417 Chapter 417: Little Snows strange behaviour

    "What did that spirit want from me? Why did it possess me? Did you get any answers?" Chu Miao asked.

    "Oh, It was the spirit of an old pervert. It liked doing stupid pranks to kids as he did with me just a few moments ago. Ignore that guy. I don't think he wished to harm you," Long Chen replied.

    "It did all that just for that? How did you remove the Spirit from me?" she asked.

    "I told it that an old guy possessing a little girl is creepy. He understood and left your body, and that's when I killed it," Long Chen replied.

    "Didn't you say that it messed with it a few moments ago? How could it do that if you killed it?" she asked.

    "It's... He returned even after dying. He was a spirit after all," Long Chen answered her with a straight face.

    Chu Miao was still in his arms, sticking closer to his chest as she heard his answer.

    "Oh," she let out.

    Long Chen flew for over 2 hours before he stopped near a small pond. There were two trees near that pond.

    "Let's rest here. My Qi is almost depleted. I wouldn't be able to go much further," Long Chen told Chu Miao.

    He hadn't rested since the moment he entered that tower, and he had been continuously using his Spirit Sword as well, which also consumed some of his strength, albeit on a much smaller level.

    Chu Miao got down from his embrace and stood upon the grass that was everywhere to be seen around the pond.

    "It seems like the perfect place to rest. The shade of the tree, the softness of the grass and the cold breeze coming from the pond," Chu Miao said.

    Long Chen walked towards the tree that was closest to the pond and sat under it.

    Chu Miao followed after him and sat on the other side of the same tree.

    Long Chen tilted his head slightly upwards as he looked towards the sky.

    "Are you going to stay up? I feel like sleeping for some time," he asked.

    "It's alright. You can sleep. I won't be sleeping anytime soon. I already feel like I've slept for a long time," Chu Miao answered as she chuckled.

    "Although there won't be any problem, if something unexpected happens, then wake me up," he told her as he closed his eyes and rested his back comfortably against the tree.

    'Xun, can you keep an eye on my surroundings as well? I'll take a quick nap,' he told Xun.

    "Alright," Xun's voice appeared in his head.

    Xun appeared beside Long Chen as he slept. Instead of looking at the surroundings, she kept looking at him. Her gaze didn't leave the sleeping face of Long Chen. She stopped looking at him after half an hour.

    As he slept, she roamed around him, visually bored. Soon, she walked closer to Chu Miao, who was also looking bored.

    Chu Miao had started to sing a song casually.

    It was a song that she heard in her town when she was a little girl. Her mother used to sing this song to her every night to help her sleep. It was a song about a brave warrior who helped those in need and punished the evil.

    Even though she herself was part of an evil sect now, her liking for this song never left her mind.

    "I think I've heard this song before, how does she know it?" Xun muttered with a frown as she stepped closer to the girl.

    She placed her hand under her chin and started observing her.

    "Now that I look clearly, she does remind me of that girl. Is it a coincidence? It's not like that girl would ever come to a mortal world like this. But this song..."

    Xun was focusing more on Chu Miao, so much so that she had forgotten the pond behind her that was going through a change.

    The pond that was previously filled with Crystal clear water had started changing color slowly. From its original color, it was becoming red, albeit at a slow pace.

    Xun was more focused on staring at Chu Miao and trying to see if the whole song was precisely the same or was it different with only a similar starting.

    The song lasted for over 10 minutes.

    "It's the same. Everything's the same, each and every word. I can find no difference. Did she really come down and taught the song to others?" Xun asked in confusion.

    Chu Miao stopped singing and once again roamed her gaze all around the place.

    "What just happened?!" she exclaimed loudly as she looked back.

    Xun was surprised as she saw her reaction. She also turned back to see the lake.

    "What happened to the lake?" she muttered in confusion.

    Chu Miao stood up and tried to wake Long Chen up.

    It had only been a few hours since he slept, but still, Long Chen woke up on the first try.

    He slowly opened his eyes, which were slightly red because of abruptly waking up from his deep slumber.

    "What happened?" He asked in confusion.

    Chu Miao was standing right before him, covering her vision

    "Something big has happened. Look at the front," Chu Miao said as she stepped sideways.

    Long Chen finally saw the full view of the lake.

    "The pond has turned red," Xun told Long Chen.

    "The pond turned red?" Long Chen frowned as he stood up.

    He walked towards the pond to see it from closer.

    "The water looks like blood. Do you have any idea how it happened?" Long Chen asked Xun, who was standing in front of Chu Miao.

    Chu Miao thought that Long Chen was asking her.

    "I don't know. It was like this when I noticed," Chu Miao answered.

    "I am not sure. From what I can guess, there might be something inside that caused it to become like this. What I don't understand is why it would become like that so abruptly," Xun answered with a perplexed look on her face. "How about you try using your Divine Sense to see what's inside?"

    Long Chen nodded his head and spread out his Divine Sense all around his surroundings.

    His divine sense covered a vast area all around him. He put his primary focus on the pond.

    After using it for around a few seconds, he stopped. He shook his head in disappointment.

    "Is there nothing inside the pond?" Xun asked him.

    "I don't know. I can't see anything inside the pond," Long Chen replied. "My Divine Sense can't seem to see through the water. Whatever that red thing is, it's blocking my perception."

    He glanced towards the water one more time, which seemed to be getting redder over time.

    He looked around and found a stone nearby.

    "Let me test something," he let out.

    Long Chen picked up one of the stones and threw it in the blood-red water.

    The stone drowned in the water without attracting any strange reaction from the pond.

    Long Chen broke off one of the tree branches and dipped it inside the red water to see if the water was acidic or not.

    He only dipped a small portion of the branch in water before pulling it out.

    The branch was perfectly fine as if it wasn't dipped in anything but normal water.

    "The water doesn't look harmful. It just seems like its color had changed, but still, me not being able to use my Divine Sense inside does make it seem special," Long Chen muttered with a frown on his face.

    He was still thinking about what he could do when Little Snow came out of his Storage Ring on her own

    "What the...? You can come out even under the restriction of the sect?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise, but his surprise turned to shock when he saw Little Snow jumping inside the water.
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