459 Chapter 459: Dark Sacrifice Part 1

    "Grandpa, You shouldn't join. If things come to worse, I will act as a distraction to help him out. You can leave with him!" Mingyu said to Long Ren.

    Long Ren was surprised to be called grandpa by a stranger. He wondered who this girl was? Was she Long Chen's lover?

    "You don't need to do that. You are still young. I'm already old, and I will probably die soon. I should do it," Long Ren said.

    Snake Monarch had already killed the small team that was engaged in a fight with him.

    "Take my family and leave!" Long Chen told the Snake Monarch through his mind link.

    He could see that things weren't looking good. The opponents were just too many.  So far, things have not become worse, but if a few elders from the opponents decide to attack his family instead of focusing all their strength on him, then things would become bad.

    He didn't want his family to come to any harm.

    The Snake Monarch looked at Long Chen in shock.

    'This King can handle them!' Snake Monarch said to Long Chen.

    'I told you to leave! I know I can kill them, but I don't want them to be caught in the crossfire! Take my family and leave this kingdom, right this instant! This is my command!'

    For the first time in a long time, Long Chen used the BeastMaster Command as the tamer of the Snake Monarch.

    It was like an unbreakable order that the tamed beast couldn't disobey.

    "This..." The Snake Monarch just looked at Long Chen blankly before he nodded his head.

    He got down near Xia and started increasing in Size.

    Long Chen had also sent Xia a message to take his family and leave via his thoughts.

    Although Xia's primary purpose was to protect Long Chen, she also couldn't disobey his command. She listened to him.

    "Young Master has ordered me to tell you to get on that big snake. You are distracting him from fighting to his full extent! Everyone close to the Master and everyone from the Long Clan is to get on the Snake Monarch," Xia said to them.

    Most of the Long Clan members did that happily. Even Yue Tianhao and Yue Ling got on the Snake Monarch. They were happy to leave this dangerous place, but there were a few that weren't listening.

    Mingyu, Zhiqing, Ji Shan, Xue, Mei, Sima Ziyi, and Long Ren refused to do it.

    "Young Master says that he won't use his full power if you stay here, and if he doesn't use his full power, he will die. Do you want him to die?" Xia repeated the words that Long Chen had told her to use.

    They were all conflicted as they heard those words. They didn't want to leave, but they had to go if they wanted to help Long Chen.

    "We will only go around 500 meters away from this place. We can come back easily after everything is finished," Xia said. This was also a lie that Long Chen had told her to say.

    He wanted them to go as far away as they could.

    After hearing Xia's excuse, most of them believed her words. They also got on top of the Snake Monarch.

    One of the Elders noticed that, but before he could say anything, Long Chen teleported near him and cut his neck off.

    With this, he had used his last teleport for the day. He couldn't use short-range teleport now, and he had also used Spatial Travel to get here.

    The Snake Monarch flew away with everyone on its back.

    They reached 500 meters away from Long Chen, but the Snake Monarch didn't stop.

    The ones that Xia had lied to realized that something was wrong.

    "Stop. We are already far away!" Mingyu said to the Snake Monarch, but he didn't stop.

    Even Xia didn't say anything.

    "You lied to us, didn't you?!" Mingyu said.

    "I follow Master's orders," Xia replied.

    "Ji Shan, bring the beasts out. I am leaving this place!" Mingyu said to Ji Shan.

    The 3 Flying beasts belonged to Ji Shan, and they were in his beast bag.

    Ji Shan nodded his head, but before he could even do anything, he realized that the beast bag was missing.

    "It's not here!" Ji Shan said, but he soon saw the beast bag in Xia's hands.

    "No one is going to disobey Master's orders," Xia declared.


    Back near the Long Clan, 28 Elders were still remaining.

    It was a fight of one against twenty-eight.

    "You helped them escape, but so what? Our main target was you. We can find them anytime," the Elder of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect said.

    "You won't be alive to find them," Long Chen said in a grim tone.

    His Spirit Sword orbited around him while his King's Sword was emitting fierce Sword Aura.

    "Hahaha, I like your enthusiasm. I can see that you are at your wit's end. You won't last long!" one of the Elders said.

    He moved towards Long Chen with the blade in his hand.

    Long Chen also moved, but before his swords could clash with the Man's sword, more attacks came towards him from different sides.

    He used his Spirit Sword to block the blade of the Elder while he used his King's Sword to cut through the various attacks.

    The scene looked so beautiful. It seemed as if Long Chen was spinning. His feets danced with the wind, but each of his movements was planned.

    Sparks flew everywhere as various attacks were destroyed. Even though the attacks were strong, the King's Sword was also a special weapon; it wasn't harmed.

    Long Chen continued this momentum as he cut off the neck of the Elder, whose blade was blocked by his Spirit Sword.

    "I will finish it fast!"

    Long Chen muttered as he watched him being surrounded by 27 Elders. He could see that there was only one option now.

    Orion was already waiting in the shadows to take him away after he was paralyzed. His family that escaped safely, there was only one more thing to do now.

    Long Chen brought out the Flute of War from his storage ring.

    The others were stunned as they saw the flute of war in his hand, but they had already thought that Long Chen had used the Flute of War. They felt that he was strong because of its effects, but they were shocked as they saw Long Chen play the flute of war.

    The air started getting restless while the Qi in the surrounding area rushed towards Long Chen.

    His Cultivation increased rapidly until he was the 6th Stage Sky Realm Cultivator.

    "H-he hadn't used that before?" the Elder of the True Dao Sect said with his mouth opened wide.

    With Long Chen's Cultivation, his speed was also increased. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of an Elder and swung his sword to cut him in half.

    The Elder reacted in time as he used his sword to block the attack, but Long Chen's strength was monstrous now. The Elder was tossed back like a broken kite, crashing in one of the nearby houses.

    Long Chen flew after the Elder to the house and only came out after killing him.

    He looked like a slaughterer as he looked at every Elder as if he was looking at dead meat.

    "If he was that strong before, I can't even imagine how strong he is now. We are not his opponents anymore! We should run!" The Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said as he stepped back.

    The Elder of the True Dao Sect sighed.

    "Looks like I have no choice but to use that item. Father gave me this item secretly to protect me against unknown threats, but I didn't know that I would have to use this on a kid to save my life," the Elder of the True Dao Sect said as he stepped forth.
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