425 Chapter 425: Im not a skill

    The room they now found themselves in was just as small as the first room where the teleportation formation was.

    There was not much space in the room, but they did find a small table in front of them.

    There were two bowls on the table. One of the bowls was red, whereas the second bowl was Golden. Both these bowls had a dragon carved on them.

    The red bowl had a longer dragon that seemed to be big enough to wrap the bowl three times, the golden bowl had a shorter dragon who only wrapped the bowl around two times, but the golden dragon had a horn on its head which the red dragon didn't.

    Long Chen stepped forth and looked inside the bowls and saw that both these bowls were filled with liquid.

    Surprisingly enough, the red bowl had golden liquid inside, whereas the golden bowl had the red liquid inside, which seemed like blood.

    "It looks like a choice if I'm not wrong. Most probably, you need to drink from one of the bowls," Xun told Long Chen.

    "What if these bowls are poisoned?" Long Chen inquired.

    "The chances of that happening are too low. As you said before, the sect wouldn't try to kill its disciples. Although I do think that one of these bowls might have harmful liquid whereas the other one should be the right one, but even the harmful one shouldn't be deadly," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Well, that's reassuring," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "Don't worry; I would never tell you to do something that would cause you to die. If there were even the tiniest chance of this being dangerous to you, I myself wouldn't have told you to do it,' Xun explained.

    "Fine, I'll do it. That ghost talked about something related to destiny. Even though I believe that he was an idiot, and I doubt some of his words, this choice shouldn't be deadly. The treasure hall was tiring, but not difficult, and the Skill Hall should be the same," he muttered as he looked at the bowls.

    "Which one will you choose? Do you have a favorite color?" She asked him.

    "The red bowl has a golden liquid, and the golden bowl has red liquid. Will this even matter which color I prefer? Both of these have two colors," Long Chen replied.

    "I'll choose the red liquid. The golden liquid is reminding me of molten gold, which I'm not liking. It looks much dense as well. I would prefer the red one over this. That looks easier to drink," Long Chen said as he picked up the Golden bowl.

    He drank the red liquid from the golden bowl. The liquid entered his body.

    As soon as the liquid entered his body, Long Chen started feeling dizzy.

    He disappeared from the room and found himself in a different room.

    It was a big room that seemed to be as big as an arena. It was filled with water.

    There was a long narrow floor in the center of the room that connected one side of the room to the other side of the room. There was only water on both sides of this narrow floor.

    Long Chen was standing on one end of this narrow floor.

    His head was spinning, but he could still think properly. Even though he was dizzy and the platform was narrow, he controlled himself from falling down in the water.

    "Where is this place?" Long Chen muttered, but that's when a voice echoed in the room.

    "Welcome, Disciple of the Divine Heaven Sect. You have chosen the test of control. Walk to the other side of the room without falling in the water. Your dizziness will keep increasing, and your health will keep deteriorating as time passes. You can't run, and you can't use any artifact or skill in this test. If you fall in the water, you will fail."

    "Hmm?" Long Chen mumbled as he looked to the other side of the room.

    The room was around 500 meters long, while the platform was only 300 mm wide.

    Long Chen was dizzy, but it was manageable. The problem was that he could feel his dizziness and headache increasing.

    "Don't waste time. Start walking," Xun told Long Chen.

    Long Chen started walking first. With each step he took, his headache increased, and his control over his body weakened. He could feel his body temperature rising as if he was suffering through a fever.

    He kept walking ahead, trying to control his steps. He had occasionally lost his balance as he walked, but he controlled his body and stopped himself from falling down.

    After some time, he reached halfway without falling down, but that's when his vision started getting blurry.

    He could see ahead, but it was blurry. Blurry Vision mixed with his dizziness and headache made it even worse for him.

    He continued walking, but he also complained to Xun that he wouldn't be able to get there. His legs were shaking.

    After some more time, he finished 70 percent of the way before he misstepped his foot that landed in the air instead of the platform.

    Long Chen knew that it was the moment he failed the test. There was no way for him to succeed.

    He had already given up, but that's when he felt a hand support his shoulder, preventing him from falling.

    His vision was too blurry, so he didn't see who it was, but he was clear about the identity of the person that saved him.

    "I'm not a skill or an artifact. I will always be with you, and I will never let you fall. So don't give up and continue. You can definitely do it!" Xun told Long Chen as she pushed him back towards the platform.

    Long Chen heard her words and started smiling. Even though he was in pain because of the headache, he still couldn't help but smile.

    He rubbed his eyes and started looking ahead as he continued walking. His vision still didn't improve, but he continued forward and put all his faith in Xun. He was sure that she would stop him from taking a wrong turn.

    If Xun weren't here, Long Chen would have definitely fallen in water many times, but because of her, he managed to reach the other end of the room successfully before he dropped to his knees.

    As soon as he got to the other side, a black bowl appeared on the ground beside him.

    "Here, drink this bowl. It should heal your body," Xun told Long Chen.

    "I can't see anything," Long Chen muttered softly.

    "I'll help you," Xun said as she held his hands and brought them to the bowl.

    There was black liquid in the bowl that looked quite ugly, but Long Chen couldn't see it.

    The bowl was brought closer to his lips, and he started drinking it.

    As soon as the liquid entered the body of Long Chen, it turned into nutrients for his body and healed him. His body was recovered, and his headache and dizziness also stopped.

    His body came back to its peak condition.

    "Hah, I feel so much better now. This whole experience has been worse for me. This is a definitely a torture tower, not a skill tower!" Long Chen said with an annoyed look on his face.

    "It might just be the tests to see which skill would be best for you. The treasure tower asked you a question to see which treasure suited you, and this place uses tests for that," Xun said.

    "You should correct your statement. The treasure tower asked me questions to select which useless accessory suited me," Long Chen muttered.

    It was at that moment, he disappeared from that place and found himself in the first room. There was the same spatial teleportation formation below his feet.
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