419 Chapter 419: The Mysterious Song

    As soon as Long Chen came out, he was greeted by Chu Miao.

    Chu Miao was wearing a different dress now as her old clothes had gotten wet.

    "You're back. Are you fine?" Chu Miao stood up as she saw Long Chen.

    "Yeah, it was nothing. The water is not harmful if you can handle the cold," Long Chen replied to her.

    He looked down at his clothes that were dripping wet.

    "Can you turn back for a little while? I need to change clothes," he told her.

    Chu Miao nodded her head as she turned her back on Long Chen.

    Long Chen took off the wet clothes and sent the clothes into his storage ring.

    He brought a set of dry clothes and got dressed.

    "I'm done. You can turn back," He told her after he finished dressing up.

    Chu Miao turned back.

    "Was there anything inside the water? Why did your beast jump inside the water? Also, how can it come out of your beast bag? I tried calling my beast out, and I still wasn't able to," Chu Miao started asking the questions that were floating in her mind.

    "The sect restriction might depend on the beast type and strength maybe, that might be why one of my Beast wasn't affected because of it while my other beasts were. She's still too weak,"

    "Also, there was nothing inside the pond. She probably jumped in because she liked the water," he made up some excuse. She didn't need to know about the Divine Prosperity Fish and the King God Beasts.

    "I jumped after you as well, but the water was so cold, my body started shutting down. It was strange seeing the water inside looking so clear when the top surface looked like blood," she said.

    "I had my ways to protect myself, but you would have died if you had forced yourself. That's something that wouldn't have helped either you or me. Instead, it would have only made things worse. Leaving at the right time was the right choice," Long Chen praised her.

    "Anyway, let's continue. The time is passing fast. We don't have much time left to waste. There are still so many places to see," Long Chen said as he brought his Spirit Sword out of the storage ring.

    "Don't you want to sleep anymore?" She asked.

    "It's fine. Don't worry about that. It doesn't seem like this place is going to let me rest. I might as well find more treasures instead of wasting time.  We still have to find their skill hall and their other rewarding places," Long Chen replied.

    " I just hope that the skill hall won't be like the treasure hall. I don't want to be given a useless skill just like these useless gloves," he added as he looked at the gloves that he was wearing.

    The more he thought about the gloves, the angrier he got.

    " They hadn't been useful in the least, and I still don't know about them. They are even worse than normal gloves; these can't even keep my hands warm. The Treasure Hall definitely didn't like my answers and threw these useless things my way. I wonder why I'm even wearing them," he complained.

    "The objects can be mysterious and useful without knowing. Don't worry about it. At worst, it'll just be an accessory to look good. It does look good on you; I must say," Chu Miao complimented.

    "That might be its only use, I guess," Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face.

    "Anyway, we should be leaving. Come closer," Long Chen said as he glanced at Chu Miao.

    Chu Miao nodded her head. She stepped closer to him with her slow steps. She was somewhat embarrassed as she stepped so close to him that the distance between them remained only half meter.

    Long Chen covered the rest of the distance as he placed his arm on her shoulder and another arm behind her knees and picked her up like a princess.

    The Spirit Sword was floating just a few inches above the ground. He stepped on the sword. The sword started rising higher in the air and flew ahead, carrying Long Chen and Chu Miao with it.

    Xun was flying right beside them, which Long Chen found strange. She kept glancing at Chu Miao.

    'Is there something wrong? Do you want me to carry you as well?' Long Chen asked Xun with a weird look on his face.

    "Of course not, you idiot!" Xun reacted strongly.

    ' Then why are you looking at her like that. Do you see something strange in her? Is there a spirit possessing her?" he asked.

    Xun shook her head as if denying him.

    "Can you ask her something? Ask her how she knows that song," Xun said.

    'Which song?' Long Chen inquired.

    "The song that she was singing when you were sleeping. Ask her how she knows that song," Xun said.

    Long Chen looked towards Chu Miao as he wondered what the song could be that shocked Xun. Was there something special about that song?

    "Were you singing a song when I was sleeping?" Long Chen asked her.

    Chu Miao acted surprised at his question. She started singing when she was sure that he was sleeping. She couldn't understand how he knew about the song.

    "How do you know about that?" She asked in shock. "Weren't you sleeping?"

    "I was sleeping, but it wasn't a deep sleep. I thought that I heard a song in my sleep. Can you sing that song once more? I want to hear it again," Long Chen told her.

    He decided to hear the song that shocked Xun before asking the question about where she heard it.

    "Ah, I've never sung it in front of anyone. It's embarrassing considering my position and the sect I'm in," She said with an embarrassed look on her face.

    "Don't worry about that. I have a broad mind; I won't judge. Also, I seemed to like your song. That's why I'm asking to hear it again," Long Chen replied in order to comfort her.

    "Ah... alright. It's not a typical song that the Evil Cultivators like us sing," she explained before she started singing.

    Long Chen heard the lyrics of her words and felt as if he could see a story being told through the song. It wasn't difficult to imagine that story; it was as if the images were automatically formed in a person's mind after they hear the song.

    Chu Miao sang the song while she rested her head on his chest. The song continued as the story progressed.

    After some more time, the song finished.

    "How was it?" Chu Miao asked after she finished singing.

    "It was great. One of the best songs I've heard yet, and your voice is good as well, making it a soothing experience," Long Chen complimented.

    "Thank you," Chu Miao replied.

    "If you've finished your curiosity about the song, then ask her where she heard it," Xun told Long Chen. She was still waiting for him to get to the main point.

    "Where did you hear this song?" Long Chen asked Chu Miao.

    "My mother used to sing this song to help me sleep when I was little. I heard it so many times that I remembered it," Chu Miao replied.

    "Ask her if she knows where her mother heard it from!" Xun told Long Chen.

    Long Chen looked towards Xun and saw her serious expressions, which brought a wry smile on his face.

    ' I heard this song, and it is indeed a good song, but it's there really a need to get so worked up about it?' He asked Xun

    "You don't know the history of this song, so you can't understand. Ask her what I said," Xun told him.

    "Do you know who taught this song to your mother? Did she ever talk about it?" Long Chen asked Chu Miao.
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