450 Chapter 450: Discovered I

    The king had become somewhat disabled as he wasn't able to move his feet or his hand.

    He couldn't even sit straight.

    "Xia, you're still here. Get me that guy I told you about," Long Chen said to Xia, who was standing behind.

    "Wait! Don't harm my son," The King said to Long Chen. "I'll tell you what you want to know."

    "There's no need to bring him here anymore. You can stop," Long Chen told Xia, who was about to leave. Xia stopped as per his others.

    "Tell me what happened," Long Chen said to the man.

    "Yesterday, an Elder from the Beast Hall came here."

    The King started describing what happened. He talked about that Elder and what he told him.

    What actually happened was that as soon as Long Chen killed the Elder of the Beast Hall, they found out about the deaths somehow.

    The Beast Hall and the other sects had received a letter claiming that someone completely wiped out their teams, including their elders. Even though the sects were suspicious, they sent a team of 4-5 Elders to verify the news.

    The letter didn't claim anything else other than the fact that their teams were wiped out. It didn't claim who did it and why.

    The strange thing was that they received the letter even before Long Chen had killed the Elders.

    Except for the Devil Worshipping Sect and the Dark Soul Sect, everyone received that letter.

    Just after 4 hours, Long Chen and Chu Miao left that place, the other sects arrived.

    It was such a weird thing for all the sects to arrive at the same time, considering the fact that some sects were near while some are far away.

    They didn't know, but each of them got the letter at a different time. With a little bit of scary luck, it all ended up with them getting there at the same time.

    Almost all of the 17 Sects had 5 Elders present.

    As they reached there, they noticed the ground covered with blood, but there were no bodies there.

    Just when everyone was trying to understand the whole situation, the leading Elder of the Buddha Temple brought an artifact out of his storage ring.

    It was a special Gold Plated Mirror.

    The Buddha Temple Elder told everyone that it was a special artifact of their Buddha Temple that he brought here after finding out about the possibility of their people dying.

    It was a special mirror that could be used to see what happened in a place in the past. The only limitations were that one could only see back in time by a few hours, and it could only be used once every year.

    Even he wasn't sure if he would find anything significant from this as the chances of the murders happening in the last few hours were quite low seeing how they got the messages long ago.

    The Buddha Temple Elder explained about the mirror to others and said that he was going to try finding out who killed their people, but he also told the limitations and that the chances of finding the truth were really low.

    The Buddha Temple Elder used the mirror to see what happened here in the last few hours.

    They all looked in the mirror carefully, and after some time, the mirror started showing images.

    The scene they saw showed them a small snake-like beast flying in the air and the Devil Hunter Beast killing the Elder of the True Dao Sect while a boy killed the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect.

    The bodies of all the elders were lying on the floor.

    They saw the fight ending with everyone except a boy and a girl dying. They didn't know which sect the boy and the girl belonged to. They even doubted if they belonged to any. There was also a possibility that they were independent cultivators because they didn't see any Elder with them. They didn't know how the fight started, but only the end of it.

    Even though they didn't know who these people were, they did see that it was the boy who killed them all as they saw the girl standing in the back, looking scared.

    Everyone was angry, especially the Elders of the True Dao Sect and the Heavenly Slaughter Sect, who actually saw their elders die.

    They saw how Long Chen killed them. Their blood boiled as they watched their fellow elders die. They couldn't hear any words from the mirror, but the visuals made everything clear.

    All the elders decided that they needed to find Long Chen and get answers about his identity. A normal disciple shouldn't be this strong. Some of them even guessed that the boy might have a special identity or some treasure that made him this strong in addition to the Flute of War.

    One of the Elders brought out paper and started drawing the portrait of Long Chen.

    They decided to go to the city and ask around to see if that boy was in the city. If the murder happened a few hours ago, then the chances of that boy being in the city to recover were really high.

    The Elders began their quest to get information.

    They started asking around in hotels, and the shops of physicians as the chances of them being there were really high.

    They were just a short distance away from the hotel where Long Chen had stayed at, when they stopped.

    They noticed a person carefully looking at the portrait in their hands.

    The Elder of the True Dao Sect noticed it. He told everyone to stop.

    He walked to the person and showed that person the portrait.

    "Do you know him?" the Elder asked.

    "H-he looks exactly like someone I know," the person replied.

    That person was someone that Long Chen had met before and knew from his hometown.

    "Who is he?" the Elder asked.

    "He is Long Tian, the grandson of the Long Clan patriarch. Their Clan is situated in the Dragon City of the Shui Kingdom," the person said.

    "Long Tian..." the Elder muttered with a frown on his face.

    "So he's not from those continents. I was worried for nothing. He's just a guy from a small second-ranked kingdom. For him to become this strong, he must have received a few great treasures," The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect let out as he walked towards them.

    "It doesn't matter what he did. He will die. Now that we know about him, it only makes it more clear that he doesn't have a backing from the outside," the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect said.

    They all decided to send one person from their teams back to the sect to inform them of what happened with the portrait of the boy while they all went to the Shui Kingdom to get their revenge from his family.

    The Sect could deal with finding the boy while they dealt with the revenge. Their reputation was on the line.

    They also took the person that informed them.

    One Elder from each team went back to their Sects.

    It was only the Elder of the Beast Hall who decided to rest at the Royal Palace of the Blazing Sun Empire since the King was related to their Beast Hall.

    He also informed the king about what happened. Zhiqing, Mingyu, Ji Shan, and Ji Shen were there as well.

    Mingyu, Zhiqing, and Ji Shan were shocked when they saw the portrait. Mingyu was especially shocked to find out that they found out about Long Chen's home town.

    After the Elder Left, she also persuaded Ji Shan and Zhiqing to come with her to save Long Chen's family.

    Zhiqing and Ji Shan were Shocked once again. They didn't know that Long Chen was from such a small family.

    They didn't take long before they left the Royal Palace and went towards the Kingdom of Shui.

    Everything happened as if someone was controlling things from behind the shadows to make it happen. Someone was wasn't simple to say the least.
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