432 Chapter 432: Effects?

    "You're sick; your whole family is sick! I was in the middle of my sleep, and you brought me out to handle those trash! How do you expect my mood to be! Send me back before I start cursing your ancestors!" the Snake Monarch said in a cranky tone.

    "Geez, calm down. You can sleep as long as you want now," Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

    He sent the Snake Monarch back to his Beast Region.

    Orion also walked up to Long Chen.

    Long Chen patted the head of Orion as he said, "Good work Orion."

    He sent Orion back to his beast region as well. He also put the Flute of War and his weapons in his storage ring.

    He walked towards the body of the Elders and took the rings from their fingers.

    "The elders must have some decent resources. It would be good to collect them. The ones that aren't of use to me, I can give them to the clan. The clan will only get strong," he muttered as he took the ring of every Elder.

    Long Chen kept all the rings and started walking towards Chu Miao, who was still standing in the back.

    Chu Miao couldn't believe what she just saw. She thought that she was dreaming.

    Long Chen was walking towards her when he suddenly started feeling pain. The pain only increased and kept increasing with each second.

    The pain was so unbearable that it made him scream out loud.

    "Ahhhhh," Long Chen roared in pain as he gripped his chest tightly. Soon, his body lost its strength as he fell down to the ground.

    He couldn't speak, and he couldn't move his body, but the pain was still as high.

    His cultivation returned back to normal. He was once again the 6th stage Earth Realm Cultivator.

    Long Chen was lying on the ground, screaming in his mind. His eyes had turned red because of pain.

    It was like his body had shut down, and he could only use his mind and his eyes.

    The pain felt as if he was being stabbed by tens of thousands of needed every second. His heart was racing, and his body was getting cold.

    "Long Chen, are you alright?" Chu Miao let out as she ran towards Long Chen.

    'Xun! What the ** is happening!' Long Chen roared in his mind as he asked Xun.

    "I-i don't know. It could either be the side effect of using the Flute of War or because your body couldn't handle the sudden increase in strength out of nowhere. I think it should be the first option, as your body isn't that weak. You have the Demon Monarch Physique and the bloodline of Master. Your body definitely isn't weak. It shouldn't have such a massive reaction," Xun said.

    "It must be the side effect of using that Flute," She added.

    Long Chen was in so much pain that he had only experienced once before. Even when his heart demon had tortured him, he didn't feel this much pain. The only time he felt this much pain was when Mu Zheng targeted his Martial Soul in the Dark Soul Sect.

    'Why didn't you tell me about such an important thing...' Long Chen asked as he laid on the ground.

    Chu Miao came up to him and picked him up. She placed his head on her lap.

    "Hey, are you alright? What happened suddenly? Say something," She said to him.

    She didn't understand why Long Chen fell down so suddenly.

    He wasn't even harmed in the fight, so she couldn't understand what was happening.

    "I didn't know about this side effect either," Xun replied.

    The pain slowly started decreasing, and Long Chen found some relief, but he still couldn't move his body.

    'Didn't you say that someone used this against Tian Shen in a fight? If it causes such side effects just after 10 minutes of use, it should be clear!' Long Chen said to her through his thoughts.

    "I-i seriously didn't know. Tian Shen faced a person who used this flute, but he killed him in less than 10 minutes. Maybe that's why we didn't see the side effects?" Xun replied to Long Chen.

    The pain was all gone by now, but Long Chen's body was still not under his control.

    'It you killed the guy with this dangerous flute, you should've taken the flute! Not leave it there without finding anything about it. Even the sect didn't mention any side effects,' Long Chen let out.

    "Are you listening? You're not paralyzed, are you?" Chu Miao asked with a worried look on her face as she saw Long Chen's eyes open, but he was not moving his body or answering her questions. "I need to take you to the Sect. They will heal you."

    Chu Miao carried Long Chen to her Winged Tiger and helped him up. She sat behind him, hugging him tightly to prevent him from falling.

    The Winged Tiger took to the air and carried Long Chen.

    "We did take the flute, but Tian Shen gifted that to a girl without ever using it. I don't know how that flute came here; neither do I know about its side effects. It's my first time seeing that myself," Xun said to him.

    'Sigh, I don't even know if the effects of this thing are going to go away or not. I need that cleansing liquid again. I wish I could've collected it,' Long Chen thought.

    "Even if you had collected it, would you be able to use it? You can't even use your hands or speak, let alone taking that thing out of your ring and drinking it. Don't worry though, Even though this item had this unknown side effect; it should definitely heal. Most probably before we get back to the sect," Chu Miao said.

    'It would be better if it does. It might be troublesome after we get there as Mi Yao would be there. I need to discuss some things with Chu Miao about that,' Long Chen thought.

    They kept flying towards the Dark Soul Sect and even passed by the Blazing Sun Empire.

    Long Chen couldn't even move his head to look in the direction of the Palace.

    He had already killed everyone from the Beast Hall, and the other Sects, and no one knew about his girls that were staying in the Royal Palace of the Blazing Sun Empire.

    He was determined to come back after he dealt with Lang Jing, and then they would be able to leave from here.

    He also had some things that he needed to help them with, especially after he received that Dual Cultivation Technique that was useful for them all.

    Long Chen sat as if he was paralyzed while they traveled most of the way.

    Throughout the way, Chu Miao kept telling him that he was going to be okay. The Sect would definitely be able to heal him. Even though her words made it seem as if she was trying to calm down Long Chen, in reality, she was the one that wasn't calm.

    They traveled for day and night. Twenty-four hours had passed away, and Long Chen was still not able to move.

    Chu Miao didn't stop her beast for even a second or rest as she was in a hurry to take Long Chen back. The only thing that still kept her calm was that she could see the light in Long Chen's eyes. She could also feel his breathing, which was stable.

    Another hour passed away.

    Long Chen was still thinking if he would be able to heal in time or not when he felt a sensation in his finger.

    He tried moving it, and it was moving. He tried moving his hands, but his hands didn't move yet.

    "Like the side effects are slowly going away. I hope it's not too late before I am healed,' he thought.
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