433 Chapter 433: Lie

    After another hour passed, Long Chen was finally able to move his body.

    "I can move. You can release me now," he said to Chu Miao, who was still hugging him firmly.

    "Ah, right. Are you really fine?" Chu Miao asked as she loosened her hold on Long Chen.

    "Yeah, I'm good now. Just some side effects of using the power I don't own," Long Chen replied to her.

    He adjusted his body so that he was in a better sitting posture. He stretched his arms that he hadn't been able to move in a long time. He felt great at being able to use his body again.

    "Anyway, let's get back to the Important things. We are going back to the sect, and you know that Mi Yao will be there. I need you to tell the sect exactly what I say. We can't tell them what actually happened,"  He said to Chu Miao.

    "Oh, right. What do you want me to say?" Chu Miao asked him. She also wondered what he planned.

    Long Chen told her everything he wanted her to do today. He gave her full brief about what he expected to happen when they reached the sect and how they should react.

    Chu Miao was shocked about that plan and a little uncertain as well.

    "Should we really do that? It might harm her," She interjected. She didn't think that it was a good idea.

    Long Chen glanced at her briefly before he shook her head.

    "I don't really care about her. It was more like a test, and you know how she fared in it. Not only me, she even left you behind. She deserves a little stick to bring her to her place," Long Chen answered her.

    "That... does make sense. Alright. I'll follow your lead," Chu Miao agreed as she nodded her head.

    Their flying beast continued flying towards the Dark Soul Sect.

    "Can I ask you something? Where did you find that talking snake? It was so powerful. I can't even imagine how you could tame something like that," Chu Miao asked Long Chen after some time.

    "I found him long ago. He wasn't as strong at that time," Long Chen answered her, but he didn't tell her that he found her in the Dark Soul Sect when she took him to the place that held beasts caught by the sect.

    If she hadn't taken him there, he might not have met the snake monarch either.

    "Oh, you were lucky to find a beast like that when it was weak. I haven't even heard of a beast that could talk like us, but I understand that there are too many strange things in this world. Anything is possible," Chu Miao said.

    "That's true. Anyway, I hope you understand the plan. The key point will be not bulging from your points no matter what happens," Long Chen told her.

    "I understand what I have to do. I'll try my best not to get caught," Chu Miao answered him.

    "Good," Long Chen nodded his head.

    They continued flying back. Time kept passing. Day turned into the night, and the night turned into the day again.

    They even rested midway for some time. Long Chen wanted to be in his best condition when he entered the sect.

    After traveling for some more time, they finally saw a glimpse of their sect at some distance.

    The Dark Soul Sect looked as majestic as ever, standing in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the natural barriers.

    They entered the premises of the sect. They were stopped by the guards of the Sect, who allowed them after seeing their badges.

    The disciple badges also had another specialty as it could help in determining if the person was a real Disciple or an impersonator.

    The Disciple badges had a slight shine when they were held by the cultivator they belonged to. Even if someone stole those badges, impersonating them was almost impossible as the shine would be lost whenever someone else held the badges.

    After getting their badges checked, they were allowed entry into the sect.

    They were half a day late compared to Mi Yao, who had come back to the sect before them.

    She had already given her set of the explanation to the Sect Master about the events that occurred.  Lang Jing couldn't believe it at first that Long Chen was dead. He didn't think that Long Chen would go out of his way to kill others when he had the special mission that was given to him by Lang Jing, his life depended on that.

    Mi Yao had told him everything that happened but changed the events of the end.

    She said that she tried to save Long Chen and Chu Miao. She stood up for them even when the other elders were against them, but she couldn't do anything. She couldn't save them. She could only leave after they were killed.

    Lang Jing was furious at her for not saving Long Chen and the others. He was so mad that he had almost attacked Mi Yao. He was stopped and pulled back by the Grand Elders of the sect. The truth was that he was even angrier that he couldn't see Long Chen now. His whole plan was trashed, and he blamed Mi Yao for it.

    The Grand Elders held him back and took him away to calm him down.

    Lang Jing was just taken out of the Discussion Hall when Long Chen and Chu Miao reached there on the flying beast.


    No one could believe what they were seeing. Let alone, Lang Jing, even the other Grand Elders, couldn't believe what they were seeing. They had just heard Mi Yao's claim that she watched them die, and she was unable to save them, but they were right before their eyes.

    Long Chen landed before them with Chu Miao.

    "You're alive?" one of the Grand Elders asked.

    "Why? Did Mi Yao, that traitor, tell you otherwise?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Traitor? What do you mean?" Lang Jing asked.

    "That bit*h killed us and left us behind. She even took all the treasures! If Manxiang Li hadn't found us and used his 'Life-Giving Pills' on us at the right time, we would both be dead!" Long Chen claimed with a hate-filled look in her face.

    "Manxiang Li? Are you talking about the head Disciple of the Devil Worshipping Sect? Why would he use his life-giving pills on you?" One of the Grand Elders asked with a suspicious look in his face.

    Instead of Long Chen, Chu Miao answered this question. Long Chen had already planned this and knew that he would definitely be asked this question. He had told Chu Miao to answer this question to make their story seem more authentic.

    "That's because Senior Brother Chen had saved his life inside the Divine Heaven Sect, and they had formed a friendship," Chu Miao replied.

    "Well, I heard that Manxiang Li does have an unorthodox personality. It's not strange for him to use precious resources for unconventional reasons," one of the Grand Elder nodded his head as he looked towards them.

    "So Mi Yao lied to us? I did find her words suspicious. Why would she be able to leave unharmed if she tried to save them from 17 elders and failed? It makes sense now."

    "I can't believe she would do this. Such a grave mistake. The greed had made her lose her path."

    The Grand Elders sighed as they shook their heads.

    "You shouldn't have stopped me. That woman deserved to die," Lang Jing said as he freed himself from their hands.

    "Calm Down, Jing. She will be punished. Let's just go confront her," the Grand Elder told Manxiang Li before he looked in the direction of Long Chen. "Follow me."
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