420 Chapter 420: Skill Hall

    "I don't know. I think she made the song herself," Chu Miao told Long Chen.

    "That's not true. There is no way someone else will make the same song about that story. Clearly it has something to do with that person," Xun said instantly.

    Long Chen sighed as he looked towards Xun.

    'Which person? Can you at least tell me what this song is about and why it's so important? It's clear that she doesn't know who taught her mother the song, and I don't understand why does it matter either,' Long Chen said to Xun.

    Xun shook her head as she looked down. She disappeared.

    "It's nothing. I just thought that I could find someone I knew a long time ago. Forget it. It's impossible," Xun's voice resounded in Long Chen's ears.

    Long Chen thought about her words and felt as if it was something she didn't want to talk about. It wasn't something that was related to him either as he didn't know what it was about.

    'Don't worry. If it's meant to be, we will meet the person that created the song,' Long Chen comforted her.

    No one said anything for the next half an hour. They continued advancing ahead.

    They saw a few buildings along the way, but they found them empty when they entered inside.

    They left those buildings behind as they continued on their search for important places of the Divine Heaven Sect.

    After a long time, someone finally said a word. It was Chu Miao who broke the silence.

    "We've traveled so much of the sect; still, we didn't see the Courtyards of the Divine Heaven Sect disciples or the skill hall. I don't believe that the Divine Heaven Sect would make them so far from the treasure hall. Could it be that we're going in the wrong direction?" She asked Long Chen. She had been thinking about this for a long time.

    " I don't know. We can only go in one direction, after all. The direction we are going in seems to be working so far as we found some really good things, but it might also be possible that we won't find a single useful thing ahead," Long Chen replied.

    "The people from the Devil Worshipping Sect went in a different direction than us. Maybe she found the skill hall," Chu Miao muttered.

    "If they found it, it would mean that they were lucky. The maps we had of the sect are incomplete and, in certain instances, wrong as well. So it mostly depends on luck to find places like those. We've been lucky enough, so it's also possible that they might find some treasures," Long Chen replied to her.

    "Sigh, I truly hope that we find something. I haven't received anything. I can't even enter the towers of gravity without dying," Chu Miao sighed.

    She was looking depressed.

    "I can give you a few decent treasures if you want that," Long Chen told her.

    He had stolen the treasury of the King of a First Grade Kingdom, which had many treasures. He had decided to give most of these treasures to his grandpa when he would go back as most of these things didn't have much use for him.

    He thought that giving some of those treasures to Chu Miao wouldn't be bad either. She helped him and didn't ask for a share when they found the herbs. She had also been quite understanding about other matters.

    He decided that he would give some items from the treasures to her while keeping the rest for his family if she agreed.

    "It's alright. I don't need things like that. Hopefully, I'll find something for myself ahead," Chu Miao said.

    "Well, we did find the herbs together, but you didn't take them. How about I give you some of the pills I make from them?" Long Chen suggested.

    "Yeah, that would work. I can get on board with that. The medicines can be really useful. I've been thinking about purchasing concentration pills for a long time. Can you make the concentration pills?" she asked Long Chen.

    "I can make them. Those are on the easier side. I'll make some for you when we're free of this thing," Long Chen replied to her as he looked towards her.

    'Wait, I see something," Chu Miao called out as she pointed ahead. Her tone had suddenly changed and seemed somewhat excited.

    Long Chen looked in the direction she was pointing at and saw a building that looked similar to the treasure hall.

    "Another treasure hall?" Long Chen exclaimed with a frown on his face.

    "It might be the skill hall that looks like the treasure hall. They shouldn't have two treasure halls," Chu Miao commented.

    "Maybe, we will see soon," Long Chen said.

    They soon got near the tower and stepped down on the ground. He didn't fly near it, as he was worried that if there were gravity increments here as well, then they would fall down to the ground because of the effect.

    Walking was the best solution in the places which were affected by gravity as only then can a person use their full-body strength to resist the gravity.

    "Let me check if there's gravity change or not," Long Chen told Chu Miao as he put her down to the ground.

    Chu Miao nodded her head and stayed behind as Long Chen stepped forth.

    Long Chen stepped closer to the tower, wondering if he would see the same gravity change as the treasure tower.

    He kept walking and soon, he got to the entrance of the tower, but he didn't feel anything strange.

    "You can come without worries. The gravity stays normal throughout the way," Long Chen told Chu Miao.

    "Awesome," Chu Miao smiled happily as she ran toward the tower.

    Long Chen pushed the doors of the tower open, exposing a large hall inside.

    He entered the tower with Chu Miao.

    As he entered, he observed the whole hall.  The place had walls that were filled with words that he couldn't read.

    There were two doors at the front of the hall. Both of these doors had some words written on them as well.

    Only the words on the doors were readable to him.

    The words on the right door said 'Girls' whereas the words in the left door said 'Boys'.

    'Xun, what's written on the walls?' Long Chen asked Xun as she was more knowledgeable in ancient languages.

    "It's nothing. There are only useless quotes written on the wall like 'Work hard to gain success' etc. It might just be for motivation," Xun replied to him.

    Long Chen walked closer to the doors.

    "It doesn't seem like the treasure hall that I entered. Maybe it's actually the skill hall," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the doors.

    "The left door is for guys like you, and the right door should be for girls. Maybe they decide on the skills-based on that?" Chu Miao suggested.

    "Maybe, but it might be dangerous as well," Long Chen let out as he frowned.

    "It's alright. The Divine Heaven Sect shouldn't be that unfair. If it's a test to decide the skills we get, then they shouldn't be too ignorant of things like their disciples' safety," Chu Miao replied.

    "True. But so far, I don't believe that the Divine Heaven Sect was sane," Long Chen let out.

    "Don't worry. I can handle what they throw at me," Chu Miao said as she pushed the door open and entered.

    "I hope so," Long Chen muttered as he opened the door on his side and entered as well.

    Long Chen found himself in a small room that was even smaller than the rooms of servants. There was a formation on the ground which started shining as soon as he stepped on it.

    Long Chen disappeared.
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