438 Chapter 438: Mission Successful

    Long Chen had activated his shadow transformation martial skill to hide himself in the darkness as he got near Lang Jing's house. He didn't want to be caught by the old man if he was here. Although he hoped that he wouldn't be here, he didn't take the risk of going in without precautions.

    As Long Chen reached near his destination, he landed on the ground and put the sword back.

    He spread out his Divine Sense all around him to see if the old man was here or not.

    Long Chen could see Lang Jing inside his room. He seemed to be cultivating.

    Other than Lang Jing, Long Chen couldn't see anyone else.

    'Looks like I was right. That man isn't here,' Long Chen thought.

    He sent a message to the Snake Monarch and told him to be ready. He also told the Snake Monarch not to make any noise or sound when he was called out.

    He just wanted the Snake Monarch to hold Lang Jing in his place so that nothing could go wrong, without alerting him beforehand.

    Long Chen walked towards the courtyard of Lang Jing slowly.

    He stood on the other side of the door and used his Space Law to teleport inside Lang Jing's courtyard. He had already been inside his place and seen his room, so he had no trouble teleporting inside.

    Long Chen still had his Shadow Transformation activated.

    Although he knew that Lang Jing was cultivating, he couldn't be sure if he was completely unaware of his surroundings. A person like him wouldn't be completely oblivious.

    Long Chen also did his best so that no killing intent would leak out from him. He didn't want his killing intent to alert Lang Jing.

    He knew that the killing intent would come out when he attacked him with the intent to kill, but he didn't want it to leak before that. That's why he kept his mind as calm as he could.

    Long Chen reached near his room without making a single sound.

    Lang Jing was cultivating facing the wall.

    Long Chen stood behind him, ready to strike.

    He brought out the Snake Monarch. The Snake Monarch came out of the Storage Ring and instantly found his target.

    Snake Monarch used his skill to hold Lang Jing in place, making him incapable of moving.

    Lang Jing opened his eyes as he felt the restriction. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't move. He was about to speak when a Sword was thrusted in his neck.

    Long Chen brought his face closer to Lang Jing's ears and whispered into his ears.

    "That makes us equal."

    Lang Jing coughed out a mouthful of blood. He recognized the voice and knew who attacked him.

    Long Chen swung his sword and separated Lang Jing's head from his body. He made sure that no blood drip was left on the ground.

    He didn't want anyone to know that he killed Lang Jing. He sent the Snake Monarch back into his storage ring.

    Long Chen kept the body in his storage ring and left the place.

    He hurriedly left the courtyard and flew back towards his house.

    After some time, Long Chen reached near his courtyard. He put the sword in his storage ring and teleported inside his bedroom.

    "That went well," Long Chen muttered as he fell down to his bed.

    He was lying in his bed, but he felt his surroundings change.

    The room turned dark, and he found himself in front of a large temple-like place.

    He also saw a pink-haired girl floating in front of him.

    Xun was wearing the same clothes that she had always worn, but she looked more cheerful today.

    Long Chen could see that she was happy, most probably because he completed his trial.

    "You did it. Congratulations on completing the Second Bloodline Trial. The restriction on your strength has been removed. Now you can use 100 percent of your strength."

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile as he saw her excitement.

    "You seem happier than me. Is there a reason for that?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Not really. It's just that now you can use your full strength again. I don't have to worry about you dying," Xun said.

    "It's not like I would have died if I had stayed weak. You know that I do have my ways to save my life," Long Chen replied to her.

    "I've seen all your ways, and I've seen them fail as well. Isn't that how you ended up in the Dark Soul Sect?"

    Xun started laughing.

    "That was a one-time thing! I've learned from that, and now I know how important it is not to use Spatial Travel unless absolutely necessary. I don't use that unnecessarily anymore. I also know how to read a situation better. On the last note, this whole situation wasn't so bad. I wouldn't have gotten to enter the Divine Heaven Sect otherwise, so I take it as a good event," Long Chen told her.

    "It's good that you learned from the mistakes. You can't lose your life. Not because of your own mistakes, at least," Xun said to him.

    "Anyway, You've finished the trial. Enter the bloodline temple. Your rewards are waiting for you," Xun said as a light smirk crept on her lips.

    Long Chen walked towards the temple. He opened the door and entered the bloodline temple.

    He was somewhat surprised to see the interior of the temple even though it was his second time.

    The interior of the bloodline temple looked entirely different. There was no similarity that could be found between what he saw last time and what he was seeing now.

    The only thing that was still similar was that the area of this place seemed to be the same. It was just as big as it was last time.

    Unlike the last time, the floor this time was black. It was pitch black, and not a single smudge could be seen on it.

    The walls were empty now. Unlike the last time, they were plain white, contrasting the dark floors. There was nothing written on the walls this time.

    Long Chen looked towards Xun in confusion.

    "Did you do some painting here? It looks nothing like last time."

    "I did nothing like that. Anyway, don't focus on that. There are more important things for you to focus on here. Come with me."

    Xun didn't explain anything about why the bloodline temple looked different. She simply told him to follow her as she started flying towards the golden door right in front of them.

    The golden door looked the same as the main door in size. It was just as big. The door had no design on it, but it did have what seemed like two planets carved on it.

    As the whole door was golden, the planets also seemed to be golden.

    "Are they the depiction of some real planets?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "No. I don't know what these planets are supposed to represent, but they definitely shouldn't represent planets. It might also be that I'm unaware of this. I myself don't know everything about the bloodline temple," Xun answered him.

    "I thought these were some higher realm planets. It might also be that these are the planets where your master was born," Long Chen said, jokingly.

    "He can't be born on two planets simultaneously," Xun replied to him.

    "The second planet might be where his wife was born. I'm just taking a blind guess here," Long Chen said.

    "He didn't have a wife. He didn't even have a lover from what I know. I don't know why, but he was lonely," Xun replied as she sighed.

    "Enter. There's no need to talk about such matters," Xun told Long Chen.

    Long Chen pushed the heavy looking door open with ease and stepped inside the place that seemed like a room.
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