436 Chapter 436: Another Plan

    "I didn't get the necklace," Long Chen told Lang Jing.

    "You are lying. Give me the necklace right now unless you don't want the cure of that poison," Lang Jing said as he looked at the man in full seriousness.

    "You can't do that. You told me that you would give me the cure. I did all I could to follow the directions that you gave, but I didn't find the thing you mentioned. Someone clearly gave you the wrong information," Long Chen replied.

    "It's not possible for the information to be wrong," Lang Jing shook his head as he refused to believe it.

    "How can you be so sure? Of course, the information can be wrong. It's not like the disciple of the Divine Heaven Sect gave you the information," Long Chen said as he raised his head.

    He had already told the Snake Monarch that he would need to paralyze Lang Jing as soon as he was called out, but Long Chen was still waiting for something.

    He could feel that Lang Jing wasn't alone in this room. There was someone else as well, hiding in the shadows.

    He didn't bring out the snake monarch and simply waited for more information.

    "It doesn't matter who gave me the information. What I can say is that the information can't be a lie! There is no way that the tombstone wouldn't be there," Lang Jing said.

    "The sect had been going through so many changes. The map was entirely wrong. It was like the sect had shifted all its locations. Maybe the place you mentioned got shifted to some faraway place. All I know is that I didn't find it," Long Chen maintained his innocence.

    Lang Jing looked in the direction of the shadow.

    "Didn't you say that there was no chance the boy would fail? We had one opportunity to find that, and he blew it up. How am I going to answer my master?" An old man stepped out of the shadows.

    Long Chen pretended to be shocked as if he didn't know that there was a person there.

    "Long Chen, I must say that you disappointed me. I thought that you would be able to do it with what you had. I don't even know if I want to see you die from the poison or kill you myself," Lang Jing said to Long Chen. He looked visibly upset.

    "I don't care how you kill him! The thing that I want is not in my hands. How can I answer my masters back in that place?" The Old Man told Lang Jing.

    "I..." Lang Jing couldn't find words to reply.

    "Sigh, I can already see the wrath I'm going to face."

    Long Chen looked at the old man. He could see that the man was slightly weaker than the sect master and the Prime Elder, but he was still stronger than the Grand Elders.

    "I'm sorry, father. I disappointed you, but I still don't believe that he didn't get that necklace. He is definitely lying. Let me just check one more thing just to be sure," Lang Jing replied.

    He pulled out a small formation disk. Long Chen recognized the disk. It was the same disk that he had seen previously. Lang Jing had told Long Chen about this disk.

    It was an item that he found inside some ruins. If a person held the disk in their hands and promised something, then that would be a binding promise. If the person that promised, didn't fulfill his promise, then he would die. At Least that's what Lang Jing had told him.

    "Hold it."

    Lang Jing tossed the disk towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen held the disk.

    "If you aren't lying, then do what I say," Lang Jing said. "Take an oath that you wouldn't lie to us ever."

    Long Chen looked towards the disk, but didn't say anything.

    "Don't worry about anything. Take the oath," Xun said to Long Chen.

    'What do you mean? Wouldn't I be in trouble if I tell the truth?' Long Chen asked her.

    "The disk is not active. From what I can see, it has run out of energy. Last time he used the disk on you, there were still a few energy lines in it that were working, but right now, there's nothing. Normal people can't look at that, but I can. This thing is not working," Xun told Long Chen.

    "What happened? Scared? You're definitely hiding something," Lang Jing said, smilingly.

    Even the old man was somewhat suspicious by now.

    "I, Long Chen, takes an oath that I will never lie to the two people in front of me," Long Chen took an oath.

    Lang Jing was shocked that Long Chen took the oath so suddenly. He hadn't expected that he would do it, but he still believed in his heart that Long Chen had the necklace. When he talked about an oath, he could see the hesitation on Long Chen's face. He believed that he was worried about it.

    Lang Jing looked at Long Chen with a stern look on his face.

    "Tell me, do you have the necklace that I asked you to find?" Lang Jing asked.

    "No," Long Chen replied without any worries on his face.

    "Did you find that necklace inside the Divine Heaven Sect?" Lang Jing asked.

    "I didn't," Long Chen answered.

    Lang Jing just looked blankly at Long Chen. How was he telling a lie without dying? Unless this was not really a lie.

    The old man looked furiously at Lang Jing. He was now sure that the plan of Lang Jing had failed.

    "Lang Jing, you really disappointed me. Despite me telling you to put more people on the mission, you only found this single boy. You told me that he would be able to do it, but he failed! If all ten disciples were on this mission, they could have spread out. We can't have more chances of getting that necklace. I don't even know if you should be angry anymore. I am disappointed," The old man said to Lang Jing as he sighed.

    Lang Jing didn't know how to respond. He had put too much faith in Long Chen. He didn't take the risk of trying to tell anyone else about this except Long Chen, whom he had found on the day he went to destroy the branch of the beast hall. He thought that Long Chen was strong and fast. He would definitely be able to reach the farthest in the sect and bring the necklace as his life depended on it, but he failed.

    "Father, I know that I failed you. Now the whole plan is ruined. But we can still achieve our second goal. Even though it can't compare to getting that necklace, it would still be something to give him," Lang Jing said.

    "You mean..."

    "Yeah. We will steal that Lotus. We will take that from the sect. Our major plan might have failed, but I won't let our other plan fail."

    Lang Jing looked determined as he talked about it.

    "Sigh, That Lotus won't make up for the necklace, but it might appease his anger," the Old Man nodded his head.

    " I'll use him for our second plan. He didn't work as our ace, so just let's use him as a bait," Lang Jing told the old man.

    He looked towards Long Chen.

    "You failed the mission, but I can still give you a chance to live. You just have to do one thing for us," Lang Jing told Long Chen.

    "What?" Long Chen asked.

    "You need to bring the Sect Master to her death," Lang Jing replied.

    Long Chen didn't know what lotus they wanted, but he knew that it must be a treasure if they were so eager to get it.

    "How?" he asked Lang Jing.
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