422 Chapter 422: Somethings happening I

    "What did you find?" He asked Xun as he reached near her. His mid-air acrobatics continued, though, as the gravity change hadn't stopped for even a second.

    "I've checked the three walls and half of the 4th wall, but they were all perfectly plain and smooth. On the other hand, this small portion of this wall is slightly concave. It's unlike how the walls are made, so it should be the clue we are looking for.

    "That does seem like it. I need to press it to see if something happens, but how can I touch it when the gravity is against me," Long Chen muttered.

    He made a determination as he thought about something.

    "Alright, move away, Xun.  I am going to try something. I don't want to fall over you by mistake," Long Chen said to Xun.

    "Alright. I'll move back. I have no interest in being tackled by you either," Xun said as she moved back.

    Long Chen looked at the spot and waited for the gravity to change in such a way that the ground was closer to that spot.

    His eyes changed color as he again used the Teleportation. Long Chen teleported to the ground and pressed that concave spot before gravity could reverse.

    He braced himself for the impact, but the gravity didn't change this time.

    "Did it work?" Long Chen muttered with a frown as he looked around, but the gravity didn't change.


    "Finally I can relax,"

    Long Chen sighed as he sat down on the ground and rested his head over his knees.

    His head was spinning. He just wanted to rest now that he had an opportunity to breathe.

    "That was the stupidest ride I've even been in," he muttered as he closed his eyes and just calmed his breathing.

    He didn't move and didn't say anything for over 10 minutes. He didn't care what happened to the room.

    He knew that Xun would tell him if something significant happened. He focused more on recovering.

    Xun stepped closer to him.

    "How are you feeling?" she asked Long Chen.

    "I feel worse. It makes me feel like I'm sick, which I haven't felt in a long time. You can guess how worse that would feel. I didn't know gravity could be so fierce. I always underestimated gravity, but I forgot that it could be brutal as well," Long Chen muttered softly without raising his head. His head was still aching.

    "Of Course, it can be bad. Gravity is nothing to underestimate. You've met a few people in this mortal world who know the law of gravity, but they are only at the lowest stage of understanding. When you go to higher worlds, you'll see the real monsters who will show you how strong the elements can be," Xun replied to him.

    "You are right. There are many things we are ignorant about, and the true strength of elements should be one of them. Everyone in this mortal world I've met, that has learned a law, should be at the lowest level of comprehension. Even I'm not much higher when it comes to comprehension, so I can't see the true strength. I can only imagine how strong the elements can be once a person manages to change their law seeds to a law tree," he muttered softly.

    "Is the room going through a change after I did that?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "No, the place is still like that," Xun replied to him. She didn't see any change in the room.

    "I know it's not the right time, but I don't think I can stay up for much longer. I'm going to sleep. Wake me up if something changes," Long Chen mumbled before he went silent.

    This thing had made him extremely tired, and he didn't want to wait while struggling to stay up. He knew Xun was able to touch him, so she would be able to wake him up if there's a chance.

    Long Chen fell asleep in a similar position.

    Xun stood beside him as she observed him.

    "I hope this desire for sleep is only because of him being tired and not because of that. No... it's too soon for that to be happening. That shouldn't be what is happening here. He must become stronger before that time comes," Xun muttered as she sighed.

    She sat behind him with her back resting against his back.

    ' Things seem so peaceful now, completely contradicting what's to come. Sometimes I hate knowing about it. It would be so great if I could just forget about what's to come. I would have been able to enjoy these peaceful moments while they last,' she thought as she shook her head.

    She observed the wall to see any changes as they happen.

    Time kept passing slowly, with no change in the surroundings.

    Soon, 5 hours passed away, and nothing happened.

    Xun didn't say anything and didn't relax herself. She didn't want to miss out while any change occurred.

    After two more hours, the room started moving. It was similar to the shaking from before, but it was so slow that it was almost unnoticeable.

    "Something's happening," Xun muttered as she stood up.

    "Wake up. Something's happening," She said as she started shaking Long Chen.

    "hmm?" Long Chen woke up and raised his head.

    His dizziness and headache were over now, and he was feeling fresh.

    "The ground is shaking slowly. Something's about to happen," Xun told Long Chen.

    "It's happening again? Can't they let me sleep in peace without tossing me around like a ball," he muttered as he stood up.

    He brought out his Spirit Sword and caught it's hilt as he got ready to use it when gravity changed, but the shaking stopped, and nothing happened.

    After a few more seconds, a door shaped opened appeared in the wall in front of him.

    "Fortunately, this is not the gravity thing. I'm fine with anything but that," Long Chen muttered as he stepped forth.

    He walked towards the door shaped opening and left the place.

    He found himself in a garden this time, but there were no herbs or plants. There was only grass in the ground.

    "This place this time, I wonder what they're going to do now," Long Chen muttered as he looked around.

    As he was looking around, a water fountain came out of the ground from the middle of the garden, which sprinkled water all over the place.

    Even Long Chen's clothes were wet because of the water, but he didn't care about that. He walked towards the fountain to look at it carefully.

    The water seemed to be normal and crystal clear.

    Long Chen had just reached near the fountain when the grass all around him increased in size by multiple times.

    They started moving like whip towards Long Chen and caught him like a criminal tied by the ropes.

    "As I said, everything's fine except that torture chamber. This place is nothing," Long Chen said as he brought his Spirit Sword out of his storage ring.

    The sword moved around like the ruler of this place as it cut off the grass and freed Long Chen.

    Even though Long Chen was freed, the attack of the grass didn't stop. The more his sword cut, the more they grew.

    Long Chen let his Spirit Sword keep cutting the grass whips that came towards him.

    He also formed 2 Qi swords and used them with both his hands to cut off anything that managed to pass through the Spirit Sword.

    The battle kept going on for 20 minutes without any result. The more Long Chen cut, the more it grew, making it even more difficult for him to solve this problem.

    "There's no end to these things. How long are they going to last exactly?" he let out as he kept attacking.
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