443 Chapter 443: Xia

    He walked back to Xun after observing all of them.

    "Looks like the old man and the kid is out of the race. Have you made up your mind about who to get? Which one are you choosing?  Is it the boy or the girl?" Xun asked Long Chen. "It's the girl, isn't it?"

    " Ah, yeah. I'm choosing the girl," Long Chen replied.

    As soon as Long Chen said that, the other puppets disappeared. Only the female puppet was left behind.

    "What happened to your reputation that you talked about? What will people think about you if you send a girl to fight for you?" Xun couldn't help but laugh as she remembered what Long Chen claimed when rejecting the boy.

    "Ah, Who cares about what others think. Listen Xun; one should never care about what others think when doing something if it's based on their principle. I've always been a supporter of gender equality. Why would I differentiate between a boy and a girl based on what that world will think? That's why I chose the girl," Long Chen declared as he pumped up his chest.

    Xun's laughter only increased as she heard his reply.

    "Sure, I believe you," She said as she tried to control her laughter, and after some time, she succeeded.

    Long Chen looked at her with a weird look on his face.

    "I can sense that you don't believe me. Whatever, tell me about the puppet now that I have chosen one of them," he told her.

    "This puppet is really special as you can use it as a servant. It doesn't need to sleep, and it doesn't need food. It also has the strength of a peak Earth Realm cultivator," Xun said to him.

    "Peak Earth Realm cultivator isn't much, but I guess it's not bad either. It can come in handy sometimes. I don't expect it helping out against people like the sect master though," Long Chen muttered.

    "There's more to it than just that. The one you're looking at right now is in the Servant Form. Even though it can fight in this form to protect you, there's also another form of it. Its second form is called the Battle Form. When it is in battle form, its fighting prowess increases by a lot," Xun said to Long Chen, but she didn't stop here and continued explaining more about it.

    "This puppet is indestructible unless the person it's facing is someone who has a cultivation higher than the Peak Heavenly Realm."

    Long Chen was amazed as he heard the features of this puppet. He knew that it was a pretty useful thing, especially at night. The night was when he could fully utilize this puppet. There were often times when they camped outside in a forest or a place like that. He could put her on the guard duty to protect them when they slept or to inform them when someone came near them. It was pretty useful since the puppet didn't need to sleep.

    "That sounds amazing, but you didn't explain how much its strength could increase. How strong can it become when it's in battle mode?" Long Chen asked her.

    "That depends. You need origin crystals to activate her battle form," Xun told him. "If you use 1 Origin Crystal, it would be equal to a 1st stage Sky Realm cultivator for half an hour. If you just 5 Origin Crystals, it would be equal to the 5th stage Sky Realm cultivator. Similarly, if you used 11 origin energy crystals, it would be a half step Heaven Realm cultivator for half an hour."

    "What's its maximum limit?" Long Chen asked her.

    "It can go up to a 5th stage Heaven Realm cultivator in a battle mode if you have 16 Origin Crystals," Xun replied.

    "Origin Crystal? What's that? And how can I get that?" Long Chen inquired. He hadn't heard of the Origin Crystals, and he was unclear where to get that.

    "You will receive 11 Origin Crystals as a reward with the puppet. As for the others, you can either find them or get them from the Bloodline Temple when you complete your next Bloodline Trial," Xun told him.

    "What are Origin Energy Crystals?" Long Chen asked again as Xun didn't explain.

    "Well, it is a vast topic, but I'll try to explain it briefly to the best of my abilities," she let out.

    "You use Qi to cultivate, right?" She asked Long Chen.


    "Well, Qi is the energy of nature that people use to cultivate and increase their Cultivation, but there are other forms of energy in this world as well. Origin Energy is one of those. It's the form of energy that is considered much superior to Qi Energy."

    "The gods of the Heavens and the Demons of the Demon Realm use Origin Energy to cultivate whereas Humans use Qi Energy to cultivate. Humans can't cultivate using Origin Energy, and Gods and Demons can't cultivate using Qi Energy. As for the Origin Crystals, those are the crystalized essence of the Origin Energy. They are similar to the Qi crystals that humans can use to cultivate as cultivation resources."

    "You need those Origin Crystals to activate the battle mode of the Puppets."

    Xun finished explaining to Long Chen.

    "So I need the Origin Crystals? I can't even find Qi crystals that are rare here, how am I supposed to find Origin Crystals?" Long Chen asked her.

    "You can find some. It's not impossible. People of the Mortal Worlds don't know about the Origin Energy, and they can't sense the Origin Energy in the Origin Crystals. Although the chances of Origin Energy Crystals being here are low because of the lack of Origin Energy on this planet, there would definitely be a few that would have been formed here,"

    " The biggest advantage you have is that people don't know about that so no one would keep the Origin Crystals in their safe. Most probably, they will be used as accessories for people. Just keep an eye out in your surroundings, and you might find them with ease," Xun said, smilingly.

    "Anyway, you should bind the puppet to yourself so that you can get the Origin Crystals," She told Long Chen.

    "How to bind her?" Long Chen asked her.

    "The same method as taming the beasts," Xun told Long Chen.

    Long Chen nodded as he walked towards the puppet. He bit his finger, making it bleed and let his blood drop fall over the head of the female puppet.

    As soon as the blood drip touched the female puppet, she opened her eyes.

    "Master," The puppet greeted Long Chen as she dropped down to one knee.

    "She can speak?" Long Chen asked Xun in surprise.

    "She can not only speak but do much more. She will be like a normal girl who can do anything. She even has smartness, and she will sometimes make decisions on her own to safeguard you even if you don't give her command. The only thing that it can't do is that it can never disobey your command, and it can never even think about harming you. Its loyalty is unbreakable," Xun replied.

    'Interesting. So it's like a real girl, with the only difference being that it's not real and it's not alive. Reminds me of robots from our world,' Long Chen thought.

    "Stand up," he told the girl.

    The girl stood up, responding to his command.

    "What is your name?" Long Chen asked the girl.

    "I don't have a name master. Can you please give me a name?" the Girl asked Long Chen.

    "Ahm., Alright. You asked the right person. Your master is an expert when it comes to naming," Long Chen laughed proudly.

    Xun couldn't help but roll her eyes.

    "From now on, Your name will be Xia," Long Chen said to the girl.

    "Thank you for the name master. Xia greets her master," Xia slightly bent her head down.
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