456 Chapter 456: Caugh

    "It's good then. The engagement is canceled already, and neither you nor my son regrets it. There's no need to beat the dead horse. Let's just forget that it ever happened. There's no reason to spoil the relationship between our two clans," Sima Ziyi said.


    Yu Tianhao was about to reply when the gate of the Meeting Hall opened, and an old white-bearded man entered the place.

    The man looked visibly happy. He was releasing the aura of a 3rd Stage Earth Realm Cultivator.

    The Old man was Long Chen's grandfather and the Patriarch of the Long Clan, Long Ren. He has just achieved the breakthrough. After breaking through to the 3rd stage of the Earth Realm, he came out, only to get the news of the arrivals of guests.

    He immediately came to the meeting hall.



    "Uncle Ren."

    Everyone stood up to greet Long Ren.

    "Tianhao, You're here. What brings you here?" Long Ren said as he smiled. "Even your daughter is here."

    "We came to apologize for the way my daughter behaved when she came to break off the engagement," Yu Tianhao said.

    "It's fine. The young are always reckless. I remember that you were pretty reckless as well when Jun'er brought you home for the first time,"  Long Ren chuckled.

    "Ah, please don't remind me of that time. I'm still embarrassed about how I behaved back then," Yu Tianhao said with an apologetic look on his face.

    "Forget that everything that happened is already in the past. There's no need to apologize for anything, including the broken engagement. Things are already over, and no one was hurt with the engagement being broken," Long Ren let out as he walked forth and sat on a chair.

    "Thank you, Uncle Ren. I can finally put my mind at ease," Yu Tianhao said as he sighed. It was like a big burden was removed from his heart.

    "Were you worried about tha..." Long Ren was about to continue when he felt a powerful aura.

    Even Yu Tianhao was surprised to see it. This strength, whoever that aura belonged to, was definitely stronger than his sect master.

    "Is someone strong passing through?" Yu Tianhao muttered as he stood up and walked towards the exit.

    Long Ren and the others also walked out of their clan.

    Almost everyone from the clan was on the street, looking outside.

    In the distant horizon, they all saw tens of flying beasts coming towards them.

    "So many powerful cultivators? What's going on?!" Yu Tianhao exclaimed as he saw the cultivators sitting on the beasts. "They are all stronger than Sect Master! Are they from an Empire?"

    "Even an Empire shouldn't have so many powerful cultivators, let alone sending them all out at once," he added.

    Soon, they noticed the Third Prince sitting is one of those cultivators.

    "Yue Ding? What is he doing on the beast? Are these people His Majesty's guests?!" Long Ren exclaimed. He wondered if the king invited them. Yue Ding might be escorting them to the Palace.

    "That's the long clan!" Third Prince Yue Ding said as he pointed towards the Long Mansion.

    Long Ren watched Yue Ding pointing towards them, and his frown deepened.

    "He's pointing in this direction. Something isn't right," Yu Tianhao let out as he watched that.

    "Uncle Ren, you should leave with Sister-in-law. Their intentions towards the Long Clan doesn't seem right," Yu Tianhao said.

    "No, I'm not leaving my clan. You leave with Ziyi and others, I'll stay behind," Long Ren said with a fierce look on his face.

    "No, How can I leave you behind!" Yu Tianhao said.

    Sima Ziyi also resisted.

    "I won't leave you, Father," she said to Long Ren.

    "Think about your family! Tianhao, You need to protect Ling! Ziyi, you need to stay alive for your kid! I don't want him to see you hurt. Also, think about Xue and Mei. They are just like your daughter. Leave right now; otherwise, it will be too late. If they're here to harm us, then you need to stay alive and escape. If they aren't here to harm us, then you can just come back after some time!" Long Ren said.

    "That's my command as the Sect Patriarch! You must listen if you still have some respect for this old man's authority," Long Ren commanded her before Sima Ziyi could react.

    "Tianhao, Keep Ziyi safe. She's the only family Tian'er has left after Jun's death," Long Ren said as he placed his hand on Yu Tianhao's shoulders."Now leave!"

    Yu Tianhao listened to him and agreed after a slight hesitation.

    Sima Ziyi still didn't seem like she wanted to leave.

    Yu Tianhao brought his Gold Realm Flying beast out of his beast bag.

    He sat on his flying beast with Yu Ling.

    "Come, Sister-in-Law!" He told Sima Ziyi.

    Sima Ziyi's legs weren't moving.

    "Ziyi, Leave this instant; otherwise, I swear to God that I would kill myself right before you!" Long Ren furiously said.

    Sima Ziyi's face turned white as she heard Long Ren's words.

    She firmly held Xue and Mei's hands and started walking towards the flying beast of Yu Tianhao.

    She stepped over the flying beast with Xue and Mei. Just as the beast had started rising in the air, an arrow made of fire came flying towards them and struck the flying beast.


    The beast screeched in pain as the arrow hit him. Soon, he fell down to the ground and died.

    Yu Tianhao and the others also fell down to the ground

    Yu Tianhao looked back and saw that one of the men on the beasts was pointing his finger towards him. It was the same person that had attacked just now. He was the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect.

    The flying beasts soon reached them and landed on the ground before them.

    All 68 Elders and Yue Ding came down from the beasts. The beasts were kept back in the beast bags.

    "You think that you can run away?" One of the Elders said.

    "Who are you? Why did you attack him?" Long Ren asked the Elder.

    "No one will be leaving today. That boy committed a slaughter, and today we will commit a slaughter," the Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said.

    "What are you talking about? We are all small weak people from a small kingdom. We can't even think about meeting such a mighty existence like you. I don't think ants like us can even affect mighty lords," Long Ren said politely.

    "You sound sensible. If only that boy were also this sensible. Today, you will all die for his sins," the Elder of the True Dao Sect said.

    "Today, not only the Long Clan, but this whole area will be slaughtered. The upcoming generations of this kingdom will remember today as the day when sinners were wiped off the face of this planet!" The Heavenly Slaughter Sect Elder announced.

    "Amitabha! Even our lord says that sinners must get punished. The sin of the son is the sin of the father!" the Elder of the Buddha sect said.

    "What Sins! It might all be just a misunderstanding," Yu Tianhao said as he stood up.

    "Silence! Introduce Yourself! Who are you to this boy?" the Elder of the Blood Swallowing Sect did as he showed them the portrait of Long Chen.

    "Tian'er? Who do you have his portrait? What did you do to him!" Long Ren roared furiously as he brought his sword out. Seeing the portrait, he thought that these guys had hurt his grandson.

    "So, he was right. That boy is indeed from the Long Clan," Heavenly Slaughter Sect Elder nodded his head.

    "Of Course, I was right. That old man is his Grandfather, and that woman over there is his mother. These two people are the direct bloodline members that are the closest to him.
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