429 Chapter 429: Most of Them

    "I was the one that killed them," Long Chen said in front of everyone.

    He had long ago realized that the Elders wanted to kill them for whatever reason they could find, what he hadn't thought was that they would have a person who would be able to see through lies.

    He was already prepared for the fight that was about to ensue as soon as the Heavenly Slaughter Sect's Elder said his first word to stop Manxiang Li from leaving.

    He didn't react in all this time as he was waiting to see how Manxiang Li would respond, but it was good. He managed to see that even after all that, Manxiang Li didn't betray him, but even if he had betrayed him, Long Chen wouldn't have worried.

    He was prepared to go through a battle with Elders as soon as he had killed the Disciples inside the Divine Heaven Sect.

    "You killed them all?" The Sect Master of the True Dao Sect asked.

    "Not all, but I killed the most of them. It's not like you would've let us leave even if I wasn't the one that killed them," Long Chen told her.

    "He's telling the truth," The Buddha Sect Elder said.

    "Long Chen! You! How could you do this! I was thinking about standing up to save you, but you really did it? You didn't even find the treasures, but killed all their disciples?" Mi Yao said to Long Chen with a disgusted look on her face.

    Long Chen looked towards her and started laughing.

    "You were going to help me? Do you think I couldn't read your face? You wouldn't even move if one of them had attacked me. Stop trying to act like a bigger person," Long Chen said to the woman.

    Mi Yao's face turned somewhat red as she heard his response as that was precisely what she had thought when she saw the situation going south.

    She had only stayed here to save her reputation. If someone had attacked and killed the Disciples, she would have simply left and claimed that she was too late to save them.

    "You can die for all I care! I'm leaving," Mi Yao said as she brought her flying beast out of her beast bag and flew away.

    "I expected nothing less," Long Chen muttered as he watched her leave.

    Elder Devi, on the other hand, stayed behind, still protecting Manxiang Li.

    "You lied to save a friend. I should've expected that. That's how you always are. Even in the sect, you take the blames of others to save them. I must say that our Sect is lucky to have you. No matter what happens, I won't leave you. I will fight till my last breath," Elder Devi said to Manxiang Li.

    While the others were more focused on Long Chen, he whispered something in Manxiang Li's ears.

    "Leave on my flying beast. Take your Junior Sister with you. I'll stop all of them here!" Elder Devi said.

    "You're staying behind for me, how can I leave," Manxiang Li replied.

    "Think about your Junior Sister. As her Senior Brother, it is your duty to save her. Take her; otherwise, she will die here with everyone for no reason," Elder Devi said to him.

    "How about you leave me behind? They are more focused on me. You can escape with her," Manxiang Li said.

    "No, you won't be able to stop even a single one of them. If I stay behind, I can stop them for some time. Leave!" Elder Devi said.

    Manxiang Li was conflicted about it. He didn't want to leave the others behind, but the girl that was with him was also his responsibility. He didn't want her to die because of him.

    He had two choices now. One was to stay behind and die with everyone else or leave Elder Devi, Long Chen, and others behind to save his Junior Sister.

    This was one of the toughest decisions he had to take. He looked towards the scarred face of his Junior Sister and couldn't help but decide to do it. He had agreed to leave with her. If he could save a life, then he was ready.

    "I will try to stop them. While they are distracted, leave. I will stop them," Elder Devi told him, but before he could commence his plan, Long Chen had started speaking.

    "Well, Is there anything else you want to ask before you all die?" Long Chen asked them.

    Everyone looked as if they were looking at an idiot.

    "Even your Elder has left in fear. Do you think you can still survive?" Elder Sui Ru of the Mighty Sword Sect asked in a mocking tone.

    "Well, I can kill four disciples of yours in the city where you stayed, and still walk inside the marriage of your head disciple, what else is there that I shouldn't be able to do?" Long Chen asked as he smiled.

    Since all bridges were already burned, he decided to make things even worse.

    "You!" Sui Ru fumed in anger. She hadn't realized that it was Long Chen, who had killed her disciples in the city.

    "So you had the experience of killing disciples! You especially came here to kill everyone! But we know everything now. Your time is over," the Elder of the Beast Hall said.

    Almost every Elder was ready to attack Long Chen.

    Long Chen had extremely sharp senses, and he had heard the plan of Elder Ku and Manxiang Li, but he didn't bother to stop them. In fact, he did the attention-grabbing himself because he had a plan of his own.

    "Die!" The Elder of Heavenly Slaughter Sect let out as he raised his hand towards the sky.

    A river of blood appeared above his head, which he shot towards Long Chen.

    The Elder of True Dao Sect also attacked. He used his Golden Lotus Skill. A golden lotus appeared above his hand that was as large as his head. The Golden Lotus shot towards Long Chen.

    Manxiang Li utilized this opportunity as he unwillingly took his Junior Disciple and left on his flying beast.

    "Where are you running off to? Do you think you can run?" Two Elders noticed Manxiang Li leave.

    They were about to attack him, but Elder Devi appeared before them.

    "Vision Impairment!" He let out as he used his skill.

    Using that skill, he was able to take someone's vision away from them for 20 seconds.

    While the Elders couldn't see, Elder Devi attacked them. Two Giant Golden Palms appeared before Elder Devi and shot towards the Elders.

    Even though both the Elders couldn't see, there were still sky realm Cultivators and could feel the flow of Qi towards them.

    They changed the direction of the attacks that they were going to shoot towards Manxiang Li and attacked towards the direction in front of them.

    Both of their attacks collided with the attack of Elder Devi. The attacks were stopped, and the Elders survived.

    The 20 seconds were also over. They looked towards the direction Manxiang Li had left, but couldn't see him anywhere.

    "So what if you helped him leave? We will still find him. Don't worry about that. We will find him, and we will kill him," they claimed as they stared at Elder Devi.

    "You would have to stay alive for that," Elder Devi said as he ran towards them.

    On the opposite side, most of the Elders were focused on Long Chen. They all fired their attacks towards Long Chen as they wanted to have a contribution in killing him as well, but as soon as the attack got near him, he teleported away.

    The Elders looked back towards Long Chen, who was standing 100 meters away from them.

    "Time for the real show to start," Long Chen muttered.
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