454 Chapter 454: False Accusations

    "The hell? It can speak?" Ji Shan received the shock of his life as he saw Snake Monarch speak.

    "Who the hell are you calling It? This King is the Lord of the Universe!" The Snake Monarch said.

    Ji Shan closed his mouth abruptly as he got scolded by the Snake Monarch.

    He just looked at Long Chen in confusion.

    "He's helping me today by carrying me. Generally, he doesn't do it," Long Chen explained to Ji Shan.

    "I, ah, Understand," Ji Shan responded.

    The Snake Monarch kept flying ahead without getting tired. His energy reserves were much vast when compared to the Earth Realm Sun Destroying Condor.

    "At this speed, we should be able to catch up. I think we were informed about them 12 hours after they left. If their beasts are not Sky Realm beasts, then we shouldn't have trouble catching them before they reach the Shui Kingdom," Ji Shan said as he looked at the map.

    Long Chen also clenched his fist. He was hoping to catch them as well before they reached his home.


    Back in the Shui Kingdom, the Long Clan was not silent anymore.

    Almost the whole clan was noisy today as a guest entered their clan.

    Most of the Elders of the clan knew about the guest.

    They had all found out about Long Chen's broken engagement. Most of them hadn't thought much about it, other than feeling that it was insulting for their clan to have an engagement being broken, but no one outside the clan knew it, so the damage was contained.

    Today, however, the girl that broke the engagement came back to the Long Clan, and this time, she also brought her father.

    Almost everyone was confused about their purpose.

    An Elder went to talk to them. After talking for some time, they sent someone to inform the Clan Master.

    Long Chen's mother, Sima Ziyi, had also found out about this. She came out with Xue and Mei as well.

    Yu Tianhao was the name of Ling's father. He was Long Chen's Father's best friend. They had both decided on the engagement of their kids once upon a time, which was broken by his daughter without telling him.

    His daughter only told him after she had broken the engagement. Yu Tianhao had no choice but to give in to her demand and not pursue the matter.

    Long Chen had once used the Law of Illusion on Yu Tianhao to make himself seem like his father to get some information out of Yu Tianhao.

    Yu Tianhao didn't know that it was Long Chen, who used an illusion on him. All this time, he had only been thinking that it was a dream of his. That moment had reminded him of everything he and Long Jun went through when they studied in the sect together.

    Long Chen didn't know how deep of an impact his illusion had caused on Yu Tianhao.

    Since that moment, Yu Tianhao had been regretting the fact that his family was the one that broke his promise to his dead friend.

    He also regretted that he didn't even apologize to the Long Family for what his daughter did.

    His guilt only kept increasing day by day until he couldn't take it anymore.

    He called his daughter home from the North Moon Empire.

    Despite her resistance, he convinced her to come with him to the Long Clan to apologize to everyone for what they did.

    He also hoped that he could follow the promise of marriage to the end, but he didn't force his daughter on that. For now, he only wanted to apologize for everything, including his daughter's rude behavior, while subtly trying to fix the engagement.

    "You?" Sima Ziyi let out as soon as she saw Yu Tianhao and his Daughter Yu Ling.

    "Sister-In-law," Yu Tianhao greeted Sima Ziyi politely.

    "I'm sorry for barging in without informing. I had something important to talk about. Where is Uncle Ren?" Yu Tianhao asked.

    "Father in Law is in secluded Cultivation," Sima Ziyi said.

    "Oh, It's regretful that I won't be able to talk to him, but I can still talk to you. Can we go to a private place?" Yu Tianhao said to Sima Ziyi.

    "The Meeting Hall is open," Grand Elder Long Mu said.

    He was the one that was handling the matters, and both the Clan Master and the Supreme Elder were busy in Secluded Cultivation.

    "That will work," Yu Tianhao responded.

    In all this while, Yu Ling hadn't looked up.

    The Grand Elder took everyone to the Meeting Hall. Inside the meeting hall, there were only six people. Yu Tianhao, Yu Ling, Grand Elder Mu, Sima Ziyi, Xue, and Mei.

    "Ahmm, do they need to be here?" Yu Tianhao asked as he looked towards Xue and Mei.

    He knew that Grand Elder Mu wouldn't leave as he was probably here to keep Sima Ziyi safe in the presence of someone who was not from the clan, but the girls shouldn't belong here.

    "They are like my daughters. You don't have to worry about them," Sima Ziyi explained. "Please speak your mind. Your words won't leave this room."

    Yu Tianhao nodded his head. He took a deep breath as he prepared to speak.

    "I, ah, I am here to apologize to you. I know that I should've done this before, but I only came now. I want to apologize for my daughter, who came here to cancel the engagement and put you in the spot. It was wrong. Even if she wanted to cancel it, that was not the right way," Yu Tianhao said as he sighed.

    "Long Jun and I were friends, and I really believe that whatever happened was wrong for how it happened. I feel like I betrayed his trust in me and created a crack in our pure friendship," he continued.

    Yu Tianhao looked towards his daughter.

    "Ling, don't you have something to say?" he asked her.

    Ling stood up.

    "I am sorry for how I behaved last time. Even though I wanted to break off the engagement, there were better ways to do it, and I should've been more sensible," Ling apologized to Sima Ziyi as she bowed down.

    "Even though I won't marry your son, I do need to apologize for doing what I did. I should've come with my father to do it, and I should've been more respectful," She added.

    "You don't need to feel bad. Marriage is something that shouldn't happen if a person doesn't like another. If she didn't like him, then she did the right thing by speaking against it. Even Tian'er said that arranged marriage was wrong and that we shouldn't have done it,"  Sima Ziyi said, smilingly. "So, it all turned out for the good."

    "Oh, Where is Tian? I do want to meet him. I haven't seen him even once," Yu Tianhao said to Sima Ziyi.

    "He went outside to gain experience and cultivate. He's not home," Sima Ziyi said.

    "Oh? He went outside to gain experience? That's interesting. Not many people from rich families leave home to go adventuring in the wild to increase their strength. It does seem like he has the same mindset as his father," Yu Tianhao laughed out loud.

    "He probably went outside to have fun with girls. It's not like he hadn't slept with every girl in this city," Yu Ling muttered.

    Even though she kept her voice low, everyone heard her.

    "What nonsense are you talking about. Young Master is nothing like that!" Both, Xue and Mei, let out at the same time.

    Sima Ziyi glanced at them and gestured to them to be silent.

    "Ling! What nonsense are you spouting!" Yu Tianhao scolded Ling.

    "I am sorry, Father," Ling apologized but it didn't seem like she meant it.
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