430 Chapter 430: Blood Rain

    "None of them is stronger than Lang Jing, every sect sent Initial Sky Realm Elders," Long Chen muttered as he watched the 15 Elders looking at him. The other 2 Elders were fighting Elder Devi.

    All 15 Elders were looking towards Long Chen, standing near each other.

    Long Chen stared at the Elders, as his eyes started shining with a misty light.

    Long Chen started using his law of illusion as he disappeared before their eyes. Even though he was still standing there, the others couldn't see him.

    He was making them seem as if he wasn't there. As he was standing quite a distance away from them, and because the Elders were standing in close proximity, it made it easier for him to keep an eye on all of them. He was able to cast his illusion on all of them at the same time.

    The Elders were confused, thinking about how Long Chen could disappear. They looked all around, but they didn't see him.

    "Where did he go?" the Elder of Beast Hall exclaimed in confusion.

    While the Elders were confused, Long Chen introduced a false place before them that looked the same as the reality; the only change was that he made the things invisible that he didn't want others to see.

    Even when he brought the Snake Monarch out of his storage ring, the others couldn't see it. Long Chen also brought Orion out of his storage ring.

    "What happened now?" the Snake Monarch asked Long Chen as soon as he came out.

    The Snake Monarch was sleeping when Long Chen brought him outside. He still looked somewhat slow.

    "It's time to kill. Everyone is our enemy, and we need to kill them. As long as I can keep my focus on them and they don't spread out too far, They won't be able to see you, so as soon as you see someone moving away, use your powers to stop them and kill them," Long Chen informed the Snake Monarch.

    "Orion, kill them in one strike. Don't let anyone survive, but don't get caught either. You're still in the Earth Realm, but your speed should still be faster than them," Long Chen told Orion, without looking towards him. He had to keep his eyes on the Elders.

    "He can't disappear in thin air! Did he carry a rare teleportation talisman that helped him escape?" the Elder of the True Dao Sect said.

    "I didn't see any Talisman in his hand before he disappeared. He must still be hiding here; It's definitely a skill!" the elder of Profound Blood Sect exclaimed.

    "He had a girl with him, right? Let's force him out using her," The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said as she looked back towards the direction where Chu Miao had been standing before. She couldn't see her either.

    When Mi Yao left this place, she didn't only leave Long Chen behind, but she also left Chu Miao behind. Mi Yao had escaped alone, without caring for anyone else.

    Previously everyone was so focused on Long Chen that they completely ignored Chu Miao. Long Chen had already taken precautions about it, though. He had already talked to Chu Miao about this before the fight even started. Long Chen had told Chu Miao to leave the place as soon as she saw people being unable to see him.

    She was still standing behind, looking at everything in confusion. She could still see Long Chen as well as 2 of his beasts, but it seemed as if the others weren't able to see him. She realized that he must be using a skill to achieve that.

    She brought her Winger Tiger out of her beast bag and climbed on it, but instead of moving away, she moved towards Long Chen.

    The Winged Tiger stopped before Long Chen.

    "Come with me! We should leave now," Chu Miao said to Long Chen.

    "You go ahead. If I leave, everything will go to waste," Long Chen told her without even looking at her.

    "I'm not leaving you behind. If you're staying, then I'm staying," Chu Miao replied before she stepped down from her beast and stood beside Long Chen.

    "You will unnecessarily die if something goes wrong. As I said, things will only go wrong if you stay here. I am not leaving before killing them. It's much better if they die as I still need to go back to the sect. It would only get more troublesome with all these sects after me. Better to kill them to stop the spread of this hate," Long Chen said, smilingly.

    "She's not here either," the Elders were even more confused as they noticed that Chu Miao was missing as well.

    "Ahhh," a scream resounded in the surrounding suddenly as Orion bit off the head of one of the Elders.

    The Snake Monarch had also become as big as it could, and flew around them, circling them.

    "Spread out! Something's here," the Elder of the Buddha Sect said to the others, but as soon as the words escaped his mouth, the Snake Monarch swallowed him.

    They kept hearing screams of Elders that kept dying, but when they looked back, they saw that Elders were standing there just fine. In less than 5 Minutes, ten elders had died already. Of the 17 Elders, only seven were remaining by now.

    While Snake Monarch focused on the Elder of the Dual Cultivation Sect, Orion attacked the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect.

    When the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect was targeted, he felt the sense of danger. He closed his eyes as he felt the flow of killing intent. After focusing more on the killing intent, he recognized the direction it was coming from. He attacked to his left with his sword.

    Orion had jumped towards the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect, and he was still in the air, he saw the sword coming towards him and changed his direction mid-air and attacked another Elder instead.

    Another scream resounded in the surroundings.

    "Enough!" the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect roared in anger as he spread his aura everywhere. He stepped on the air and kept going higher.

    " This is an illusion! We can't see the reality! It's evident that the boy is still here!" The Sect Elder of the True Dao Sect also realized the things by now.

    The elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect was standing 50 feet above the ground as he raised his hand high in the air.

    "Blood Rain!" he bellowed. A sea of blood appeared above his head and covered the whole Sky. Suddenly the sea stopped floating in the air and fell down to the ground.

    Although it was called blood rain, it seemed less like a rain and more like someone dumped a large amount of water everywhere.

    The blood Fell on everyone, including Long Chen and his beasts.

    Although the blood didn't harm anyone, it made Long Chen's illusion ineffective.

    The Blood Rain was a skill of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect that broke all the skills that were in use, and those skills couldn't be used for 5 minutes.

    The Elder of True Dao Sect was also casting his skill, but that came under the blood rain's effects as well and stopped working.

    Even though Long Chen knew the Law of Illusion, at the end of the day, he was still using the illusion Skill that he received because of comprehending the law of illusion. His skill also lost its effect, and his illusion broke.

    Everyone saw Long Chen and the Bodies of 11 dead Elders. Elder Devi's body was also lying on the ground. He was killed by those two Elders before Long Chen had used his illusion, so only six elders were remaining there.
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