460 Chapter 460: Dark Sacrifice Part 2

    He brought out something from his storage ring. It seemed like a small cube.

    He threw the cube towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen had just killed an Elder when he saw the cube coming towards him. He swung his sword to prevent the cube from hitting him, but as soon as the sword touched the cube, the cube started shining.

    Everything changed around him, and Long Chen found himself in what seemed like a metallic container.

    "That? How do you have that? Isn't that one of the most precious treasures of the True Dao Sect, the Heaven Sealing Box?" the Elder of the Buddha Temple said in shock.

    The man didn't reply to them.

    'My father is the Sect Master of the True Dao Sect, but I can't tell you that. I don't want it to spread that my father gave me this item," he thought.

    "You're right. It is the Heaven Sealing Box! Such a precious item. Once someone is sealed inside it, they can't come out. Unless that person is as strong as the Sect Masters of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect or the True Dao Sect, they can't come out of it. They will die inside it as there is no air to breathe," an Elder of the Mighty Sword Sect said.

    "That boy is definitely dead. We can collect his body after the box opens," the Elder of the True Dao Sect said.

    'I hate it so much. This item only had two uses left, and now I used one of them. After the next time it is used, it will be destroyed. At Least I can tell my father that my life was in danger. Also, it's not like it's something that important. It can't hold the Sect Master of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect, and the others are just child's play. It should be its right use,' he thought.

    "Half of you should go after the family. We might as well finish everything at once," one of the Elders said, but that's when they heard a metallic sound from the container.

    "Heh, he thinks that he can break it if he attacks? It's impossible even if he is as strong as an initial Heaven Realm Cultivator," the True Dao Sect Elder laughed.

    Inside the closed container, Long Chen was trying to break open the box.

    He used his strongest attacks. Even after his attacks were aided with the help of the King's Sword, he couldn't break it.

    He could also feel that there was no oxygen inside.

    Xun appeared behind Long Chen as she sighed.

    "You won't be able to break it. I think we both know that there is only one option left now," she said.

    'It might be a good opportunity. As long as everything goes as planned, ' she thought.

    It had been a minute since Long Chen had used the Flute of War. Time was already running out.

    He stopped attacking the container and lowered his sword.

    "It might be bad, but there's not much choice left," Xun said to Long Chen.

    Long Chen gripped his sword firmly. If the sword wasn't the King's Sword, it's hilt would've been crushed under the grip of Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't say anything and simply looked down.

    "Dark Sacrifice," he muttered.

    The container that was already dark got even darker. It was like the darkness from the depths of hell was filling the container.

    Long Chen's golden looking eyes also turned pitch black.

    A dark aura was coming out of his body.

    Dark lines also started to appear on his body.

    The black lines seemed to be making a unique pattern over his body.

    Two wings appeared behind his back out of nowhere.

    Those wings looked like the Heavenly Demon Wings, but there was a difference this time.

    Previously, only one of the wings was dark, but now both of these wings are dark.

    The Wings were even darker than they had ever been. It was impossible to see if there was actually anything there, or just dark empty space that looked like wings from a distance.

    Long Chen's body shape and size didn't change, but there was something that made him look older and more mature.

    The dark aura around him only increased in strength.

    There was no expression on Long Chen's face except anger. It was as if he had lost all his emotions but anger.

    Long Chen raised his sword and swung it lightly.

    For a moment, it seemed as if his attack had managed to cut through space and time as spatial cracks appeared in the places his sword passed through.


    The Elders outside were still deciding about who will go chase the family and who will stay back near the container when the container blasted open.

    Its small broken pieces spread everywhere.  Some of them even entered the bodies of the citizens that were hiding nearby, while other shards stabbed the bodies of the Elders.

    One of those pieces even penetrated the forehead of an Elder, killing him in an instant.

    Another piece passed through the neck of another Elder, killing him as well.

    "T-this can't be!" True Dao Sect Elder exclaimed in shock.

    He couldn't believe that a kid broke his Sect's treasure that only someone as strong as the top Sect Masters could break.

    Before the Elders could even say anything, Long Chen again swung his sword.

    His attack this time was filled with darkness. It seemed as if an arc of shadow moved towards them. Its range was big as well. Instead of going straight ahead, it spread, increasing its range.

    Amongst the 26 remaining elders, 25 were killed instantly. Not even a single part of their bodies was left behind.

    The only Elder that had survived was the one from the Heavenly Slaughter Sect, who was standing near the entrance of the Long Clan.

    He was about to enter the Long Clan to kill anyone he could find when he heard a blast. After that, what he saw left him stunned. His feet refused to move as he saw the others being killed in a single attack.

    Long Chen looked towards him as he swung his sword. The direction of the wind changed with the move of his sword. It was as if everything was under his control now. Nothing could stand against him, not even the gods.

    A dark and powerful arc of light escaped his sword that was burning in dark flames now.

    The dark arc of light destroyed everything in its path as it moved towards the Elder. It destroyed the Elder's body completely, but it didn't stop there.

    The attack was so powerful that it even destroyed the Long Clan mansion.

    The ones that were still inside the mansion were dead. The attack was just too wide-ranged and powerful.

    Long Chen looked towards the sky and roared loudly. He had lost complete control. His whole being was shrouded in darkness.

    The Dark Wings behind him were looking even more distinct, matching with the sword that was burning in dark flames.

    Long Chen flew high in the air and started attacking the city randomly.

    Xia and the others had long since left the city. Long Chen had already expected that the situation might turn out like this if things didn't go as planned; that's why he sent his family away first.

    He knew that anything could happen as he wasn't able to use Spatial Travel to escape, so there might be a chance that he would need to use the Second Skill of his Darkness Law. That's made him decide to send his family away and only keep Orion behind who could hide in the shadows.

    Xun was floating near Long Chen, watching everyone.

    "Let it out. Let it all out," she muttered as she looked at him.
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