421 Chapter 421: Torture Chamber

    Long Chen disappeared from this small room and found himself in a different room.

    The new room was much larger than the last room. It seemed as if it was multiple times bigger. This room was completely empty, which made it seem even bigger than it actually was.

    "This doesn't seem like an illusion; in fact, I'm sure that it was a teleportation. It's interesting. I didn't expect that they would be using a teleportation formation in the Divine Heaven Sect," Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face.

    "They could get a Divine Prosperity Fish,  getting a small teleportation formation shouldn't be difficult," Xun appeared beside him and said.

    "Yeah. I guess I was really underestimating the strongest sect of the old times. They were definitely much more powerful. I don't know the strength of the current strongest sect of current times, but I did hear that they are nowhere near the level of the Divine Heaven Sect. I should keep my expectations high," Long Chen muttered as he looked around the empty room.

    " I hope the skills I get would be on the same level as well and not useless like these gloves," he again complained as he caught a glimpse of his gloves in his hand.

    Xun heard his complaints and started laughing.

    "What happened?" Long Chen asked.

    Xun tried to stop herself from laughing, but she was clearly having a hard time.

    "Did I say something funny?" Long Chen asked.

    "It's nothing. Your constant complaints just reminded me of someone. Ignore that. Anyway, you got what you got. There's no point in feeling bad. Didn't you say that you kept your expectations low?" Xun inquired.

    "I did keep my expectations for a treasure low, but not this low," Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face. "Anyway, what do you think I need to do here? This is just a big empty room. There are no formations here and no instructions." Long Chen said to her.

    He started walking towards the walls to see if there was anything that he missed out.

    He had only taken a single step forward when the room started shaking.

    The gravity turned upside down, and Long Chen fell down on the roof, which was now the ground of that room.

    He wasn't harmed by it and stood up.

    He again tried walking towards the wall, but as soon as he took another step forth, the room once again started shaking.

    The gravity again changed, and he fell down on the ground.

    He stood up once more, but he didn't step forth this time. He waited to see if the room was actually reacting with his footsteps or not.

    He moved his body, but he didn't move his feet.

    He waited for 5 minutes, but nothing happened. He took a step forward, and it happened again. He fell down to the ground that was previously the roof.

    "This makes it clear. The room is reacting based on my footsteps. If that's the case, then I just won't walk," Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    His expressions turned serious as he looked towards the wall on the front.

    "If it wants to stop me from getting to the wall, then that's exactly what I'll do," He let out.

    Long Chen's eyes changed color. They changed from their usual golden color to the starry black color that seemed to contain the boundless space.

    He teleported from his position and appeared right before the wall. His eyes returned to normal.

    "Did you think you can stop me from getting here if you don't let me walk? Long Chen exclaimed as he stood up.

    He had just started speaking when the ground started shaking again.

    "Not again," Long Chen fumed as the ground started shaking.

    The gravity was reversed, and Long Chen fell down to the other ground.

    Long Chen fell down, but he stood up, hoping that it was enough and that he could observe the wall carefully now, but it wasn't. Instead, the gravity reverse continued even after one time; it kept changing.

    It gave enough time for Long Chen to fall before changing its direction and making him fall once again.

    Long Chen was starting to get hurt, but the gravity change did not stop.

    He brought his spirit sword out of his storage ring and caught its hilt.

    The Spirit Sword flew at the center of the room while the gravity kept reversing.

    His sword was still at the center of the room, only the direction he was hanging in, kept changing with time.

    Long Chen kept holding on, hoping that the constant gravity reversal would stop, but even after 5 minutes, it didn't stop. It kept going on.

    He was starting to get dizzy, but he kept holding on.

    "What the ** is wrong with this place! How is this a place to give out skills and not just a torture chamber!" Long Chen bellowed.

    "Xun, You're a spirit. Go to the walls in my stead and see if you can find anything," he told Xun.

    "I'll try to find something, but it can't be much effective if it needs me to touch the walls. I can only touch you," Xun said.

    "Just observe carefully. There must be something about this room. If we still didn't find anything, I'll just teleport outside the temple using Spatial Travel," Long Chen told her.

    "Alright." Xun agreed. She flew towards the walls and started observing every inch of the wall.

    It took her a long time just to finish with the first wall as she had to look thoroughly, whereas Long Chen kept suffering the brunt of Gravity Change.

    "Did you get something?" Long Chen asked her.

    His dizziness was increasing. He wasn't sure how long he could hold on. His lack of sleep was also affecting him at the moment.

    "There's nothing on the first wall. Everything seems normal and in perfect symmetry. I'll check the other walls," She told Long Chen.

    Xun went to the second wall and started checking it.

    Her checking was still as thorough as it had been for the first wall. Even though she was in a hurry, seeing what Long Chen was going through, she didn't want to miss anything because of her rush.

    They kept stepping forth, checking the portion of the wall right before her. After quite some time, she was done with the second wall.

    "Nothing seems strange in the second wall either. I'll check the 3rd wall. You just keep holding on," Xun told Long Chen before she moved over to the 3rd wall that was opposite to the 1st wall.

    "I hate this place! It would be fine if they had planned sky realm monsters here or something else, but this is just torture. If I weren't eager to get the skill, I would've left this place immediately!" Long Chen said.

    Xun ignored Long Chen's words and put all her focus on the wall before her. She checked every inch thoroughly for any clue.

    After some more time, the inspection of the 3rd wall finished as well.

    "Nothing on the 3rd wall either. I'm moving to the 4th wall. Just hold on for a little longer. It should be clear soon," Xun told Long Chen as she stepped towards the 4th wall, which was facing the 2nd wall.

    She started her inspection and kept moving further. She checked the highs of the walls and the lows.  She was only halfway through the wall when she noticed something.

    "I found something. You need to come here!" She told Long Chen.

    "Finally, some results!" Long Chen rejoiced.

    The spirit sword changed its direction and started moving towards Xun amidst the constant changing gravity. Long Chen kept holding onto the hilt of the sword in order not to fall down.
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