449 Chapter 449: Your family will die

    Long Chen stopped before the Royal Palace of the Blazing Sun Empire.

    He told the guards to inform Second Prince Ji Shan that Long Chen was here.

    "Sorry, but the second prince is not in the Palace," The Guard replied.

    "Where did he go?" Long Chen inquired.

    He left the palace with two girls yesterday.

    "Left with two girls?" Long Chen muttered.

    He spread out his Divine Sense to scan the whole palace, and he truly didn't find Ji Shan and his girls inside.

    "I need answers. Where did he go!" Long Chen repeated his question with a grave look on his face.

    Before he left the palace last time, he had told Mingyu and Zhiqing that he would be back after 2-3 weeks. It had only been two weeks. They shouldn't have gone to look for him. Even if they went to the North Moon Empire, they should've been back by now.

    Long Chen couldn't help but have a bad feeling. Something was definitely wrong here. Why did that Elder have his portrait? Why did the girls leave the palace? He felt that these two things were somehow related.

    "We are just some guards. We don't know where Prince went. Please leave," The guard said.

    Long Chen was losing his patience. His patience was really lacking when it came to people close to him.

    Without thinking anything, he caught the guard by his neck and raised him in the air.

    "Tell me the direction they went in!" Long Chen commanded.

    The other guards were also surprised as they watched Long Chen suddenly attack their fellow guard.

    They brought their weapons out to attack Long Chen, but before their swords could even reach Long Chen, Xia got into the action.

    In a few seconds, she killed all the Royal Guards that tried to attack Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't care about the deaths of those guards. He was only focused on the man that was in his hand.

    "Tell me the direction!" Long Chen repeated his words.

    The guard lost all his courage after seeing the situation change.

    He pointed towards a particular direction.

    "T-they went in that direction," he said.

    Long Chen looked in the direction the guard was pointing at.

    He grew even more worried as he noticed that the direction was not the direction of the North Moon Empire, which meant that they didn't go to search for him there. Something was really wrong here. Long Chen didn't realize that while he was stressed, he crushed the neck of the guard.

    He noticed after some time that the man was dead. He threw the man's body away.

    "The King is still inside. He must know the answer," Long Chen muttered.

    He walked towards the door of the Palace. Xia followed behind closely.

    Long Chen pushed the door open and openly walked inside the palace.

    "Xia, Kill anyone that tries to block me!" Long Chen commanded Xia.

    There were guards inside the palace in almost every hallway.

    "Stop! Who are you?" The guards said as they noticed the sword in Long Chen's hand, and no guard was escorting him.

    Whenever a guest came, a guard escorted him inside. Long Chen had no escort, which meant that he hadn't entered normally. His bloodied sword was also a proof of that.

    They brought their sword out of its sheath, but before they could even take a step forth, Xia appeared before them.

    The last thing they saw was Xia's beautiful face before they were beheaded.

    Long Chen didn't stop and continued walking towards the king's bedroom.

    He had already seen where the king was when he used his Divine Sense.

    The corridors of the palace had maids and guards. While the maids stepped aside in fear as they saw Long Chen and Xia coming towards them with their swords, the guards tried to stop them only to die.

    After some time, Long Chen reached near the room of the King.

    He used his Demon Monarch Physique to its fullest as he kicked the door and broke it open.

    The King was in his bed, resting.

    "You! What are you doing here!" the King sat up, shocked as he saw Long Chen.

    He brought out his Sword from his storage ring, ready to attack.

    "You look like you know about me, and not the good things. I guess something did happen here," Long Chen muttered.

    "Where is your son, Ji Shan?" Long Chen asked.

    "You bastard! Do you think you can escape after killing the Elder of the Beast Hall? You will suffer for your sins, and your family in the Shui Kingdom will pay for it as well!" the King said.

    Long Chen's face lost all its color as he heard the King's words. The name of his home kingdom, he didn't understand how he knew it.

    He lost control of his anger and teleported behind the man, shocking him.

    Long Chen thrust his sword forth, which penetrated the chest of the King but missed his vitals. Long Chen didn't kill him intentionally.

    "Xia, stop!" Long Chen roared as he saw Xia attack as well.

    He didn't want to see the repeat of what happened with the Elder of the Beast Hall. He needed his answers.

    Xia stopped her sword just a few inches away from the King's neck.

    The King was heavily injured in an instant. He didn't know that Long Chen would be so fast.

    His lips were covered in the blood that he had coughed out. His feet were shaking.

    The sword dropped from his hand as he dropped down to his knees after Long Chen pulled his sword out.

    Long Chen walked to the front of the man and gripped his neck as he raised him up in the air.

    "It doesn't matter who it is; anyone who messes with my family dies! Tell me everything that happened! How do you know about me and what about my family! Was that Elder of the Beast Hall going to his sect to tell them about my family so that they could attack my kingdom?" Long Chen roared in anger.

    "Huh, You can kill these old bones, but I will never tell you. You are a monster who killed everyone. You deserve to die, and the sects will kill you!" the King said.

    "Your Eldest Son, Ji Shen, is still in his room, right? Would you like to watch him die before your eyes? That would make for a good scene," Long Chen said, with a malicious look on his face. "This monster wouldn't mind destroying your whole kingdom today!"

    The King watched Long Chen's expression, and he could see the madness in Long Chen's eyes.

    Long Chen looked towards Xia and told her the Direction of Ji Shen's room.

    "Xia, Go bring his son here. Remember to cut off his hands and feet as you bring him here. Don't kill him, though. I need him alive so that I could kill him personally before the King that wants my family to be destroyed," He said to her.

    "You dare!" the King roared in anger as he started using his full force. He was injured, and that's why he hadn't used his full Cultivation in a while, but now he didn't care for anything.

    He punched towards Long Chen, not caring even a little bit of his old injuries and the new one.

    Long Chen again teleported behind the man.

    He brought out his spirit sword, which penetrated the right hand of the King.

    The King still didn't care as he turned back and used his left hand to attack.

    Long Chen again dodged the attack as he teleported behind the king and stabbed his King's sword in the left hand of the King, making it useless as well.

    His Spirit Sword stabbed the right thigh of the King, whereas Long Chen used his King's sword to pierce the left leg of the King.
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