415 Chapter 415: Stupid

    "I don't know who it was. It is a Divination, not a vision. I didn't even know your face, but I knew how I would meet you," Chu Miao explained to Long Chen as she smiled slightly.

    "Can you at least tell me how old that someone who might die is?" Long Chen asked again.

    "I don't know that either. All I know is that the person will be very close to you. From what I can gather, they might be your family or your lover. It's also possible for them to be your friend if there's a friend you're willing to give your life for," Chu Miao told Long Chen as she stood like an experienced elder with her hand behind her back.

    "How much time do I have?" Long Chen asked her.

    His thinking was simple. If he had time, he wouldn't need to worry about anything.

    'If I have enough time, I might be able to form my inner world and keep them safe there,'

    "Even though the Divination was Vague, I believe that It should be one year," The spirit told him.

    Long Chen fell in deep thought as he wondered if he could become a Heaven Realm cultivator in 1 year or not. His frown only deepened the more he thought about it. It was so tough that it was almost in the realm of impossible without lucky encounters.

    "Why would I believe you? Am I supposed to believe you just because you knew my name when I entered? Chu Miao knows my name; you might've found out from her. It's also possible that you heard her call me by my name before. How can I believe that what you're saying is true, and you're not just trying to make me go your way?" Long Chen asked in full seriousness.

    "I don't have any benefit in doing that. I'm dead already. I'm only following heaven's mandate. That's the reason for the existence of the Divine Heaven Sect, and that's the reason for its end," Chu Miao said.

    "You don't have any benefit in it? Is it not that you care about the future generation of your sect and want someone to save them?" Long Chen inquired.

    His Spirit Sword stood in front of him, pointing towards Chu Miao.

    "I do care about my future generations, but not enough to go against the Heavens. I'll just tell you what I know, and it's for you to decide what you will do with the information next. That's what it's about. You can save them and save someone close to you, or you can doubt me and let the person die. It would have nothing to do with me as I would disappear forever after conveying everything," the Spirit said. His voice seemed neutral, as if he was genuinely telling the truth.

    "Tell me, who do I need to save? And from whom?" Long Chen asked.

    The spirit raised its head slightly as if it was reminiscing about the past.

    "When the sect was destroyed, there were three disciples of our Divine Heaven Sect that were not in the sect, and they managed to survive. As for the reason they were not in the Sect, it's because they were banished from the sect," it started explaining.

    "It was my decision, and even though I didn't like it, I banished them from the sect using a false allegation. I followed everything exactly as I saw in the Divination,"

    "They left, our calamity struck, and everything had finished. They couldn't enter the Sect; neither did they want to. They swore never to step foot in the Divine Heaven Sect again,"

    "They left the continent and went to the Qianqiu Continent. There they established a new sect called the Glorious Heaven Sect. They recruited disciples and made the Sect grow to one of the more prominent sects. I want you to save their sect from another sect that will wage war on them," Chu Miao said.

    "The more I hear, the more idiotic it sounds. It's like you let everything be destroyed so that you could be a puppet and walk on the script of that Divination," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "If you knew the destruction was about to happen, you should have told all the disciples and let them all leave the sect. You made only three leave and that too, without telling them the truth. I think that you had more of a hand in the destruction of your sect than whatever caused it. Seriously, how can someone so strong be so stupid," Long Chen sighed.

    "Sometimes, I think the same for you," Xun commented from the side as she looked towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen ignored her comments and continued.

    "You did all this for literally no reason other than to fulfill your Divination. It's like you wanted the Divination to come true more so than the Heavens themselves,"

    Chu Miao was silent for a brief moment before she started speaking.

    "You will never understand what it is like. Only us Diviners know the real truth that the whole story that the world is unaware of. Nothing can be changed, no matter what happens," the Spirit told Long Chen.

    "Nothing can be changed? Didn't you say that you saw me saving your future generations in the Divination? Wouldn't it change the future if I don't save them? Nothing is set in stone, and you know that," Long Chen expressed strongly.

    "No, I saw myself telling you what I'm telling you. I don't know what happens after this. This small portion of my spirit passes on after telling you everything. That's what I saw. It's all up to you and the destiny whether you save them or not," the Spirit said.

    "You don't understand even after you die, and I'm not going to teach a spirit," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "What else did you see yourself telling me?" Long Chen asked.

    "There is one last thing that I need to tell you. I left a treasure for you on the top floor. That should help you," the Spirit said.

    "Time for me to leave," the Spirit said as it left Chu Miao's body.

    Long Chen saw the Spirit's original form that looked like an old bearded man.

    "Hey? At Least tell me what these gloves do?" Long Chen called out as he raised his upwards that had the gloves that he had received on the Treasure Hall.

    The Spirit smiled as he disappeared without answering.

    "He didn't help me in the slightest. Are these gloves really useful or just a fashion accessory?" Long Chen muttered with a confused look on his face as he walked towards Chu Miao.

    Long Chen walked to Chu Miao and placed his hand under her shoulders as he helped her up

    "Hey, wake up," He called out.

    Chu Miao didn't wake up, but Long Chen was assured that she was safe. Her breathing seemed normal, and she didn't look harmed in the slightest.

    "I guess you're going to sleep for a while," he muttered as he looked at her face.

    He picked her up in his arms and stood up.

    He carried her in his arms and walked towards the stairs ahead of him.

    He stepped on the stairs and stepped upwards towards the 12th floor that was said to consist of treasure for him.

    Long Chen had reached the 12th floor and saw a silver chest lying there that reminded him of the treasure chests he saw at the King's treasury, which he had looted.

    There was no Stairway to go higher than this floor, so he understood that this was supposed to be the last floor, and there was nothing higher than this.

    "The treasure of the last floor. Let's see what that guy left behind for me," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the chest. Chu Miao was still in her arms.
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