414 Chapter 414: Death

    Just as Long Chen got to the 11th floor, he saw a girl standing on the other side of the room.

    Her back was facing him, but Long Chen recognized her as Chu Miao.

    "Chu Miao? What are you doing here?" he asked her.

    Chu Miao didn't turn back as if she didn't hear him.

    "Hey! Look here. Stop acting mysterious," Long Chen let out loud as he stepped down from his sword and stood on the ground.

    Chu Miao finally turned back as she faced Long Chen, but her eyes were entirely white.

    "What the heck? Did a spirit enter your body as well?" Long Chen let out in an unusually loud tone that echoed in the large room.

    "Xun? Is she possessed?" Long Chen decided to ask Xun as she was the only one who could answer.

    "It does seem that way," Xun commented, but she looked uncertain as well.

    "You're finally here, Long Chen. I waited for so many years," Chu Miao said, but instead of her original feminine voice, her voice sounded like the voice of an old man that echoed in the room and vibrated with nature.

    "Who are you?" Long Chen asked with a frown.

    "The Divination talked about your arrival, but it didn't give a time frame. I never realized it would take so long before I get to see you at last," Chu Miao said as she looked in Long Chen's eyes.

    "Tell me who you are! Why have you taken over her body," Long Chen inquired.

    "Who I am doesn't matter. I'm just someone from the time forgotten-a relic of the past that will never return. The Divination talked about your arrival, but it didn't mention the time frame. I didn't expect you would take so long," Chu Miao sighed. The sigh seemed to contain the sorrow from the time forgotten.

    The voice of that man seemed to contain the sadness that carried over from the past.

    "What Divination? What do you want?" Long Chen asked her with a grave look on his face.

    "The Divination of the future. The Divination that talked about what's to come and how it must be," Chu Miao said.

    "Are you someone from the Divine Heaven Sect?" Long Chen inquired.

    "That is right, but not right at the same time. I used to be from the Divine Heaven Sect, but is there really a Divine Heaven Sect left anymore?" Chu Miao inquired.

    "Can you leave Chu Miao's body first? We can talk without her as well," Long Chen suggested.

    "I would if I could, but I need her. I need a medium to convey my words. Don't worry, though; I won't harm her in the least. You don't have to worry about her safety. This old man will never harm kids," Chu Miao said as she observed Long Chen.

    "Alright. I would believe you, but if you even think about hurting her, just remember that I just used another spirit, that took over someone I knew about, as the ingredient to make my Sword a Spirit Sword. If you hurt her, I'll have another Spirit Sword in my collection, and one can never have too many Spirit Swords," Long Chen warned the Spirit.

    "You can be assured of that. I don't want to hurt a girl who is unrelated to any of this anyway as that would only be detrimental to my cause," Chu Miao said.

    "What Divination were you talking about? Did you see the future about this before your sect was destroyed?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yes. I lost most of my life trying to get the Divination about you, and even that itself was vague and only talked about how we will meet and about some other things," Chu Miao said.

    "Was that Divination worth you sticking around for so long? Isn't everything destroyed already. Why let your soul be tormented," Long Chen asked with a confused look on his face. Although he didn't know much about spirits, he knew that it wouldn't be easy sticking around for so long just to meet someone

    "Yes, if it saves the lives of our Younger generation then it was worth it," Chu Miao said as she smiled.

    "Your Younger generation? Wasn't the sect completely Destroyed? Did you have a secret family left behind?" Long Chen Inquired.

    "Our Sect Supreme Elder performed a Divination about the future of our sect, and he saw the Destruction. He didn't see how it happened or what caused it before he lost his life, but he managed to tell us about it," Chu Miao said.

    "Why couldn't he see it? Was his life not enough? You saw about me, which is much farther in the timeline than the time of the enemy that ended your sect's thousands of years of rule. Shouldn't seeing what caused the destruction and preventing it be easier than seeing about me?" Long Chen asked a question that confused him. The story of the spirit didn't make sense so far.

    "No, It doesn't work like that. It was impossible for us to find what caused the destruction of the sect, no matter how much life we had. Now that I look at it, even if we knew about it, there was nothing we could have done to prevent it," Chu Miao said.

    Another sigh echoed around the room.

    "What was it that Destroyed your sect? Was it a powerful enemy or someone from the Higher Realm?" Long Chen asked the spirit.

    "I can't tell you that as the future might change if I did. I can only talk about what I saw myself telling you in my Divination," Chu Miao said.

    Long Chen had a wry smile on his face as he shook his head.

    "Does it matter if the future changes? The future is always changing, and there's nothing one can do about it. If we stay bound by the future, it's like giving our destiny in the hand of something we have no control over, and I don't like that. The more you tell me, the better it would be for me," Long Chen let out as he glanced at the girl.

    "That's what you think, but it's impossible to change the future. All of us are bound by destiny. It was our destiny to be destroyed just like it was in my Destiny to meet you," Chu Miao said in full seriousness.

    "I will never let destiny dominate me, no matter what happens. I've seen what destiny does to me. Help someone and get stabbed. Believe someone, get thrown off the cliff. I don't want to believe in destiny anymore and you shouldn't either," Long Chen let out in a somewhat disappointed tone.

    "Anyway, let's leave it at that. Tell me about the Divination about me. That's the main part," Long Chen sighed as he let out.

    "The Divination was about death. The death of someone related to you," the Spirit told Long Chen, silencing him.

    This one sentence was enough for Long Chen to stand shocked at his position.

    "Who dies! Who the heck dares to kill someone related to me!" Long Chen let out loud. His voice felt like the roar of a King, ready to wage war.

    "Don't worry, it will be prevented if you follow the future and save our younger generation," Chu Miao said as she walked closer to Long Chen in small steps.

    "So you are saying that I must save your younger generation by following the future you were talking about, which would save the one that is supposed to die if the future isn't followed?" Long Chen asked with an impossible to comprehend look on his face.

    "Who is going to die?! Answer me!" He asked in a heavy tone as he glared at Chu Miao.

    Chu Miao looked towards him as she shook her head slowly.
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