424 Chapter 424: Earth

    "The fire doesn't work on them. They might be treeants, but they aren't affected by fire unless you have the Godly Flames," Xun told him.

    Long Chen was curious about what Godly Flames was, but he decided to ask her later as there were more pressing matters at hand now.

    "Don't tell me what doesn't work; tell me what does! You said that Treeants are one of the most difficult Species to kill, but you didn't say that they were impossible to kill. There must be a way!" Long Chen inquired.

    "There are two ways to kill it!" Xun started speaking as she looked towards Long Chen.

    Even though he had managed to keep the spikes from hitting him, the Treeant had almost reached his place.

    Long Chen used teleport to appear at the farthest distance from the Treeant.

    As soon as he appeared, a few spikes managed to hit him, but his Robe casted a shield to protect him.

    Long Chen's Spirit Sword flew towards him and again started its work to protect him.

    It all happened in a brief second.

    The treeant again started moving towards Long Chen, but its speed remained slow as ever.

    "One of the ways to kill them is by cutting their head a thousand times. They would die the thousandth time their head is cut off," Xun told Long Chen.

    "That's possible to do, but it would take a lot of time. What's the second way? Is that faster?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Yes. The second way is indeed faster, but it's not something you will like. Not many people know about this secret, but Tian Shen and I had managed to find out," Xun replied.

    "What is it? Tell me!" Long Chen told her.

    "Just go with the first way. I don't think you will like the second option," Xun told him.

    "Why? Is the second option difficult to do?" Long Chen inquired.

    "It's actually pretty easy to do, but knowing you, I can comfortably say that you wouldn't do it," She told Long Chen.

    "What are you talking about! Just tell me so that we could be done with this thing fast," Long Chen let out in an annoyed tone.

    "You need to kiss him!" Xun told him.

    "What the **? Xun, It's not the time to joke! Tell me what's the second way. You can joke all you want after I deal with it," Long Chen told her.

    "I'm not joking. If a male of any other species kisses a Treeant, their healing stops as their pure natural force is corrupted. If you kill him then, then he would permanently die," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "You were right. I'm not going to do that! It's better cutting its head off a thousand times!" Long Chen let out as he sent his Spirit Sword towards the Treeant, leaving his defenses to him and his king's sword.

    The Spirit Sword cut off the head of the Treeant, but the spikes didn't stop. A new head appeared on the treeant's body.

    Without giving it any chance, the Spirit Sword again cut off its head.

    Long Chen kept standing back as he defended against the hundreds of spikes coming towards him, whereas his Spirit Sword kept cutting off the head of the Treeant, which didn't stop moving toward Long Chen for even a second.

    Just when it had managed to reach closer to Long Chen because of its slow speed, Long Chen teleported away from it once again.

    The Treeant again turned back and started walking towards him.

    "It's true. The dead can never be as smart as the living. His movement will always follow the same pattern. All it wants is to kill me, and he isn't going to use his brain on how to do it," Long Chen muttered as he watched the Treeant coming towards him.

    "Well, the Treeants are always like that. No matter if they are alive or dead. Even though the Living Treeant can talk and do basic stuff like other intelligent species, their brain is similar to a 5-10-year-old child. This one seems to have an even lower intelligence because he's dead and only a puppet," Xun told Long Chen.

    "I guess that's why they still haven't gone extinct. If they were smarter, then they might have become a threat to some people because of their incredible healing and strength. They would either be a ruling species or an extinct species if they were smarter," Long Chen muttered as he cut off one of the spikes that was coming towards him.

    " The stronger species would definitely have gone against them if they tried to rule over the world, but if the treeants were smarter and content, then it wouldn't have caused them any trouble either," he added.

    "The world doesn't work like that. If someone sees that you're getting strong, even if you don't have any intention of going against anyone, as long as someone is suspicious that you can affect their interests in the future, they would still harm you. They would do it without you even knowing," Xun told Long Chen as she sighed.

    "That does somehow make sense, but I'm talking about treeants, not a single person. It's much more difficult to go after a race than to go after a person for suspicions," Long Chen said.

    He was starting to get bored of watching the Treeant's head being cut off again and again. He decided to start a conversation with Xun to keep him busy while he protected himself against the spikes that had become predictable by now.

    "That's because you don't know how many species have been wiped out. You will know after you get to the higher levels and gain more knowledge about this universe. The knowledge of a single continent of a single mortal world is nothing in comparison with the history of this universe. If you only look at all the mortal worlds, you would be surprised," Xun told him.

    "All the mortal worlds? Just how many worlds like this are there?" Long Chen asked with a frown on his face.

    "The number is in the thousands," Xun responded to him.

    "Are the other mortal worlds like this one? Have you been there?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "I've been to a few of them, but not many. Some of them were similar to here while some were vastly different," Xun told him.

    "Really? Have you seen a mortal world that has no Qi or cultivators? They have metallic objects that they use to travel from one place to another? They even have metallic things that carry them through the air. There are no beasts in that world, but they have a different version of beasts that don't have any cultivation. They also have tall buildings everywhere. Is there a place like that you know of?" He asked Xun.

    He wanted to know if the earth was in this universe or not.

    "Metallic objects that people use to fly to different places? I don't think I've ever heard of that thing. Did you really dream of something this weird?" Xun asked as she smiled.

    "Oh," Long Chen just nodded his head, with a disappointed look on his face.

    Five hours had passed like that, and his Spirit Sword cut off the head of the Treeant once more, but this time, the new head didn't grow up.

    Instead, the headless body of the Treeant fell down to the ground.

    "I guess that makes it thousand," Long Chen muttered with a relieved look on his face as he sat down on the ground, tired.

    "You did it. Unless something else happens here, we might be getting the doorway to another place,' Xun said.

    She had just spoken when a light started shining below their feet, and they found themselves in a different room.
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