416 Chapter 416: Misunderstood

    Long Chen sat before the chest.

    He looked towards Chu Miao, who was still in his arms.

    "I'm sorry, but I'll have to put you down for a few seconds,"

    Long Chen carefully placed Chu Miao on the ground before he looked towards the chest

    He opened the chest as he slid its top away.

    Long Chen opened the box, exposing the object lying inside.

    It seemed to be a clothing article from the initial impression.

    He picked up the item and brought it out of the box.

    He started unfolding it, exposing the article inside.

    As it was unfolded, Long Chen finally understood what this item was. It seemed to be a robe.

    The robe was crimson in color and seemed to be made from the softest of silk, but it seemed sturdy at the same time as it could be used to save one from attacks.

    Long Chen could feel the flow of Qi from the robe that bore the proof of its powers.

    "This should be a defensive item if I'm not wrong. It looks to be a Peak Earth Grade treasure as well. Not bad," Xun chuckled as she stood beside Long Chen.

    "Yeah, it's pretty nice. The strange thing is that it was in the list of items required by the sect as well. From the information that was mentioned, it's called the Damage Warding Robe. It automatically saves you from attacks without you even knowing it.  It can only break if a Sky Realm cultivator keeps attacking it constantly," Long Chen let out.

    "It's nice in any case. You definitely needed something like this. If you had it on the trap floors, the arrows wouldn't have been able to hit you," Xun told Long Chen.

    "That's what I thought as well," Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    He removed the robe he was wearing and wore the Damage Warding Robe instead.

    "How does it look?" he asked Xun.

    "The robe looks better, but the person wearing that robe looks just as bad as before," Xun said in a joking manner.

    "Can't you ever praise me?" Long Chen said as he ran towards Xun to catch her, but she disappeared before he could get to her.

    Xun's voice appeared in Long Chen's head instead.

    "I'm not going to fall for it again,"

    "Just wait till you get a real body. You'll see," Long Chen muttered as a wry smile appeared on his face.

    He heard Chu Miao's voice from behind.


    Long Chen turned back and walked towards her.

    "You're back? How come we're here?  wasn't I outside the barrier?" She inquired.

    "You were outside the barrier, but yeah, some things happened, and now we're here," Long Chen let out.

    "What happened, there's no reason to be vague about it, is there?" Chu Miao let out.

    "Alright. You were possessed by the spirit of an older man and came here; I saved you from that spirit. The spirit is gone now, and you woke up," Long Chen dumped the info as briefly as he could.

    Chu Miao was bewildered as she listened to Long Chen's explanation.

    "Are you being honest?" she asked.

    "No, I'm lying. You were hungry, and you lost your consciousness because of hunger. I came out of the barrier and saw you unconscious. You seemed pretty, so I decided to get a room for us, and here we are. I was just about to start before you woke up," Long Chen let out in a similar manner.

    Chu Miao was once again stunned and confused about why he would do that.

    "Why would you do that?" she asked.

    "Of course, I'm kidding you, idiot. Why is the lie about me being a pervert more believable than the truth about the spirit?" Long Chen let out with an annoyed tone.

    "Isn't this because you look like a pervert?" Xun chuckled as she appeared in front of him.

    "Stop mocking me," Long Chen told Xun.

    "I'm sorry, I was not mocking you. I was just confused when you talked about it. It's mostly because I don't believe in spirits, that's why I doubted that" Chu Miao said apologetically.

    "Oh, don't worry about that. I didn't mean it like that; I was thinking about someone else when I said that," Long Chen told her.

    He extended his hand towards her and helped her up.

    "Where are we exactly?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen after she stood up.

    "We are inside the tower. I myself don't know what to call this place. It's like a mixture of a training hall, a treasure hall, and a punishment hall," Long Chen said.

    "We're done here, though. Let's go back. You'll understand," Long Chen told her.

    "You don't mind me carrying you, do you? We might be able to get to the 11th floor on foot, but no stairs are connecting the 10th floor to the 11th floor. You won't be able to go down the normal way. I'll carry you. It will be faster as well," Long Chen suggested.

    Chu Miao thought about it briefly before she nodded her head.

    Long Chen walked towards her while she gazed at him.

    He placed one of his arms around her shoulders and the other under her knees as he picked her up in his arms.

    Long Chen carried Chu Miao like a princess as he stepped over his spirit sword that was flying just above the ground.

    Chu Miao was so close to Long Chen, and her heart was beating faster and faster because of being carried by him.

    She stopped looking towards his face to hide her embarrassment as she looked on the other side.

    Long Chen carried her to the 11th floor and then to the 10th floor, but it stunned him that stairs were connecting both the floors there. The stairs that had disappeared were back.

    "The stairs were not here when I climbed up," Long Chen told Chu Miao with a wry smile on his face.

    Chu Miao just looked at him suspiciously.

    "You'll see that it's not just a normal tower. There's a floor full of poisonous insects and a floor filled with water. That's also a floor filled with sleeping gas. It's impossible to go down on foot," Long Chen told her.

    They kept getting lower, but all the floors seemed perfectly fine now. There were no insects, no water, no sleeping gas. Even the thousands of arrows that were lying on one of the floors had disappeared.

    "That old man is definitely messing with me for calling out his stupidity!" Long Chen cursed under his breath as he continued going down.

    They ultimately left the tower without seeing anything strange. Chu Miao just looked at him, but she didn't say anything, which made Long Chen guess that she was definitely thinking something wrong.

    "There is no ground around this island. We definitely need to fly to get out of here," Long Chen told her to do some damage control.

    They got to the edge of the island.

    "What the **? Not here as well!" Long Chen let out loud as he noticed that the invisible ground was visible once again.

    "The Sect is really messing with me now," Long Chen said as he grew more annoyed.

    "It's alright. Flying does make our travel much faster," Chu Miao told him.

    "Indeed. It is easy and much faster than walking, and we don't have many days left," Long Chen told her as he nodded his head. He decided to use that excuse to stop her from misunderstanding his intentions.

    The Spirit Sword raced through the air and carried Long Chen and Chu Miao with it.

    "Can I ask you one thing?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen along the way.

    "Sure. What is it?" Long Chen asked.
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