439 Chapter 439: Slaughter Aura

    Long Chen found himself inside another room that was just as big as the main hall of the bloodline temple.

    This room had the white floor and black walls, quite contrary to what the main hall had.

    On the other end of the room, there was another golden door, just like the one he had entered from.

    There was a table in front of him that had a small vial of glass on it.

    There were some pills inside the vial.

    Long Chen walked towards the table and started looking at it.

    He got near the table and picked up the vial in his hand.

    He could see clearly now. There were three pills inside the vial.

    "What are these pills?" he asked Xun.

    Despite his Peak Spirit Grade Alchemist knowledge, he wasn't able to recognize the pills. It was unlike any other pill he had ever seen before.

    The pills were also semi-transparent, just like the vial.

    "You remember that I told you about not having to worry about the poison you had in your body, right?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah. You said that if I killed Lang Jing and completed the bloodline trial, I would be healed by the bloodline temple," Long Chen responded.

    "Exactly. I said that because I knew about one of the rewards. The thing that you're holding in your hand contains 3 Heaven Rejuvenating Pills. These pills are really special. No matter what ailment you have, these pills can heal you. They would have healed your poison with ease," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "Oh, so these work like those Cleansing Liquid that I drank inside the Divine Heaven Sect. It's good. Although I won't let a situation like that occur again, but if I'm ever poisoned again, I would be able to heal myself," Long Chen muttered.

    He placed the vial in his storage ring.

    "The beginning is nice. Although I hate going through trials, the rewards are always nice."

    "Just continue ahead. That's not the only reward," Xun told Long Chen with a slight smile on her face.

    Long Chen started walking towards the door on the other side of the room and pushed it open as he stepped out of this room.

    He entered the next room, which again seemed to be just as big as the last room.

    This time there, the whole room was white.

    There were spheres of light floating everywhere in the room. There was no difference in any of these spheres. All these spheres of light were a similar shade of blue in color. Their size was also the same. They were only 30 centimeters in diameter.

    "What's this?" Long Chen asked Xun. "It reminds me of the Skill Space of the Dark Soul Sect. Is this the same?"

    "It's something similar. Each of these spheres contains a skill. Some skills are better, while some are comparatively worse. The thing that you should know is that even the worst skills present here are better than most of the skills you've seen till now," Xun gave a vague explanation.

    "How many skills can I choose from here?" Long Chen asked again.

    "You can choose two skills. As soon as you've chosen the two skills, all the other spheres will disappear. You just need to touch a spear and the skill inside that will be selected," Xun informed him.


    Long Chen walked through the room, looking at the spheres of light.

    No matter how much he tried, he couldn't find a distinction between any of these orbs of light.

    "Looks like it's all about luck this time. I can only go in blindly and choose any orb that I feel like choosing."

    Long Chen reached out his hand and touched one of the orbs.

    It didn't change into the skill book, but he did find the knowledge about a skill in his mind. It was as if the skill book was imprinted in his mind.

    "The Slaughter Aura?"

    Long Chen muttered in surprise as he went through the description of the skill.

    "A skill that can weaken the opponent, just from one's aura?"

    "Oh, You got the Slaughter Aura on your first try? That's lucky, I guess, or should I call unlucky. The Slaughter Aura is a skill that is very powerful, but it can't be cultivated normally. To cultivate it, you need to kill people and absorb the energy of slaughter that is released whenever you kill someone. The more you kill, the more Slaughter Energy you could absorb,"

    "That's the only way to strengthen your Slaughter Aura. It's a very useful skill. If you comprehend even 10 percent of Slaughter Aura, you would be able to decrease the opponent's strength by 5 percent," Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "5 percent didn't seem like much," Long Chen responded.

    "It might seem like small when you look at the 5 percent, but don't forget that the higher you go, the wider the difference between each realm will become. The 5 percent is much more helpful than you can think. Also, don't just look at 5 percent. Look at the end potential of the skill. If you could get that skill to perfection, you would be able to weaken your opponents by 50 percent, just from your Slaughter Aura alone." Xun explained to him.

    "That's not bad, but the whole thing comes down to one thing. This skill can't be comprehended normally. One can only reach higher levels of this skill by killing. How many people do I need to kill to get this skill to perfection?" he asked Xun.

    "Ah, let's not talk about that. Just focus on increasing the level of your mastery of this skill, and one day you'll reach its peak," Xun said.

    She didn't answer his question about how many people he would have to kill to get it to perfection as that number was slightly too large. She didn't feel like explaining.

    "I can try to learn it. I already kill people. It's just that now I can use those killings to boost my growth," Long Chen muttered. "It would have been so nice if I had this skill in the Divine Heaven Sect. I killed so many people there and even after leaving. I could've utilized that. Now I feel like it all went to waste."

    "You definitely don't have to worry about that. Those few kills are nothing compared to his many people you might need to kill in the future," Xun muttered.

    Long Chen looked towards her. Without giving him a chance to say anything, Xun started talking.

    "Anyway, Choose the second skill. We have more places to go," Xun told him.


    Long Chen started going through the room. Even though all orbs looked the same, he wanted to try choosing the orb that was on the corner of the room, farthest from him.

    Even though he knew that all these orbs were random and that choosing the farthest one might not mean that he would get a better skill, he still decided to go with his heart. It was all based on luck at the moment, after all. He wanted to stretch his luck even further by selecting the skill that was the farthest from him.

    He reached the corner of the room and glanced at the orb that was floating there in silence.

    "Let's just hope that it's something good as well. It's my last opportunity of selecting a skill from this room. Please don't be a useless skill," Long Chen muttered as he reached out his hand.

    His fingers touched the blue orb of light, making it disappear directly.

    As soon as the orb disappeared from before his eyes, a skill appeared in his mind.

    The Skill that was in the orb that he had just touched was imprinted on his mind.

    "Amazing. This skill is definitely not useless," Long Chen muttered with wonder on his face.
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