428 Chapter 428: I killed them

    There was anger in all the Elders' hearts. They were angry as well as grieved that their disciples were killed; moreover, they were mad that their disciples were dead, whereas these four disciples were still alive.

    Not only the Righteous sects, but most of the evil sects were also thinking about the same thing.

    "What nonsense are you all talking about? You want to kill those that survived because others couldn't survive? Have you all gone mad? I don't care who you are and how many of you want to do this, but if you come after my disciples? I would be forced to fight. Even if I die, I can guarantee that some of you will die with me," Elder Devi said without backing down as he hid Manxiang Li and the girl behind him.

    Mi Yao, on the other hand, didn't look as determined as Elder Devi. She was instantly worried as she saw 17 elders against her. She would have been much more willing if it was a fight of Righteous against the Evil Sects, but when she was faced with 17 elders, she realized that there was no option. They would all die if the fight happened, and she knew that.

    "I understand that you are all upset, but can we talk about that with a calm mind? We all understand that they are too weak to kill them all. Even if it was about setting up a trap for others, then that's a far stretch as well. Why would they try to do something so unnecessary instead of searching for the treasures? Also, even if we believe that they killed righteous sects disciple because the Evil Sects don't like righteous sects, why would they kill the disciples of us unorthodox sects," she said in order to calm her things down.

    "I heard you talking. He said that he didn't get anything inside. It is clear that their intentions were never to find the treasures, but to kill others. If they were seriously looking for treasures, then they would have found at least some treasure there. Previously, amongst the ones that came out, there had never been someone who didn't find a treasure. It's clear that they weren't focused on finding treasures, but on killing people," the Elder of Dual Cultivation sect said. She had heard when Long Chen talked about her journey inside as she'd been closer to them.

    All the Elders were getting more suspicious, but to most of them, it didn't really matter if they did it or not. Most of them knew that it was impossible for these four guys to kill the disciples that were stronger than them. But they still tried to kill them as they didn't want their sect to be ashamed. It was already bad enough to lose their peak disciples, but it would be even worse to hear people say that their disciples weren't good enough. People would always shame them that disciples of weaker sects came out, but not their disciples.

    That was also a subtle reasoning that played out in the heads of the elders of the True Dao Sect and the Heavenly Slaughter Sect that had the highest reputation to lose, especially when they were called the strongest.

    "Make them tell us the truth of what happened, and nothing bad would happen," the Elder of the True Dao Sect said to the Elder of the Devil Worshipping Sect. He didn't even care about what Mi Yao had to say as he didn't even put her in his eyes.

    "We can talk about their experience, and I assure you that they will be honest. If you still try to hurt them, then I won't stay Silent," Elder Devi responded.

    He looked towards Manxiang Li and placed his hand above his head gently.

    "Li, tell them everything that happened. Don't worry about anything," Elder Devi said to Manxiang Li.

    Manxiang Li glanced at Long Chen for a brief moment before he started speaking.

    "When we entered the sect, the first thing we saw were stairs..."

    Manxiang Li started speaking and explained everything he saw inside the sect, including the towers with powerful gravity surrounding them. He talked about everything, but he changed some incidents.

    He didn't talk about the test they went through to get the Flute of Tower; instead, he completely skipped that part.

    "After that, the teleportation portal appeared before us, and we left."

    Manxiang Li finished the story on that point.

    "You hear that? He didn't even see anyone after that gravity tower. They walked their different ways, and what happened to your disciples has nothing to do with the Devil Worshipping Sect," Elder Devi said.

    "Not so fast," The Buddha Temple Elder said.

    "What? Do you still doubt my disciples?" Elder Devi asked.

    "I must say that previously I didn't believe that they killed them, but after hearing the words of your disciple, I am now sure that he is hiding something.

    "Hiding what?" Elder Devi asked.

    "You all know that our Buddha Temple follows the principle of the heart and walks the path of truth. We also have a skill that makes us able to see if someone is telling the truth or not. Although it cost me five years of my life to use it for 5 minutes, making it less practical for me to use, every time I use it, It never fails. I used that skill on your disciple, and I'm sure that he lied," The Elder of the Buddha Temple said.

    Elder Sui Ru of the Mighty Demon Sect looked at him with a weird look on her face. She was angry at him for not using that skill on those two when they crashed the marriage of her disciple. If he had used it, they would all know that those two guys were lying about them forcing the bride, but she also understood that he didn't think that her matters were worthy for him to lose a few years of his life, which made her even angrier.

    As everyone heard the words of the Buddha Temple Elder, they felt a shock. No one was sure that these guys killed them, but the new discovery made them believe that there was some truth to it.

    "Tell me if you saw Tang Sen die or not?" the Elder of Heavenly Slaughter Sect asked.

    Manxiang LI was stunned. He didn't know if the Elder of Buddha Temple was bluffing or if he could actually see his lies. He didn't answer.

    "Answer!" the Elder of Heavenly Slaughter Sect roared.

    "No" Manxiang Li answered.

    "It's a lie!" the Elder of Buddha Temple said.

    The Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect was furious as he brought his sword out, but he didn't attack. He needed more answers.

    "You saw Yang Sen die? The Elder of True Dao Sect asked at the same time.

    Manxiang Li was feeling trapped. He didn't know what to do. His lies weren't working even a little.

    Even Elder Devi was surprised as he saw the perplexed look on the face of Manxiang Li. Even he believed that the matter wasn't as straightforward.

    "Tell me, did you see them die?" Elder Devi asked Manxiang Li.

    "No, I didn't watch them die," Manxiang Li said.

    "Lie," Buddha Temple Elder said.

    "Were they killed by traps, or did someone kill them?" The Mighty Sect Elder asked.

    "I don't know," Manxiang Li replied.

    "Lie!" Buddha Temple Elder announced.

    Did you kill them?" the Profound Yin Snatching Sect Elder asked.

    "No," Manxiang Li said. His head was starting to spin.

    "It's the truth." Buddha Temple Elder claimed.

    "Did he kill them?" the Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said as she pointed her finger towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't react. He was just watching Manxiang Li's reaction, without the least bit of worry. He was somewhat surprised that Manxiang Li hadn't said his name even after all that,"

    "Stop wasting time. I was the one that killed them," Long Chen said, shocking everyone.
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