431 Chapter 431: Using Flute of War

    "So you were right before us, toying with us!' the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect bellowed as he looked towards Long Chen.

    Chu Miao was behind Long Chen, worried at how the situation had changed.

    "Go stay in the back," Long Chen told her as he brought his Spirit Sword out of his Storage Ring.

    He also brought his King's Sword.

    The Snake Monarch was also visible now, which had shocked most of the Elders.

    Seeing a mid-Sky Realm Beast was shocking, especially when none of them had a Cultivation higher than the 2nd stage of Sky Realm.

    "You 5 handle that beast! I'll take care of the Kid!" The Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect told the others.

    As the Snake Monarch was already targeting the Elder of the True Dao Sect, he didn't argue with the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect about the right to kill Long Chen.

    5 Elders started attacking Snake Monarch, whereas the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect stepped in the air towards Long Chen.

    "It's the first time I've seen an Earth Realm Insect go against me. It shall be the last time as well!' The Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect said.

    "Oh? Do you hate facing an Earth Realm kid? How about a sky realm kid?" Long Chen said with an amused smile on his face as he brought out the Flute of War.

    "The Flute of War?" The Heavenly Slaughter Sect Elder was shocked to see that Item. It was one of the most well important Items of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect and one of the best War Tools. It was said to be something that could change the whole outcome of a war.

    The Elder started running towards Long Chen to stop him from playing it, but it was too late.

    Long Chen played the Flute of War. Even though he wasn't talented in playing flute and the sound that came out of the flute didn't sound pleasant, it still worked miracles.

    Long Chen used the Flute of War on himself.

    The Flute of War was a special item that could either strengthen the person using it by one major Cultivation Realm or strengthen his army a little. Long Chen didn't have an army, but he had his beasts; still, he didn't use it on them as it would have no effect.

    Both his beasts were already stronger than him in cultivation so that the Flute wouldn't have worked on them.

    He used the Flute on himself, and his cultivation increased instantly.

    He was previously at the 6th Stage of the Earth Realm, but now he became the 6th Stage Sky Realm cultivator.

    Although his cultivation was higher, he still couldn't use the full strength of this high cultivation realm. He was still restricted by his bloodline as he hadn't completed his current trial.

    Most of his strength was restricted, but he still grew more powerful.

    A 6th Stage Sky Realm cultivator with his strength restricted was still more powerful than a 2nd Stage Sky Realm cultivator unless the 2nd Stage Sky Realm cultivator had something up his sleeve or he had a bloodline like Long Chen, but that was impossible.

    Other than the person this bloodline belonged to, only Long Chen and Tian Shen had this bloodline. That was what he was told at least.

    Long Chen's cultivation increased. He could feel the power coursing through his veins. It was the power that he never felt before. He felt like he was closer to nature than he had ever been and felt the Qi more clearly than he had even been able to feel before.

    He tried to do something that only Sky Realm cultivators could do. He tried walking on air, and he was able to do it.

    "Amazing," he let out with a smile.

    The Elder of Heavenly Slaughter Sect had reached near Long Chen and attacked him with his sword, but Long Chen blocked his attack with ease.

    He didn't look troubled at all. He could feel that he was much stronger than the Elder of Heavenly Slaughter Sect. He pushed his sword forth with a jerk.

    The Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect was pushed back five steps just from that small push.

    "Is it better now?" Long Chen asked the man as he glanced towards him.

    He used his Earthly Monarch Effect as he appeared behind the man. His Earthly Monarch Effect was also more powerful because of his increase in cultivation.

    Long Chen swung his sword towards the man's neck. The Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect reacted as fast as he could and brought his sword in the way of Long Chen's attack.

    Both the swords clashed, and the Elder was tossed back like a broken toy. The Elder crashed on the ground 50 meters away from Long Chen.

    "I must say this is fun. I now understand why old guys always bully the weaker ones," Long Chen laughed as he walked towards the man.

    The others were still busy with Snake Monarch, so they didn't have the opportunity to look in this direction; otherwise, they would've been even more shocked.

    The fight on their side wasn't less shocking either. Even though they knew that the beast they were facing was a mid sky realm beast, they had never thought that this fight was going to be this difficult.

    Most of these guys had previously hunted or defeated mid-sky realm beasts, but the beast they were facing now was nowhere near that level.

    They didn't realize that the beast they faced now was a beast that had the Ancient Bloodline. The skill of Snake Monarch also troubled them the most.

    No matter what, the person Snake Monarch used his skill on could not move.

    It was a skill they hadn't seen before, and they found it challenging to face.

    Another thing that the snake monarch did was that it had decreased its size to the smallest it could, which made it almost impossible for them to hit him. The tiny Sky Realm Snake Monarch was as fast as lightning. No one was able to hit it.

    The Snake Monarch was not alone in facing them. There was also the best Assassin Beast known as the Devil Hunter Beast.

    Orion was like a stealthy assassin that stayed hidden and only attacked when the Snake Monarch used its skill to hold a cultivator in its place. At that time, Orion appeared out of nowhere and bit the head off of those Elders.

    After some time, almost all the Elders were killed. Only 2 Elders were remaining.

    One was the Elder of True Dao Sect, fighting against Snake Monarch, while the other was the Elder of Heavenly Slaughter Sect that was being thrashed by Long Chen all over the place as if he was a toy made to be beaten.

    "Enough playing around. Might as well kill you now," Long Chen muttered as he appeared beside the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect.

    The Elder was bleeding all over the place. His hands have been cut off as well, and most of his bones were broken.

    The Elder just looked at Long Chen with hate-filled eyes.

    Long Chen smiled one last time to give those hateful eyes something good to see before they were closed forever.

    He swung his sword and separated the head of the Elder from his body in one stroke.

    On the other hand, the Snake Monarch had also killed the Elder of the True Dao Sect before he flew towards Long Chen.

    "Are you sick or something?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch.

    "Why?" the Snake Monarch asked.

    "It's strange seeing you so silent. You didn't even brag today, nor did you curse the enemies. You are definitely sick!" Long Chen said to the Snake Monarch.
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