book cover and looked inside as he started reading the content. His expressions kept changing the more he read.

    "Incredible. It's so amazing," Long Chen exclaimed in surprise.

    "Xun, It is indeed a Dual Cultivation Technique, but it's not a bad one. Generally, a Dual Cultivation Technique steals the Qi, Life Force, or Yin Yang Energy from the other partner, which benefits one and harms others, but this one is different. It does not work like that," Long Chen said.

    "How does it work then?" Xun inquired.

    "This one is different. Instead of harming one to benefit others, it benefits both parties involved. Their bodies absorb Qi much faster when they are doing dual cultivation. In a sense, it means that both of their Cultivation speed is joined during intercourse, and thus they are benefitted. Of course, the one that has the weaker cultivation and less Talent will benefit more, but the difference shouldn't be much," Long Chen said.

    "That's somewhat better, but it doesn't change the fact that you'll have to do that to perform this skill," Xun let out.

    "Do what?" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

    "Of Course, I'm talking about making love!" Xun let out loud.

    "Is there something wrong with that? It just means that even our private time can be used for the betterment of our Cultivation. Isn't that right? Also, don't think that it's a bad thing. When you get a real body, you'll have 0 Cultivation most probably. You'll get the most benefits when I make love to you," Long Chen laughed out loud as he said.

    "Puh, I'm never going to do that with you," Xun snorted as she turned back.

    Long Chen extended his hand and caught her hand. He pulled her closer to him and took him in her embrace.

    "Are you serious?" he asked as he whispered in her ear.

    "I-i... " Xun struggled to answer as her mind went blank from the sudden embrace.

    She was still in a daze when Long Chen kissed her sweet lips.

    "You!" Xun pushed him back before she disappeared.

    "I know you don't hate it," Long Chen muttered as he chuckled lightly.

    He put the Pure Dual Cultivation Book in his storage ring before stepping on the stairs to go to the 4th floor.

    He got to the 4th floor, but he found it entirely empty.

    He looked around, but there was nothing here. The floor was empty, and the walls had no writing either.

    He walked towards the stairs on the other side of the floor, but as soon as he got to the center of the floor, he felt some vibrations. He felt danger.


    He heard many sounds like this, and without waiting, he teleported to the lower floor.

    As he had already seen the 3rd floor and it was within his 200 meters range, he was able to teleport there.

    Long Chen appeared on the 3rd floor. Although he had teleported instantly, he still wasn't fast enough to remain untouchable, and an arrow had penetrated his hand and was still stuck there.

    His hand was bleeding, and he was feeling the pain. His hand had stopped moving. He was able to move a little bit, but every movement came with extreme pain.

    He looked towards the arrow that had penetrated his left hand in full seriousness.

    He caught the arrow with his hand and broke it from one side before pulling the other side out of his arm. He felt pain, but he didn't make a noise.

    A hole was left behind in his hand as soon as the arrow came outside, and the bleeding had increased with the flow of blood.

    Long Chen brought a black pill out of his storage ring and ate it instantly. The pill started showing its effects, and bleeding soon stopped.

    The wound started healing, visible to the naked eye, and soon, it was perfectly healed, and not even a mark was left behind on his arm.

    "That was an unexpected attack. I made a mistake. I should've stayed alert. Even though the room looked empty, it wasn't. It must be a trap room," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the stairs with a grave look on his face.

    He again started climbing and went to the 4th floor. As soon as he got there, a wry smile appeared on his face.

    He saw over a thousand arrows lying on the ground, which had most probably managed to miss him because he teleported in time.

    "This was a scary trap. If I hadn't teleported on time, I would've been killed without a doubt," Long Chen sighed as he looked at the ground that was filled with arrows. Even more, arrows were stuck on the walls, which showed their incredible powers.

    He again walked to the other side. He was sure that the trap was only for the first time and wouldn't work now, but still, he stayed alert.

    He safely got to the other side of the room and stepped on the stairs.

    He got to the 5th floor, but the 5th floor seemed to be the same as the 4th floor. It had nothing there either.

    Long Chen frowned as he tried to observe the walls.

    He brought a body out of his storage ring and threw it at the center of the room.

    As soon as the body touched the ground, he heard a noise which was different from the sound of the body falling to the ground.

    He looked towards the sky and saw a portion of the roof disappear.

    A box fell down on the ground.

    Long Chen frowned as he stepped towards the box carefully.

    He slowly opened the box while he kept himself ready to dodge at a moment's notice.

    As soon as the box opened, a weird look appeared on his face. There seemed to be a small pill inside the box that seemed like a 'Life-Giving Pill'.

    "Not a bad harvest," Long Chen smiled as he put the pill in his storage ring.

    "I guess this was the trick. If the person survived the trap of the 4th floor, he would definitely not walk on the ground of the 5th floor, thinking that it would have the same trap. And if he didn't walk here, he would miss out on the chance of getting this pill. Either it was indeed planned, or I'm thinking too much," Long Chen muttered as he stepped towards the stairs on the front.

    He stepped on the stairs and started climbing towards the 6th floor, but as he reached the middle of the stairs, he was shocked as the stairs disappeared, and he fell back to the 4th floor.

    "This is getting annoying. They're tricking me," Long Chen muttered as he climbed to the 5th floor and started going up the stairs towards the 6th floor, but he didn't step on the stairs that had caused the trap to activate.

    He skipped the stair and went to the next stair, and nothing happened. He easily went to the 6th floor without any trouble.
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