427 Chapter 427: You all must die as well

    Long Chen walked towards Mi Yao, who was the Elder that was assigned to escort their Team. She was standing right beside Elder Devi, who was an Elder of the Devil Worshipping Sect.

    Almost everyone was looking at Long Chen at the moment while they waited for others to come out. Soon, another portal opened, and two more people came out from it. Those two people that came out were Manxiang Li and his fellow female disciple.

    Elder Devi couldn't help but sigh as he saw the portal close behind them. Previously, he had hoped that more disciples from his sect would come out, but he couldn't help but feel sad as he saw that only two had come out. That meant that seven disciples were killed while only two managed to survive. If he included the girl that went missing, they lost 8 of their top disciples.

    The other Elders also eagerly waited to see how their sect fared compared to others.

    Long Chen reached near Mi Yao, who instantly started asking him questions.

    "Are the others dead?" She asked Long Chen. She wanted to know if the rest of his team members were dead.

    "Yeah, they all died and not in a pleasant way," Long Chen replied to her with no grief on his face. It seemed as if it didn't affect him in the least that people from his team died.

    My Yao sighed as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Shouldn't you feel bad even a little? You were their team leader," Mi Yao said.

    " Why should I feel bad? Didn't you see that most of them left me right at the start? They were not my Team Members. I only had two team members, one of whom died. I'm sad about not being able to save him, but other than him, I don't care about anyone that died," Long Chen straight away replied to her.

    "It's a waste trying to make you understand. Anyway, did you find any good treasures inside? Anything from the list?" She asked Long Chen.

    "Nope. Whatever information you gave us was all wrong. The places we found were nothing like you described. I believe that we found their treasure hall, but we couldn't even enter it. There was a gravity field surrounding it. The closer we came, the harder it became to manage that gravity. Let alone me. Even Yang Sen and Tang Jin weren't able to get anywhere near that. It was a wasted trip for us," Long Chen said to her. Chu Miao looked towards him briefly, but she said nothing. Only after some time did she start talking.

    " Is that right?" Mi Yao asked Chu Miao as she seemed somewhat doubtful of Long Chen's words.

    " He's right. I couldn't even take a single step towards the tower before I started feeling like I was suffocating," Chu Miao answered her.

    " If that's what you want to claim, then fine," Mi Yao let out with a wry smile on her face.

    Manxiang Li also reached near Elder Devi by now, but his reaction was completely opposite.

    The first thing Manxiang Li did was that he apologized to Elder Devi. He asked for forgiveness for not being able to save his fellow disciples, which was completely opposite to what Long Chen did.

    Mi Yao couldn't help but smile wryly as she saw Manxiang Li's difference. She couldn't help but praise Manxiang Li for acting like a genuine leader.

    "It is all right. It was a dangerous mission, and I'm sure that you faced some unpleasant situations. I'm sure that you did your best to save them, But It is almost impossible to save everyone in places like these," Elder Devi replied to Manxiang Li as he ruffled up his hair.

    "Tell me, what did you face Inside? Did you find any treasures?" Elder Devi asked them.

    " We found some exceptional places, and there's a possibility that those places were the treasure towers and the skill towers, but we couldn't get close to those places as there was a powerful barrier surrounding them. I don't think any disciple from any sect was able to do it. It was just too powerful," Manxiang Li replied to him.

    "But we did find some good things. I'll tell you when we get back," he added.

    "That's good. Now that we are done, let's leave," Elder Devi Said as he brought his flying beast out of his storage space.

    Manxiang Li looked towards Long Chen and nodded his head before he brought out his beast from his beast bag as well.

    "I'll see you later," Manxiang Li told Long Chen.

    "Wait! No one can leave!" the Elder of Heavenly slaughter Sect said.

    He was waiting for Tang Jin and others to come out, but after they didn't come out for a long time, he couldn't take it anymore. He realized that something was wrong here.

    The other sects also started to feel the same way.

    The righteous sects started walking towards Long Chen and Manxiang Li.

    "Tell me what happened inside? Why isn't anyone else outside yet?" The Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect said as he released his powerful aura towards Long Chen and Manxiang LI.

    "That's right. Why are you the only ones that are out now? What happened, tell us right now."

    " Why is no one out! What did you do to them! Tell me right now."

    Slowly almost every sect started voicing out.  The atmosphere had turned heated, and everyone knew that something big must have happened inside. They all wanted to know what happened inside. Did someone kill them, or was there a trap? There was no way that those four people could survive while the others died.

    The situation only grew worse when the righteous sects got there.

    "Where is Yang Sen? Tell me before I kill you all!" the Sect Elder of the True Dao Sect said.

    Generally, the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect would have been furious at that statement, but he was more focused on finding out about Tang Jin, who was the most important thing for him at the moment.

    "Why are you all asking me that question? It's not like I was their personal secretary.  We went our separate way, and they went their separate way. The time to leave has long passed, if they still aren't out, maybe they are dead," Long Chen replied as he acted ignorantly.

    " You expect us to believe that they all died while you lived? Is that what you are trying to say?" the Sect Elder of the True Dao Sect said.

    "That is what I mean. And why does our surviving have anything to do with them not surviving? We went our different ways, found different places, and faced different sets of trials. It's really not impossible for them to die if they found a more important place and faced some stronger test which resulted in their death," Long Chen told him. "Your logic doesn't make sense unless you believe that I killed them all."

    "You killing them is impossible, but you definitely have a hand in their death! You four probably worked together and made a trap for them!" The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said. She hated Long Chen already, and she blamed him.

    "That's a stupid excuse. I made a trap to kill the strongest disciples? Even if they were trash, they shouldn't be this stupid to fall in the trap at the same time, And before you say that I used some trap that was already inside, let me tell you. I'm not the owner of the Divine Heaven Sect. I have no control over what happens inside. Stop bringing your personal hate to things," Long Chen refuted.

    "It doesn't matter! If all members of our sects died, then why are you still alive! You four must die as well. Give them company," The Elder of the True Dao Sect said.
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