423 Chapter 423: Impossible to kill

    Long Chen kept fighting the plantation that had come to life.

    Previously, it was only grass that was attacking him, but now, branches of trees had started coming out of the ground to target him.

    "This is getting annoying," Long Chen muttered as he started cutting off whatever came closer to him.

    "It doesn't seem like they are going to stop. Could it be the water that's helping them?" Xun pointed out as she looked towards the fountain that was sprinkling water everywhere.

    "Maybe. I need to stop the water, but how? If I break the fountain, the water coming out will only increase," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "Whatever, I'll do it. At least the water will come out from one place instead of being sprinkled all over the place," He said as he cut off the branch that had managed to get near him.

    Long Chen twisted his body around and swung his sword with full force cutting off the fountain from the middle. The top half of the fountain slid to the side and fell down.

    As soon as the fountain was cut off, the water stopped instantly. The grass and the branches also stopped coming out of the ground.

    "It looks like this worked," Xun said, smilingly.

    "So far, it does seem that way, but I still don't feel at ease," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the fountain.

    He waited for over 10 minutes, but nothing happened.

    "You might be overthinking it. It should be like the last room; you just need to make a simple gesture to pass the room. In the last room, it was about tapping that spot, and in this place, it was cutting off the fountain," Xun said to Long Chen.

    "Now, you just need to wait for some time as you waited in the last room before the path to the next room will open," she added.

    "Maybe," Long Chen muttered as he turned back, but as soon as he turned back, he started feeling the tremors in the ground.

    The ground started shaking. Long Chen instantly turned back to look towards the fountain. He was having a bad feeling now.

    Xun also looked towards the fountain with a frown on her face.

    The tremors kept getting intense until the fountain shot out a high-velocity stream of water towards the sky.

    The water landed near the fountain and started getting collected.

    "Looks like we made it worse," Xun muttered with an embarrassed look on her face.

    "It's alright. At worst, we will just drown," Long Chen said jokingly.

    He knew that there was no chance of dying here. If the situation grew so bad that he was at his last stretch, he would just teleport out of this tower. He had an advantage when it came to that as he had already tested and verified that the tower didn't stop him from using laws.

    He was waiting for something to happen, but nothing significant happened, and the stream of water stopped coming out of the fountain.

    The only thing that was left behind was the puddle of water near that fountain.

    Long Chen could see the water seeping into the ground where the puddle was until the water disappeared entirely.

    He looked at that spot intently when he saw the ground starting to split apart.

    A hand came out of the ground, and soon a second hand came out of the crack. The crack in the field kept getting wider and wider until it was 3 meters wide.

    Long Chen saw the head of the creature whom the hands belonged to.

    It came out of the ground and stood in front of Long Chen.

    "A Treeant?" Xun muttered in confusion.

    It seemed like a human but with a few differences. It was entirely made of wood. The Treeant had hands and legs, but its hands were much longer in proportion to an average human. The hands of the Treeant came down to its knees.

    Its head had a squarish shape.

    "That's a difficult opponent. The treeants are said to be the most resilient of all species and the most difficult to kill. Although some treeants are known to stay in mortal worlds, it is not easy to find them," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Is it alive? It seems like a lifeless puppet," Long Chen told her.

    "It's not alive. If it were alive, it would definitely have a more vibrant color instead of looking so grim. You can also check through their head. There are no leaves above its head. The treeants that are alive always have green leaves above their heads. The leaves also show their age. If a Treeant had one leaf above its head, then it is one year old, two leaves mean a 100-year-old Treeant, and so on," Xun told him.

    "What's the problem then? It doesn't seem that strong. If it's not alive, it shouldn't have the advantages that the treeants have either," Long Chen responded to her as he gripped his sword.

    Without waiting for her response, he attacked the treeant. He targeted the neck of the Treeant and sliced off its neck.

    The treeant hadn't even moved before its head was cut off and fell down to the ground.

    Long Chen turned back to look towards the Treeant, but as soon as he turned back, he was gobsmacked to see that a new head had grown into the place of the old one that looked just like the same one as the last time.

    "That's why I told you it's the toughest to kill them. They have incredible healing. No matter what you do, they will always heal," Xun told Long Chen.

    'Isn't that **ed up? That basically makes them impossible to kill if they always heal. Wait a minute, they are treeants, what if I burned them to ash?" Long Chen asked Xun, but this time, it was the Treeant that had attacked before Xun could reply.

    The Treeant ran towards Long Chen to attack him. The disadvantage of the treeants was that its movement speed was slow. Its legs didn't help him run fast.

    Long Chen had sufficient time to dodge the attack, but he hadn't expected that thousands of spikes would come out if the treeants body and flew everywhere.

    He knew that no matter where he teleported, he would be struck by the spikes.

    He decided to use his Spirit Sword to handle the spikes that were coming towards him while using his King's Sword to handle the ones that managed to pass through the defense of his spirit sword.

    Around 50 spikes were coming towards him at a lightning-fast speed. Even though the Spirit Sword handled the most of the spikes, approximately 10 of them still managed to pass through them and reached Long Chen.

    Long Chen was still wearing the robe of defense that he had found in the tower where he met that spirit of the old man, so he was sure that he would be safe, but he still didn't want to take the risk and make his artifact lose its effect because of his underestimation. He wanted the robe to be in its best condition for when he fought Lang Jing.

    On the other side, the Treeant still hadn't stopped attacking. The spikes were constantly flying out of his body towards every direction.

    Some of the spikes even passed through Xun, but they couldn't touch her as she was in her spirit form.

    The treeant kept shooting out the Spikes as it walked towards Long Chen.

    "Tell me. Is fire the way to kill it or not! I need an answer. Tell me about its weakness!" Long Chen let out loud. He was talking to Xun, but he didn't take his eyes off the spikes that were targeting him to look towards her.
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