445 Chapter 445: Murder

    The Spirit Sword flew towards the prison of the Dark Soul Sect in the darkness of the night.

    When Long Chen had first woken up in the Dark Soul Sect, he was in prison. Lang Jing was the one who brought him out of the prison.

    As Long Chen had already been to that place, he knew how to get there.

    Long Chen realized that Mi Yao would be in this prison as well. He wanted to finish the job before leaving.

    He still remembered the time when Mi Yao tried to kill him when he was weak. If he wasn't able to use Spatial Travel, he might have been killed by her. Even though he hadn't killed her yet, it had always been on his mind, and Mi Yao's conduct outside the Divine Heaven Sect made him sure of his decision.

    The Spirit Sword flew towards the Prison on the other edge of the sect.

    The number of guards that he noticed had only been decreasing the closer he got to the Dark Soul Sect Prison.

    Not many guards were assigned to places like the prison. The Prison didn't need many guards, after all. The Prison of the Dark Soul Sect had a specialty. The Martial Skills didn't work inside the Cell as long as the prison door was closed. The people outside cells could use their skills, but no one could use it inside the closed-cell unless they were Heaven Realm Cultivators.

    There was no way for the cultivators that were already inside to escape. That's why only two guards were assigned to the prison. The only unique thing was that both the 2 guards that were assigned here were red-robed elders.

    Both the Elders were Peak Earth Realm cultivators.

    They were sitting on a chair right outside the entrance of the prison.

    Long Chen got near them, Still using the Shadow Transformation Skill that he had received from the Law of Darkness.

    Long Chen had the Demon Scabbard on his back and his King's Sword inside the scabbard.

    "It's so boring here. Is there even a need for us to guard this place? No one's going to be stupid enough to come here, and the prisoners can't leave," One of the Red Robed Elders said as he sighed.

    He was sitting on the chair pretty cozily with his hands behind his back.

    "What can we do? It's our turn this month. Don't worry. We will be free from it next month, and another team will take our place," The Second Red Robed Elder said.

    He was also sitting just as casually with one of his legs resting about his other leg.

    None of these Elders had their weapons near them as they never expected that someone would come to attack them.

    "Seriously. The Normal Elders could've done this duty as well. We're just wasting our precious cultivation time here. The Sect needs to reconsider this thing. It just wastes the potential of us Red Robed Cultivators and our precious time that we could've used to achieve a breakthrough to the Sky Realm. Geez, I want to be free of this duty so badly," the First Elder said, but right then, a sword came out of nowhere and sliced his head off of his body.

    The Second Elder was so shocked that he fell down his chair. He stumbled to stand up and pick up his sword, but before he could do anything, a sword was already resting on his neck, waiting for him to move so that it could cut off his throat.

    The strange thing was that no one was holding that sword. It was flying in the air like it was possessed by a ghost.

    "Don't move. I don't want you to lose your head as well," Long Chen said as he walked out of the shadows.

    "M-master Chen? What are you doing?"

    The Red Robed Elder recognized the face of Long Chen.

    He was surprised that the 1st Ranked Demon Disciple was the one that attacked them.

    He couldn't understand why he was attacking them. His rank was almost equal to the Black Robed Elders. If he needed anything from them, he just had to ask.

    Long Chen didn't have a change in expressions.

    "Take me to Mi Yao's cell, and I'll free you," Long Chen said to the man.

    "M-Miss Mi Yao? Why?" The Man asked.

    "As I said, you don't need to ask. Do as I say, or your head will be lying near that guy's head," Long Chen said grimly as he pointed towards the head of the other guy.

    "Y-yes. I'll take you to her," the man said.

    "Good. Slowly stand up and start moving. My sword will be on your neck. If you even make a single effort to do something unwanted, you will die faster then I would blink," Long Chen told the man.

    The man had a cry like face. His eyes were almost at the edge of getting wet. He cursed his luck for being here at this moment in time.

    The man stood up and slowly walked inside the building behind him.

    Long Chen followed closely behind. His spirit sword was still on the man's neck.

    The Prison still looked just as dark and grim as it did when Long Chen walked out of that place.

    There were many metallic-looking doors behind which prisoners resided.

    The Man walked to the end of the place and pointed towards the cell on his right.

    "That's Miss Mi Yao's cell," the man said.

    "Good. Give me the keys of this room," Long Chen commanded the man.

    The man gave the keys to Long Chen.

    "This is the key that opens this room. You can check it," the man said.

    "There's no need to check," Long Chen said. "I believe you."

    "A-alright. Can I leave now?" The man asked.

    "I'll free you now," Long Chen muttered. His Spirit Sword moved, cutting the head off of the man's body.

    "You're free now," Long Chen muttered.

    He called out Xia from her storage ring.

    "Xia, can you clean the floor here and outside? Make sure that no blood drop is left behind on the floor," Long Chen told Xia as he put the body of the man in his storage ring.

    "Start from the outside. Come with me," he said to her as he walked towards the outside.

    He kept the body of the other man in his storage ring as well, along with the chairs.

    He walked back inside, leaving Xia on the cleaning duty.

    Long Chen opened the door of the prison cell of Mi Yao.

    Mi Yao was sitting at the corner of the room, sleeping.

    The sound made by the opening of the door managed to wake her up.

    "You!" She let out as she stood up at the first sight of Long Chen.

    She was like a crazy person that had lost her mind in anger as she jumped towards Long Chen.

    As soon as she came out of the cell, a sword stabbed her ribs, making her cough out a mouthful of blood.

    "I'm sorry that I had to leave the fight in the palace midway. I should've stayed and played with you for longer. I wanted to take this chance to continue that fight, but I can't. I'm in a hurry," Long Chen muttered as he pulled his King's Sword out of his storage ring.

    "You... will die a beast's death!" Mi Yao cursed Long Chen.

    "I don't know how I'll die, but I do know that you will die much faster than me. GoodBye Mi Yao," Long Chen muttered as he walked closer to her.

    He raised his King's Sword.

    "It would have been so good if you had been the receptionist in reality. It wouldn't come to this," Long Chen muttered as he swung his sword.
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