413 Chapter 413: Chu Miao

    Long Chen was the most surprised he had ever been as he saw inside the box.

    There was an earring in the box.

    It was a small blue earring that didn't look anything special, but the reason it shocked Long Chen was that he had seen that earring before.

    Long Chen had seen Chu Miao wear the same earring the last time he saw her. It was one the only accessory she wore, which looked more highlighted on her.

    "Is this the same earring? No, it might just be a similar earring. There's no way she can get here; she can't fly," Long Chen muttered as he observed the earring.

    "But why is an earring here as a reward? This doesn't feel like an artifact or a treasure. It seems as normal as it can get," Long Chen let out with a frown as he looked around.

    "Keep it. Some artifacts are often like that. They might look ordinary but hide incredible power. Even I'm not sure about it, but It might be an artifact like that. You might find out about it in the future if it is," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Yeah, maybe you're right. It should be a treasure. The temple would not give a useless item," Long Chen muttered as he kept the earring in his storage ring.

    He stood up to walk towards the stairs, but as soon as he stepped on it, he felt danger.

    He instantly jumped back, and that was just at the right time as the Stairs disappeared.

    "I should've just continued on Fury," Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face as he looked towards the empty spot where the stairs used to be previously.

    He stood up and brought out his Spirit Sword. He jumped over the sword that was floating in front of him and moved towards the 10th floor of the tower without delaying a single second.

    He flew up for over half an hour, but he didn't get to the next floor. He could feel himself moving, but the further he went upwards, the farther the next floor entrance went.

    After continuing for another hour, he stopped his sword. He didn't attempt to go up in the least.

    He looked down and noticed that the lower floor wasn't even visible by now, which meant that he indeed came up, but even after all that, he wasn't able to get to the next floor.

    He looked around in confusion as to what was actually happening. Something seemed to be terribly wrong here, which was preventing him from going to the next floor.

    He looked toward the entrance of the top floor that seemed to be around 500 meters away from him.

    "I can't even teleport there either. Is there nothing I can do?" he muttered with a perplexed look on his face as he looked down.

    "Wait, I think I found the reason for it," Xun told Long Chen.

    "What reason? How can I get there?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    Xun appeared in front of Long Chen and floated in the air.

    "Look behind you," she said as she pointed behind Long Chen.

    Long Chen turned back and started looking carefully.

    A frown appeared on his face, which only deepened.

    "I don't see anything there," he told Xun.

    "Maybe it's because I'm the spirit of an artifact, and that's why I can see it, but there is a mirror behind you. It should be around 300 meters away from you. I can already see your reflection in the mirror," Xun informed Long Chen as she looked at him gravely.

    "Is this right? I'll try going to it then. It must be what's messing with the things here," Long Chen muttered as he turned his Spirit Sword back and started flying towards the direction Xun was pointing toward.

    He had only flown for a short while before Xun stopped him.

    "Don't bother with it. It's moving back as well. The closer you get to it, the farther it moves," she told Long Chen.

    "I guess I have no choice but to destroy it then. If it's destroyed, the problem should be solved," Long Chen let out as he brought his King's Sword out of his storage ring.

    "True, if normal methods don't solve a problem, just destroy the problem," Xun chuckled.

    "Tell me the exact direction of that mirror. I'll break it in a single try," Long Chen told Xun.

    Xun caught Long Chen's hand and adjusted them in such a way that the sword in his hand was facing the mirror.

    "It's right there. Five hundred meters away from you now," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Alright. That should be enough," Long Chen muttered.

    He raised his sword high in the air.

    "7 Forms of Saint Sword: 6th Form- havoc!" Long Chen let out as he swung his sword.

    A bright arc of light left his sword. It's light managed to brighten the darkness, but it's frightening Strength was causing the air to become hotter.

    The arc of light moved forward like an attack that was hell-bent on destroying it's target as fast as it could.

    Long Chen's attack landed in the mirror, shattering the mirror.


    The sound of glass shattering broke the silence of the place and managed to reach Long Chen's ears even though the mirror was so far away.

    The mirror broke, and finally, Long Chen got his first glimpse of the mirror, the pieces of which fell down.

    "That's a beautiful mirror, I must say. Too bad that it had to be destroyed. I guess the destruction does solve the problems, but it does destroy the beautiful things around it as well," Long Chen muttered as he looked at Xun.

    He turned back and looked towards the entrance of the 10th floor, which was still there. The height still seemed to be the same.

    He started flying higher with the help of his sword, but this time the entrance didn't move away from him and stayed where it was. He got to the entrance of the next floor.

    Long Chen looked around, and once more, a weird look appeared on his face.

    "I want to meet the architect of this place. He really had a knack of making things weird and inserting the things one least expected.

    The whole room was filled with water, which, surprisingly, wasn't spilling out of the entrance. It was as if there was a force keeping it in place.

    The room was filled to the top with no air inside.

    "I don't like the fact that I'll have to get wet now," he muttered with a wry smile on his face.

    He took a deep breath before he commanded his spirit sword to move forth.

    The sword flowed in the water, and Long Chen held the handle of the sword, which was to help him get to the other side much faster.

    He was at the center of the room when a whirlpool formed in the water. The water started moving in the circular motion, almost forcing Long Chen to divert from his direction, but as he was using his Spirit Sword to pull him, he wasn't caught in the whirlpool and passed by it.

    He got to the other side of the room and got out of the water as he stood on the stairs.

    He again climbed on his Spirit Sword and moved upwards.

    "If I were swimming instead, I would've been caught in the whirlpool. The traps look simple, but they're not so simple as they seem. Without proper tools and skills, it would've been nearly impossible to get this high," Long Chen muttered as he glanced back at the water.

    He flew higher and soon got to the 11th floor.

    "Chu Miao, You're here?" Long Chen exclaimed in shock as soon as he got to the 11th floor.
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