451 Chapter 451: Race against Time I

    "That Elder told me about this and about you. That's how I know that you are the killer and that they are going to kill your family," The King said. "As for my son, I don't know where he went. He didn't tell me anything before leaving."

    Long Chen heard about everything, and he could feel anger and worry at the same time.

    He threw the king back and left his room.

    He ran towards the exit.

    As soon as he left the place, he called out the Sun Destroying Condor and sat on top of it, before commanding it to fly towards a particular direction.

    He was in a race against the time now. A race that had everything important to him on the line. He couldn't even imagine what he would do if he were even a second late.

    "I will kill them all! I will destroy every piece of their soul if they even touched my family!" Long Chen thundered in anger.

    The Sun Destroying Condor flew at its full speed. It could sense Long Chen's emotion and how worried he was. Even though the Sun Destroying Condor was tired after flying for a few days, it still flew as fast as it could.


    Somewhere far away from Long Chen, there was a beautiful garden. The garden was filled with beautiful greenery highlighting the beauty of nature.

    There was a small table in that garden and only a single chair near that table.

    A person was sitting on the chair. It was a man who looked to be 24-25 years old, but his actual age was unknown.

    There was a cup in the man's hand, which was filled with a tea-like liquid.

    The man comfortably took a sip of his drink.

    "The race has started, my dear friend. I hope you like this gift from me," the man smiled as he glanced towards the sky.

    The man finished his tea and stood up.

    He looked towards the south.

    "I wonder what that guy is doing right now. He's still out of my reach. Is he still roaming around in that broken mask?" the man muttered.

    The man turned back and started walking away from the table.

    There was a necklace on his neck. There was a small coin-shaped item tied to the necklace. If Long Chen were here, he would've recognized that little item. It was the Token of Appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect. It was the last token of appreciation that wasn't found.

    It was the 20th Token Of Appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect.


    Long Chen was flying back towards the Shui Kingdom, but he was quite far away from it.

    After some time, he noticed that the speed of the Sun Destroying Condor was slowing down. He was too stressed to notice it previously, but now he could see that the Sun Destroying Condor was just too tired. Even after trying its best, it wasn't able to maintain its speed.

    Xun appeared beside Long Chen.

    "You should give it rest. I don't think you can finish the journey on him," Xun said to Long Chen.

    "I... Alright. I'll fly myself," Long Chen muttered as he stood up. "The Spirit Sword will be too slow in this case."

    For the first time in his life, he was so stressed that he wasn't thinking clearly.

    "Long Chen, I know that you are stressed about your family, but you need to calm down and think clearly. It's clear that the decisions taken in haste aren't your best decisions. You don't need to use your Heavenly Demon Wings. There is another option now. How about another flying beast. You have one, don't you?" Xun suggested.

    Long Chen's mind finally clicked as he heard her response.

    Long Chen ignored her words about calming down and focused on the rest of her sentence.

    He brought the Snake Monarch out of the Beast Region of his ring.

    "You called this king? Tell me who needs to be beaten today? This king is in a good mood. You don't need to hesitate," the Snake Monarch said proudly.

    "You don't need to fight. You need to become my flying Mount. I need to get home fast," Long Chen said to the Snake Monarch.

    "What? You want this Lord to become a Mount? Preposterous!" The Snake Monarch instantly refused.

    "Stop talking nonsense! My family's life depends on me getting back in time! Do as I say!" Long Chen lost his self-control and scolded the snake monarch.

    "Your family's life? Alright, This King is compassionate, so I will help you, but it will only be this one time!" the Snake Monarch said as he stopped looking at Long Chen.

    He started increasing in size until he was big enough to carry everyone.

    "Xia, follow me," Long Chen told Xia as he jumped over to the Snake Monarch.

    Xia also jumped after him.

    Long Chen put the Sun Destroying Condor back in the Beast Region of his storage ring.

    Long Chen told the direction to the Snake Monarch.

    The Snake Monarch increased his speed, and surprisingly he was much faster than the Sun Destroying Condor.

    Even though he wasn't a Specific Flying Type beast like the Sun Destroying Condor, after his evolution, he gained the ability to fly, and he was a mid-Sky Realm Beast. His Cultivation was much higher than the Sun Destroying Condor, which also helped his speed.

    Somewhere between Long Chen's current destination and the Shui Kingdom, a big group of flying beasts was flying in the Direction of Shui Kingdom.

    There were 68 Flying Beasts of different species, to be exact.

    People were sitting on top of these flying beasts.

    There were 69 people on the beasts. Amongst them, 68 people were the Elders of the Overlord Sects of this Continent.

    Most people didn't even know about them, let alone imagine how powerful they could be. They were like Gods in the eyes of Normal People.

    The Kingdom of Shui had no cultivator in the Sky Realm. In Fact, it only had a few Minor Earth Realm Cultivators. They hadn't seen a Sky Realm Cultivator in their kingdom, let alone seeing the Sky Realm Cultivators from the most powerful of the Sects.

    There was also a person on one of the beasts that didn't seem like they belonged here.

    That person was the one that told them about Long Chen's real identity and about his family.

    That person was a young boy. He looked like he wasn't even 20 yet.

    If Long Chen were here, he would've recognized that person as the Third Prince of the Shui Kingdom.

    Long Chen fought with the 3rd Prince, which he had won. It was a casual fight, just to showcase their powers; that's why Long Chen didn't harm the 3rd Prince of the Shui Kingdom.

    The 3rd Prince of the Shui Kingdom was sitting in front of the Elder from the True Dao Sect.

    "Considering the fact that you knew about him, You must be from the Shui Kingdom as well, right?" the Elder asked the Third Prince.

    "Yes, I am from the Shui Kingdom. I am the 3rd Prince of the Shui Kingdom, Yue Ding," that boy said.

    "You don't look particularly talented. How did you get to the North Moon Empire from the backwater Kingdom of Shui?" the Elder asked.

    He could see that Yue Ding didn't have a talent for cultivation when compared to people of Empires, so the chances of him being selected by a master from the North Moon Empire were really low. He couldn't understand how he got there. It was also pretty suspicious about the timing of everything.

    Yue Ding looked somewhat hesitant to answer.

    "Answer me. I don't want to hear any lies," the Elder asked Yue Ding with a stern look on his face. He was even more suspicious as he noticed the expressions of Yue Ding.
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