457 Chapter 457: Arrival

    The Elder of the Dual Cultivation Sect looked at Sima Ziyi and couldn't help but smile. He licked his lips as he observed Sima Ziyi from top to bottom.

    "His mother? Is that beauty the mother of that Demon? Hehehe, I was thinking of wiping everyone related to that boy from the face of this planet, but after seeing his mother, I wouldn't mind leaving her alive. The two girls around her are also good. The three of them can warm my bed tonight."

    Most of the other Elders were disgusted at that statement, but they didn't care as it was about an enemy who was soon about to die. They thought that it might just be the appropriate punishment for the mother of the killer before killing her.

    "Go ahead. No need to wait till night. Just do that right now. Let's all watch the scene with the boy's grandfather as his mother goes through the lovemaking ceremony," The Elder of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect said with a creepy laugh.

    "You bastard!" Long Ren furiously roared as he ran towards the Elder of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect with his sword to cut him in half, but before he could even know what happened, he realized that his neck was in the hand of the Elder of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect.

    His body was hanging in mid-air, and he couldn't free himself.

    "Go ahead. Perform the ceremony," Profound Yin Snatching Sect Elder told the Elder of the Dual Cultivation Sect.

    "Hehehe, Enjoy guys!" The Elder walked towards Sima Ziyi.

    "Stop you bastard! Don't you dare touch her," Grand Elder Mu also moved to attack the man, but the Dual Cultivation Sect Elder disappeared from his position and appeared behind Grand Elder Mu.

    He moved his hand gently.

    A gentle wave of his hand was enough to cut off the head of Grand Elder Mu.

    The head of Grand Elder Mu fell down to the ground before his body.

    The Elder of the Dual Cultivation Sect again started walking towards Sima Ziyi, but this time, no one moved to stop him.

    Even Yu Tianhao was standing silently, hiding his daughter behind him.

    His hand was shaking. He clenched his fist but didn't move to save Sima Ziyi.

    Soon, the Dual Cultivation Sect Elder reached near Sima Ziyi.

    He reached out his hand to touch the face of Ziyi.

    Before the hand of the Dual Cultivation Sect Elder could even touch Ziyi, a blinding flash of light appeared out of nowhere.

    The hand of the Dual Cultivation Sect Elder was cut off in half, making him scream like a pig being slaughtered.

    Before the Elder could even move, another flash of light appeared, cutting his head off.

    Soon, everyone saw someone standing near Sima Ziyi.

    It was a dark-haired young boy. The boy had beautiful golden eyes. He was dressed in luxurious black clothes and wore a crimson robe on his back that was moving with the air. There was also a sheath on his back.

    There was a terrifying killing aura surrounding the boy, making him seem like the reincarnation of death itself. There was a mighty looking sword in the boy's hand that was covered in blood.

    Sima Ziyi saw the face of the boy. Tears appeared in her eyes as a single word escaped her mouth.


    "YOU ACTUALLY DARED TO TOUCH MY MOTHER!" The boy said heavily as he stomped on the head of the Dual Cultivation Sect Elder, crashing his skull. The remains of his brain and the blood skilled over, making everyone witness the gruesome innards of someone's head.

    The boy was none other than Long Chen, who had used Spatial Travel to get here when he was within the range of Shui Kingdom. When he came here, the first thing he saw was the hand of the Dual Cultivation Sect Elder moving towards his mother, which made him lose his mind.

    His Heart Demon was lusting for blood. A lust that wasn't going to satiate before Long Chen's sword drank the blood of every enemy that wanted to harm his family.

    "So, you are finally here! I was wondering how we would find you. I didn't know that you would come to us yourself. Poor guy, he fell for your sneak attack," the Elder of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect said.

    He still had Long Chen's grandfather in his hand.

    Long Ren was having a hard time breathing as his neck was firmly held by the Elder of Profound Yin Snatching Sect.

    The Elder of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect was about to speak some more when his expressions turned serious as he saw Long Chen disappear from his position.

    Before he could even react, another blinding arc of light appeared that cut off his hand that was holding Long Ren, but it didn't stop there.

    One after another, four similar arcs of light appeared that cut off the Elder's body in 4 pieces.

    Long Chen held Long Ren, preventing him from falling to the ground.

    He jumped back with Long Ren and placed him near Sima Ziyi.

    Almost Every Elder of the supreme sect was stunned as they saw Long Chen's speed and ruthlessness. He was even faster then they saw him on the video somehow.

    It wasn't only the Elders that were stunned. The Members of the Long Clan and their Elders were all just as stunned.

    There was one person that was the most shocked, though. It was Ling that had met Long Chen before. She had just realized that Long Chen had lied to her. He wasn't Long Chen, but Long Tian, the person she was supposed to marry.

    Long Chen brought Xia out of his storage ring.

    "Protect my mother, Grandfather, and the girls with them," He told Xia as he glanced at his family before he turned back to look towards the Elders.

    "I guess we underestimated you. Whatever treasure that you received is even more powerful than we thought, also, it looks like you've used the Flute of War on yourself to increase your strength. Too bad, even though others don't know about it, we do know some things. We have some old text that talks about how its effects only last for a few minutes before the user is paralyzed. We just have to face you for a few moments before you lose your body's control. Then you can watch your family die," The Elder of the True Dao Sect said with a wide grin on his face.

    He pulled out his sword. The other 66 Elders also brought their swords out of their storage ring.

    Long Chen also brought his Spirit Sword out of his storage ring, which orbited around him.

    What they didn't know was that Long Chen had still not used his Flute of War. It was just that he had completed the second trial of bloodline temple, and his full Cultivation Strength was unlocked.

    Also, something strange had happened to his body.

    He could feel that there was something mysterious in his blood. He hadn't felt this before, but after finishing the second trial, he could feel it.

    There was something magical in his blood that was giving his body more power, especially when he was filled with emotions related to slaughter.

    Long Chen didn't say anything and just stood there as if he was waiting for something. He was gripping his sword so firmly that if it was a standard sword, it's hilt would've been crushed.

    "You shouldn't have come to my family. I can forgive anything and anyone, but not the ones that think about harming my family," Long Chen said.

    This was all he said before he disappeared from his position and appeared in the middle of the ground as he swung his sword, instantly cutting off the heads of the 4 Elders.
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