458 Chapter 458: Battle

    He had also cast a thunderblade in the sky.

    The sky was covered in dark clouds that were roaring like mad.

    Most of the Elders that were nearby attacked Long Chen.

    It was at that time, he disappeared from his position and appeared far away from them.

    A big thunderbolt fell down to the ground, which struck one of the Elders, paralyzing his body.

    Long Chen's Spirit Sword cut off the neck of the Elder that couldn't move.

    "Spread out! He can use something like teleportation! Don't stand close!" The Elder of the Buddha Sect said as he started running on the air away from the other elders.

    The other Elders also spread out.

    Another thunderbolt fell down, targeting another Elder, resulting in another death with his Spirit Sword.

    Long Chen was massacring the Elders utilizing his teleportation abilities.

    Not a single attack of theirs had managed to harm him so far, and even if one of the attacks had landed on him, he would've been protected because of the robe that he had received from the Divine Heaven Sect.

    4 Elders of the Buddha sect surrounded Long Chen and pointed their palms towards him.

    Various spirit lines appeared below his feet. It felt like he was stuck in his place, unable to move.

    "Everyone, he can't move! Kill the demon! We'll hold him in place," the Elder of the Buddha Sect said.

    Elders surrounded Long Chen. All of them prepared for their strongest attack to finish Long Chen.

    Tens of different kinds of attacks moved towards Long Chen at the same time. All of them landed on Long Chen.

    The Elders smiled as they watched everything. Most of them thought that Long Chen was dead. Not even the remains of his body were left behind.

    The Elders of the Buddha Sect had just relaxed, when a sword sliced off the head of one of the Elders. It was Long Chen's Spirit Sword.

    Long Chen also appeared behind another Buddha Sect Elder and cut him in half.

    Long Clan members watched everything happening before them with their mouth wide open.

    They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

    "I-is that actually my grandson?" Long Ren stuttered as he saw Long Chen cutting off the Sky Realm cultivators like he was cutting vegetables.

    Fortunately, the Elders that the sect sent were on the same level as the Black Robed Elders of the Dark Soul Sect. They were just sent to investigate if the content of that letter was right out not. The real peak cultivators of these sects were still in the sects.

    That's why Long Chen didn't even need to use his Flute of War, but still, they weren't weak in no manner. Their number only increased their strength.

    "W-what is that?"

    "A dragon?"

    "That can't be!"

    Everyone saw a big dragon-like beast coming towards them.

    It was Snake Monarch that was left behind when Long Chen used Spatial Travel. He had just reached here now. If Long Chen hadn't used the Spatial Travel, his family would've been dead by the time he had arrived here, which made him even more furious.

    The Snake Monarch dropped Ji Shan and the others near Xia as it got smaller in size.

    The new arrivals were stunned as they saw what was happening here.

    'Is that guy really fighting so many Elders of Supreme Sects? Just how strong has he become?' Ji Shan thought

    "Why aren't you helping him?" Snake Monarch asked Xia.

    "Master told me to protect his family," Xia replied.

    "Alright. I'm going to help him then," The Snake Monarch said as he started getting bigger.

    "What the heck are you doing?" he asked Mingyu, who had taken her sword out.

    "Going to help him," Mingyu replied.

    "Sometimes, this king wonders if he is the only intelligent being in this world. People like you prove this king right. Do you think you will help him if you get there? You're only a burden on him!" Snake Monarch said to Mingyu. "Stay back, and don't disturb us!"

    The Snake Monarch started flying in the air. It became 300 meters long and 30 meters thick. It looked just like a dragon that came down from the heavens to punish the sinners.

    "Bring out that dog! He can help this king!" Snake Monarch said to Long Chen.

    Long Chen brought out Orion from his storage ring while he kept dodging the tens of attacks that were coming towards him and appearing in different places as he kept cutting the Elders like weaklings.

    Nearby buildings were being destroyed in their fight, but none of them cared. Today, Long Chen had decided that he would kill every single one of them even if it destroys the whole Kingdom.

    He also had the second skill of Law of Darkness, but he didn't use it as the times were not bad enough to use it.

    As soon as Orion came out of his storage ring, he merged into the shadows and disappeared.

    "Yo, Puppy. Let's do it like last time!" Snake Monarch told Orion.

    "Some of you focus on that beast! He's dangerous as well!"

    The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect reminded everyone about the dangers of the Snake Monarch.

    More than ten elders separated themselves from the right with Long Chen as they focused on the Snake Monarch that was flying above their heads.

    They had seen in the mirror how the beast killed the Elder of the True Dao Sect. They knew that the beast they were about to face wasn't an easy opponent.

    "Rain of Fire!"

    "Buddha Palm"

    "Earth-Shattering Finger!"

    One after another, Every Elder fired their attack on the Snake Monarch, but just as they had attacked, Orion appeared out of nowhere and bit the neck of one of the Elders.

    A barrage of attacks was flying towards the Snake Monarch, which should've been difficult for him to dodge considering how huge size, but they all saw him decreasing in size until he was as small as an ant. Even though his size was small, his speed was just as fast.

    Without any difficulty, he dodged all the attacks.

    "Die!" the Snake Monarch said as he used his special skill and bound one of the Elders in space and time, making him unable to move.

    Orion appeared once again, taking another life.

    While Orion and the Snake Monarch were showing incredible teamwork, Long Chen was involved in a one against many fights.

    He was fighting against 30 Elders that were still alive. Attacks were coming at him from every site. His Qi was also getting depleted in this fight, and his teleportation abilities were also reaching their limits for the day.

    Many attacks had already hit him, but his robe protected him from getting harmed.

    "H-he won't be able to hold on if this goes on like this," Yu Tianhao said.

    Sima Ziyi was horrified as she heard his words.

    "I'll go help him! Even if I can't do anything big, I can still act as a distraction for him!" Long Ren said as he tried to move forward to join the fight, but Xia stopped him.

    "You can't go there. Master wants you protected. Master's orders are to be followed!" Xia said as she caught the hand of Long Ren.

    Long Ren tried to free his hand, but he was stunned to see how powerful Xia was. It was like he was a tiny ant before her.

    Today, for the first time, he realized how weak he truly was. Let alone being able to help his grandson fight against sky realm cultivators, he couldn't even free himself from a girl.

    "What Master! He's my grandson! Move aside and let me help him!" Long Ren said

    "No, You can't leave!" Xia said as she refused to let him leave. She was stubborn and wanted to follow her orders.
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