446 Chapter 446: Come With Me

    Long Chen struck with his sword, not hesitating in the least. His single strike managed to cut Mi Yao's head clean off.

    Long Chen could see the hate in her eyes until the moment she died.

    Long Chen breathed out as he sighed.

    "I did wish things could be different," Long Chen muttered as he watched her lying on the floor lifelessly.

    Long Chen kept her body back in the storage ring as well.

    He waited for Xia to finish the cleaning. After some time, the floor was spotless.

    No one could have ever imagined that the bloodshed happened here. Even Long Chen was amazed at how efficient Xia was.

    "Good work," Long Chen praised Xia as he patted her head.

    He sent her back in her storage ring as he left the place. He took the lock with him, not letting anyone find out if the lock was broken or opened from the outside.

    He was leaving the prison hall when someone started knocking on the door heavily.

    Long Chen couldn't hear the voice of the person behind the door, and he ignored the knocking as he walked out of the place. He didn't care for the prisoners in this place.

    Long Chen left the Prison Hall and got back on his sword as he flew towards Chu Miao's courtyard.

    He had seen Chu Miao's courtyard and knew where she lived.

    Her courtyard was neither too close to his courtyard nor far away.

    It didn't take him much time to reach there.

    Long Chen landed before her courtyard and walked closer to her window. He looked inside her courtyard through her window to get a view of her place so that he could use his teleportation.

    Long Chen used his teleportation and teleported inside her courtyard.

    He walked towards her bedroom. Her bedroom door was open, and she didn't have a servant.

    Long Chen opened the door of her bedroom and stepped inside.

    Chu Miao was sleeping on her bed like a child. There was only calm on her face that reminded him of the face of his women when they slept.

    Long Chen walked closer to her.

    He reached out his hand towards her shoulders and tried to move her.

    "Chu Miao, hey. Wake up," Long Chen told her.

    "Uhmm, I can't marry you," Chu Miao muttered in sleep.

    "No one is talking about marriage here,"

    Long Chen continued his effort to wake her up.

    Chu Miao opened her eyes and looked to her left. She sat up in shock as she saw Long Chen there.

    "W-what are you doing here?" Chu Miao asked.

    "I am here to tell you something. I'm leaving this place tonight," Long Chen told her.

    "You're leaving? Why? Where are you going?" Chu Miao asked, shocked.

    "I'm leaving this Sect forever, and I will never come back. I just came here to inform you of that. I'm doing something to make sure that you don't get adversely affected because of my leaving, but I would still suggest that it would be better if you leave too. What do you say?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Leaving?" Chu Miao muttered hesitantly.

    She thought for a while before shaking her head.

    "I can't leave. This place is my home. My master is like my father, who saved me and helped me get everything I have today. I-i'm not leaving this place behind. I won't betray his emotion and expectation. I'll stay here and become a great cultivator so that I could make him proud," She said as she looked down. She didn't even dare to look into Long Chen's eyes as she said it.

    Long Chen didn't know what he felt about that, but he realized that his feeling seemed somewhat similar to disappointment.

    "Alright. I'll take my leave then. Oh right, don't tell anyone that I met you. There's going to be a fun show to watch tomorrow. Someone helped Mi Yao escape, and she killed me before escaping. That's the story, Alright?" Long Chen muttered.

    "Oh, right. Here are the concentration pills that you wanted. I prepared them for you," Long Chen said as he put ten vials of pills on the bed.

    He turned back and left her place.

    Chu Miao reached out her hand to say something, but no words came out of her mouth as Long Chen disappeared from her view.

    She just sat there in silence, shaking her head.

    Long Chen left her place and flew back to his courtyard.

    He closed his door and then made it seem like someone broke it to enter his courtyard.

    He walked back to his room. He placed the body of the red-robed elder on his floor and watched as the blood flowed out, making it seem as if a person was killed here.

    He kept the body back in his storage ring after some time and used that blood to write something nearby.

    He wrote-

    "I killed this bastard once, but he came back alive and destroyed everything for me. Today, I will make sure that he dies once and for all. I will throw his body for wild beasts to eat for getting me caught!"

    Long Chen looked at the words and smiled.

    "That makes it clear. My Yao killed me. Lang Jing also had an enmity with her. She had something to do with his disappearance as well. The person that helped her out of prison helped her take care of Lang Jing, possibly Grand Elder Chu, who scolded Lang Jing for disrespecting the sect master. Enjoy the blame game guys," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the window.

    He started using his Second Skill from the space law.

    His eyes turned starry black as a teleportation portal appeared in front of him.

    "Goodbye, Dark Soul Sect. I hope we never meet again," Long Chen muttered as he stepped inside the teleportation portal.

    Long Chen stepped out of the portal. He had traveled as far away from the sect as he could. He was far away from the sect.

    Long Chen brought his Sun Destroying Condor out of his storage ring and got on top of it. The Sun Destroying Condor started flying towards the Blazing Sun Empire.

    "Finally, it's over," Long Chen muttered as he glanced back in the direction of the sect.

    "Oh, Right. I told her I'd bring her out," he let out as he suddenly remembered about someone.

    Long Chen brought Xia out of his storage ring.

    Xia sat in front of Long Chen, facing him.

    "You won't need to be in the storage space now. Everything's done," Long Chen told her.

    "Xia understands master," Xia nodded his head.

    "Xia, do you remember anything from before you met me?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Xia only remembers the master," Xia shook her hand.

    "Oh, So you don't remember anything. Can you cook?" He asked again.

    "Xia can cook anything, Master. Do you want me to cook for you? Is this bird what you want me to cook?" she asked him.

    Long Chen was gobsmacked as he heard her reply.

    "What the heck, no! Xia, you just remember, he's a member of our family. You can't even think about harming family, understand?" he responded to her

    "Xia understands. Xia would like to request something related to master's orders," Xia said as she nodded her head.

    "What request?" Long Chen asked her

    "Xia wants to meet the family. I want to know who is family so that Xia can process the situation better," Xia answered him.

    "Oh, it's about that. Don't worry; I'll introduce you to everyone. My family will be like your family, and that's how you should treat them," Long Chen told her.

    "Master's family will be like my family? Xia is not worthy of claiming that master. Xia is just the servant of Master," Xia told him.
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