453 Chapter 453: Toying

    Long Chen was still flying towards the Shui Kingdom. He was on the back of the Snake Monarch, looking restless.

    The Snake Monarch's speed was the fastest that Long Chen had ever seen since he started his journey, but it was also a fact that he hadn't seen a Sky Realm flying beast before, let alone traveling on one. He didn't know how the Snake Monarch compared to other flying specific beasts that had the same Cultivation as him.

    "Master's family is in danger?" Xia asked Long Chen after some time. She had been wondering about it.

    She had heard Long Chen talk about it when he was talking to the Snake Monarch. She wanted to ask right then, but she waited.

    "Yes, Some bastards are targeting my family. They are looking to die," Long Chen said as he clenched his fist. "I will fulfill their wish and give them death before they can even touch my family."

    "Xia will help Master. Master's family is Xia's family. Xia will help Master kill anyone who wants to harm the family," Xia said with determination.

    "You'll get the opportunity. The land shall be covered with their blood for even thinking about harming my family. None of them will be left intact. Their bodies will be left to rot without any burial," Long Chen declared.

    Xia heard his words, and she also got ready to fulfill Long Chen's wishes as she glanced at her sword.

    Xun was sitting nearby, silently. She didn't know what to say about all this. She could see that Long Chen wasn't thinking calmly, but he still hadn't lost himself in anger completely.

    'He needs to address his family and remove the mortal emotional bindings if he wants to become someone great. If he can save his family, it would be a good opportunity to deal with the issues as he would have time to deal with it without losing himself in anger and regret,' Xun thought.

    The Snake Monarch kept advancing at rapid speed, decreasing the distance between them and the people they were chasing after.

    Long Chen didn't know how far away the others were, but he really hoped that he would get back home before them.

    "At this speed, it would take us two more days to get to the Shui Kingdom," Long Chen muttered as he looked down to the ground.

    He could've used his Spatial Travel skill that he was only allowed to use once a day to cover a long distance in an instant, but he didn't as he could only go to places that he had been to before.

    He could use Spatial Travel to go to the town that he had been to on his journey, but that wasn't on the shortest route.

    If he did that, it would only make things worse and make their journey even longer compared to moving with the Snake Monarch as not he didn't need to take the roundabout way like he had to take with the carriage.

    He had decided that he would use Spatial Travel when he was actually within the range of his Long Clan so that he could get there in an instant if he wasn't able to catch up to the other elders by then.

    They continued advancing ahead, and another day passed away.

    Long Chen still hasn't slept. He was always on the lookout. He was hoping to find the Elders of the other sects.

    It was at that time; he saw someone ahead.

    He could see three people ahead. All three of them were on their flying beasts.

    Even though their backs were facing him, Long Chen recognized them.

    "Mingyu, Zhiqing, and Ji Shan?" Long Chen muttered.

    After all this time, he had managed to catch up to the girls, but he knew that he was still far away from the Elders.

    Mingyu and the others only left the palace after the Beast Hall Elder disclosed the information to the King, but the other elders had departed towards the Shui Kingdom when the Beast Hall Elder left the North Moon Empire.

    They were probably 6-12 hours behind the Elders of the Various Sects at the minimum.

    "Mingyu! Zhiqing!" Long Chen called out.

    The distance between them was continually decreasing at a rapid speed as the Snake Monarch was much faster than their beast.

    Mingyu, Zhiqing, and Ji Shan heard Long Chen's voice. Initially, they thought that they heard wrong, but they still looked back.

    All 3 of them were surprised to see Long Chen behind them.

    "Jump over when we get there!" Long Chen told them.

    He also told Snake Monarch to stop before them for a brief second.

    The Snake Monarch grumbled. He felt like he was made a free ride out of nowhere, but he couldn't do anything. He had agreed to do this one time, but he swore to himself that he wouldn't do something like this again. It was embarrassing.

    Fortunately, none of the beasts from the Beast Region saw him carrying these random people from their eyes. Carrying Long Chen was excusable, but carrying others was much worse when it came to explanation.

    The Snake Monarch slowed down near their beasts.

    Ji Shan, Mingyu, and Zhiqing jumped over to the Snake Monarch. Ji Shan kept all 3 of the Flying Beasts in his storage ring.

    The Snake Monarch again increased his speed as it resumed flying towards the Shui Kingdom.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing were happy to see Long Chen and even wanted to hug him firmly, but the situation right now didn't allow that. These were some seriously bad times.

    "Your Family is in danger. The Sect..." Mingyu started explaining to Long Chen, but he stopped her.

    "I know everything. They found my home and are going to destroy it," Long Chen let out. "I won't let them touch anyone from my family."

    "I'm so glad that you're here, now you can lead things," Ji Shan said to Long Chen.

    Zhiqing was still silent, not knowing what to say.

    "I didn't know that you were from Such a small kingdom. Seeing your worried look, I am sure that it is true. It's really amazing how much you grew to reach such a high level," Ji Shan muttered as he looked ahead. "I remember thinking that you were from some Empire."

    "I was not from an Empire, and I never claimed it. Still, I did hide where I was really from to protect the privacy and safety of my family," Long Chen replied.

    "It was really unlucky that they found a person who knew you from your hometown. The chances of that happening should have been almost impossible. That bastard who exposed your location put your entire family in danger," Ji Shan said with an angry look on his face.

    According to him, it all happened because of that boy. If that boy weren't there at that time, then Long Chen's family would not be in danger.

    "Everything that happened should've been impossible. The Buddha Temple Elder having such a rare artifact, then meeting the person who knows me, targeting my weak family for revenge instead of looking for me. It all feels like someone toying with me," Long Chen said.

    "Do you have a plan to handle them? I will tell you right away that we left without a plan. I still don't understand how we will stop all these Sky Realm Elders. We can only escape this confrontation if we don't meet them and get to your home before them. Escaping with your family before they reach, there seems to be the only option. You have a great Mount; we can possibly achieve that," Ji Shan told Long Chen.

    "Your father is the Mount! If you disrespect this King once again, This King will eat you!" Snake Monarch said, angrily.
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