441 Chapter 441: Future V.I

    "Good. Now open your fist and make your palm face towards the top," Xun gave him the next instruction.

    Long Chen opened his palm and rotated his wrist. His palm was now facing the top.

    "Done. Your treasure is selected. You can open your eyes," Xun told him.

    Long Chen opened his eyes and looked. towards his hand. There was a small blue sphere of light floating above his hand.

    "The treasure that you received is inside that orb. Touch it with your left hand, without moving your right hand," Xun told him

    Long Chen moved his left hand towards the sphere of light that was floating above his hand.

    He touched the sphere of blue light, which started shining even brighter as soon as his fingers touched it.

    The sphere of light started changing shape.

    It soon transformed into a treasure. It seemed like a scabbard that was used to keep swords inside.

    "What is it?" he asked Xun.

    "That is a Demon Scabbard. You can keep any sword or knife inside it, and it would adjust to its size," Xun told Long Chen.

    "That's all?" Long Chen asked her. He looked somewhat disappointed.

    "Nope. The treasure of the bloodline temple can't be that simple. There is more to it than just that," Xun said to him.

    "When you keep a prized weapon in it, no one could see the weapon's true grade or its strength. For example, if you keep the King's sword inside, no one would be able to feel its sword intent. They will just see it as a mortal grade sword," Xun explained.

    "That doesn't make it any better. Why would I carry my sword in the scabbard instead of keeping it in my storage ring? I can always use my sword when I need it, and no one can see my sword if it's in my storage ring. I don't see any use for this sword," he told Xun.

    "I think you'll soon change your mind when I tell you more powers of this Demon Scabbard. The scabbard also has a special hidden ability," she told Long Chen. "It can increase the grade of your weapon."

    "Increase the grade of the weapon?"

    That statement had finally made Long Chen surprised and in a good way. If it could increase the grade of his weapons, then it was definitely one of the most useful passive treasures that he possessed.

    "Yeah, If you keep a mortal grade sword inside the Demon Scabbard, it will become a Spirit Grade Sword in 2 months," Xun told him.

    Before Long Chen could even open his mouth, she started speaking further.

    "I know what you wanted to ask, and no, it wouldn't make your Gold Grade Spirit Sword into an Earth Grade Spirit Sword in 2 months. The process of an upgrade takes longer for higher realms as the weapons need more strength to be considered a higher grade treasure,"

    "Seeing that the Gold Grade Sword is two grades higher than the Mortal Grade Sword, it would take six months. I'm only talking about the maximum time it would take. It might even get upgraded in 3 months or two months. Honestly, the whole process is somewhat complicated," Xun explained as much as she could.

    "Oh, right. The effects only work if the scabbard is outside. You can't just keep your sword in the scabbard and keep it inside the ring. It needs to be outside to work," she added.

    "Really? I always thought that swordsmen were just a show-off to carry their sword on their back instead of keeping it in their storage rings, I guess I'll have to do the same thing now," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    He caught the scabbard and brought out his King's Sword. He inserted the blade of his King's Sword inside the scabbard and adjusted the scabbard on his back.

    "How do I look now?"

    Long Chen looked towards Xun and asked her how he looked as he couldn't see a mirror.

    Xun looked at him and burst into laughter.

    "You look like a Swordsman that wants to show off that he's a swordsman,"

    "Of Course I'm a swordsman. I'm the legendary swordsman who will never be forgotten by the future generation," Long Chen declared jokingly.

    "That's almost impossible, I think. No matter what you do, there will be people that will forget you," Xun responded.

    "What if I did something that is impossible? Isn't that how legends are remembered?" Long Chen asked with an interested smile on his face.

    "That is one way, but the world is much vast. There will always be people that won't know about the legends. Even if you did something atrocious like destroying the Immortal World or destroying the God Beast Clans, there will always be people that would forget. That's how people are," Xun told him.

    "When someone like him could be forgotten, then anyone could be forgotten," She added.

    Long Chen wondered if she was talking about the person this bloodline belonged to. He must be a bigshot to achieve all this, yet Long Chen was sure that there would be no one in this small mortal world who will know about him. She was right. Not all legends reach every small or big place.

    There had never been someone who was remembered in almost every world by at least a single person.

    Long Chen didn't know if he would be able to leave his mark behind on history or not, but the chances of him becoming an unforgettable legend were too slim. Even he himself didn't believe that it was possible, but the thing is that he didn't know that the future had something entirely unexpected for him in stores.

    All his expectations would've turned upside down if he could see the future or the end of his journey.

    The world had seen many Demons in its long history, but there was a demon that was about to appear in the world that was something that this would had yet to experience.

    Someone that was about to leave the most profound impression on the world. Someone that was about to become a name that terrified the biggest of gods and demons for generations to come.

    Someone that was human, but he was more demonic that the real demons. Even the actual demons were about to be shocked when they saw that person.

    The arrogant gods and the Willful demons were not the only ones that were about to get the shock of their lives in the form of a mortal, but even the God Beasts were about to suffer the wrath of the one that would terrify the gods for generations to come.

    Long Chen was still unaware of the future and ignorant of how things were about to change. The world would never know the reason for this terrifying tsunami that this world was going to suffer. There were going to be only two people that saw the full extent of what caused all this. One was Long Chen, and the other was the Treasure Spirit that was floating beside him.

    The cruel destiny had something in store for them that was about to bring a change that would destroy all boundaries of destiny itself, making it completely helpless.

    While Long Chen was looking at Xun, unaware of his future, there was another person in this world. A person that was someone that started everything.

    In a faraway corner of the world, inside a dark ruin that looked more like a prison, there was a small child sitting.

    He was sitting alone in the darkness that was darker than the darkest of nights.

    His eyes were blankly looking ahead. It didn't seem like there was any light in those eyes, but there was something special in those eyes that made them seem like the eyes of someone that had seen everything in this world, only to forget.

    There was a small plant near that boy that only had a single fruit on it.
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