440 Chapter 440: Soul

    Long Chen had chosen a second skill as well. The second skill was imprinted into his mind, making him understand what the skill was all about.

    Still, he couldn't comprehend the skill just by reading it's content. The skill had to be comprehended like normal skills. He only received the content of the skill, but not the comprehension.

    "Which skill did you get?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "It would be a little wrong to call it a martial skill; it's a cultivation manual," Long Chen informed her.

    "A cultivation manual? Tell me its name; I might know about it," Xun let out with a curious look on her face.

    Long Chen opened her lips and muttered the name of the Cultivation Method that he had received from the skill orb.

    "The Soul Cultivation Manual."

    "Soul Cultivation? That..."

    Xun looked shocked, and she couldn't find a word to respond. Long Chen found it strange to see such a reaction from her.

    "What happened? Is this a cursed skill or something?" Long Chen asked her. He seriously thought that there was something wrong with the skill for her to give a reaction like that.

    "Not exactly. It's not a cursed skill. It's just that it's the same skill that Tian Shen had received when he completed his second trial. It's the first time you received a skill that he had cultivated," Xun told him.

    "It is a good skill from what I understood. I didn't know that cultivating the soul was also possible," Long Chen muttered.

    "Of Course, cultivation of the soul is also possible. The soul is just as important as the body. You cultivate the body using the Demon Monarch Physique, and now you can cultivate the Soul using this. The only thing you need to remember is that the soul it talks about is your real soul, not your Martial Spirit," Xun started explaining.

    " Although your Martial Spirit is strong, and your body is strong, your real soul is still as weak as a child's soul. That's why you were in so much pain when Mu Zheng had attacked your Martial Spirit. Even though your Martial Spirit wasn't hurt by it, your real soul was hurt, and that's why you were feeling the pain," Xun told Long Chen.

    "I know that my real soul is not my Martial Spirit. They are both different elements. My real soul had been with me since my birth, whereas the Martial Spirit only joined the team when I broke through to the Spirit Established Ram. But still, from what I see, this skill is not just about strengthening the  Soul of a person," Long Chen responded.

    "That's why I said that this skill is not that simple. You can strengthen your soul that will make your soul more resistant against soul-based attacks, and you can protect yourself against situations like those. Also, you can use the soul attacks yourself. That's not even the main part, the main part is that if you cultivate it to its peak, your soul would be able to live even after your body died," Xun exclaimed.

    "Isn't that the same as the spirits? They were also real. I thought that the stronger cultivators had souls that could make them live even after death," Long Chen told her.

    "That's not true. At Least not for mortals. The gods from Heaven can live even after their body is destroyed. That's why they are called true Immortals, unlike the humans that cultivate to reach the mortal realm. The gods have souls that can live even after their body is killed as long as they want to unless someone uses a method that destroys their soul as well, or they sacrifice their souls along with their bodies," Xun replied.

    "Other than them, the humans can't achieve that. Once you die, your soul would step into the cycle of reincarnation. The humans have no choice, unlike gods," She added.

    "What about the spirits that I saw? They were real, and I'm sure they were not gods," Long Chen replied to her.

    He didn't honestly believe her words that human souls couldn't survive after they die since he had already come in contact with two such spirits inside the Divine Heaven Sect.

    If he hadn't gone to the Divine Heaven Sect, he would have believed her, but after going there and meeting the spirits, he found it impossible to believe her on that. It was impossible for that old man that was from the Divine Heaven Sect to be a spirit of a god from the Heaven.

    "That's not the thing that I'm talking about. The ones that became spirit used some unorthodox method to achieve it, which destroyed half or more of their soul."

    "There is also another way to become a spirit after death. It is by using a dark artifact, but then you would either become a mindless soul or lose most of your memories and wander around for eternity until you achieve the subconscious goal because of which you decided to become the Soul," Xun finished explaining.

    "So the only real way to achieve soul immortality is by becoming a god or by Cultivating this skill to its peak. I think I know which option is easier," Long Chen chuckled.

    "Tian Shen also comprehended this skill, right? How long did it take for him to comprehend it to its peak?" He asked Xun.

    "You got the skill, right? Why are you wasting time here? Let's go. You have more rewards to receive. There is no reason to waste time here," Xun told him as she started flying towards the door.

    "Sigh, alright. Don't answer me," Long Chen smiled wryly as he started walking towards the door.

    He pushed the door open and saw something on the other side of the door that made his mouth open wide in shock.

    There was nothing but empty space outside that room.

    "Am I supposed to go there?" Long Chen asked Xun in surprise.

    "Yeah, You are supposed to go there. Don't worry, and just jump. It's space; you won't fall. You will just float in the void," Xun answered him.


    Long Chen took a step forward and stepped out of the room.

    He stepped into the space and started floating in it. The door behind him disappeared.

    "What am I supposed to do now? There is no door to leave this place, and I see no rewards," Long Chen asked Xun.

    "The rewards are right before your eyes. You just need to choose," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Choose what? There is nothing to choose from," Long Chen retorted.

    He looked all around, but there was nothing here. Not even stars were visible in this space. This whole place was nothing but a void.

    "You can't see it yet. Just do as I say and you will get your reward," Xun informed Long Chen.

    Long Chen nodded his head and waited for her to tell him what he needed to do.

    "First, close your eyes."

    Long Chen heard her words and closed his eyes, wondering what was about to happen.

    "Choose a random direction and extend your right hand in that direction. Remember, the direction you select is the most important part of this thing. Choose one direction carefully,"  Xun insisted on that portion.

    Long Chen nodded. He chose the direction that was right in front of him and reached out his hand.

    "Alright. Now, close your fist," Xun told him.

    Long Chen closed his fist as per her instruction. He still had no idea what he was doing or what was happening.

    He kept waiting for her next words, but he didn't hear her voice for quite some time.

    "What next?" he asked her.

    "Shhhh. Just stay still and don't move. I'll tell you when you need to do anything," Xun told him.

    Long Chen listened to her and didn't move his body unnecessarily.
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