461 Chapter 461: Carnage

    Long Chen kept attacking various parts of the city. Each of his attacks killed thousands of people and destroyed a large chunk of the city.

    Even Third Prince Yue Ding was killed by now.

    Long Chen kept flying through the city like a monster, destroying everything he saw.

    Even the Royal Palace wasn't left alone.

    Long Chen destroyed the Royal Palace. Even the King of Shui was killed. The king was too weak when compared to the normal Long Chen, let alone the Long Chen, who had used the Flute of War and the Dark Sacrifice.

    Long Chen continued his destruction spree. In less than 4 minutes, 80 percent of the city was destroyed, and millions of people were killed. Before, screams could be heard, but now, only blood and carnage could be seen. The Royal Clan and the Gu Clan were also wiped out.

    The only place that wasn't destroyed yet was the place that was governed by the Qin Clan, but that was where Long Chen was advancing towards now.

    Long Chen continued destroying everything he came across, whether it be a mansion or a small hut without thinking.

    Soon, he reached the Qin Clan.

    The Qin Clan was the Clan that had a decent relationship with the Long Clan. Qin Ruo was also from the Clan.

    The Patriarch of the Qin Clan was standing outside, along with his son. His granddaughter was not in the city. She had become the student of the Glorious Blossom Sect, along with Princess Yue Fei from the Royal Clan. None of them were in the city.

    "Such Destruction. It's like the gods want Shui to be destroyed," the Patriarch sighed as he watched Long Chen coming towards them. He saw the person that was destroying everything come towards them, but he couldn't see their face clearly.

    He wanted to help others escape, but he knew that there was no chance with the way things were going.

    In a few seconds, Long Chen was flying before them. Long Chen's dark wings were giving a terrifying aura. There were spatial cracks everywhere around him.

    "How can this be?! It's the grandson of the Long Clan patriarch?! He is the one that's causing all this?" The Patriarch of the Qin Clan said with a look of disbelief on his face, but a dark wave came towards him out of nowhere, destroying even the last speck of his body.

    Only screams were echoing in the atmosphere for the next few seconds. The whole Qin Clan was destroyed in less than 30 seconds. None of them were left alive.

    Long Chen kept roaring like mad every time he attacked. Some red liquid was coming out of his pitch-black eyes that made a red mark on his face, making him look even more demonic.

    After just a few more minutes, the whole city was destroyed. The Dragon City that was filled with people till some hours ago looked like a barren City now, where no building was intact. There was only rubble and blood everywhere.

    Long Chen looked everywhere, but he found no sign of life. He started flying away from the city in search of life, to quench his bloodlust.

    He had only flown for a short time before he lost the control of his body. It was as if his body was paralyzed.

    The side effects of the Flute of War were taking effect now.

    Long Chen couldn't even move his finger, let alone fly.

    "As I expected, his understanding of the Law of Darkness is still weak. He can't use the full potential of Dark Sacrifice; otherwise, even the side effects of the Flute of War would not be able to stop him," Xun muttered as she observed everything.

    Long Chen started falling down from the sky.

    He was about to crash on the ground, but soon, a Shadow appeared out of nowhere.

    It was Orion that had been waiting for an opportunity. As soon as Long Chen started falling, he jumped toward him.  Long Chen was lying on Orion's back when Orion safely landed on the ground.

    "So far, everything went as I expected when I suggested him to use the Dark Sacrifice. He survived, killed his enemies, and killed so many people to increase his slaughter aura. It was lucky that he had comprehended the skill. As the skill is passive, he didn't need to do anything. Everyone he killed today, benefitted him in the form of his slaughter aura," Xun muttered.

    "Even though he lost something after what happened, it was all for his good. Just an additional advantage to saving his life," she added.

    Long Chen had lost his consciousness as well this time. His eyes were close. The Black marks on his body disappeared as if they were never there. Even though others couldn't see, his eyes had also returned to their original golden color. The only mark that was still left on his body was the red blood that made it seem like he was crying tears of blood.

    Orion carried Long Chen on his back, but he didn't walk towards the next city; instead, he walked towards the opposite side. He wanted to take Long Chen away from civilization to protect him from harm.


    Back on the Snake Monarch, things were quite hectic.

    Basically, everyone that was close to Long Chen was arguing with Xia to take them back, but Xia wasn't budging from her position. After the Snake Monarch, she was the strongest here. No one was able to force her to do anything.

    "Take us back this instant! My grandson is in danger!" Long Ren bellowed as he glared at Xia.

    There were a few people there that didn't want to go back to the dangerous place. Most of them were from the Long Clan.

    'Does the Sect Master want us to die? We escaped the calamity with so much trouble, and he wants us to go back?! Is his family more important to him than his clan?' Almost everyone amongst them was thinking wrong about the clan master at the moment.

    "Master's orders can't be disobeyed," Xia said sternly.

    "I'm your master's grandfather! My words should be more important than his! Even he can't refuse my orders!" Long Ren said.

    "There is nothing bigger to Xia than Master's orders," Xia replied.

    "Give it up, old man, that girl is even more stubborn than this King. She won't listen. We are both bound by orders," Snake Monarch chimed in.

    "You can speak?" Most of them exclaimed in surprise.

    "I can do much more than just speak. Prey to god that I don't show you," the Snake Monarch said sarcastically.

    "Please take us back! She won't listen to us; only you can do it!" Mingyu said to the Snake Monarch.

    "This king wishes that he could, girl. But that bastard used the command on this King. This king can't refuse the command. I'll take you to another Kingdom. Only then will I be free of that command," the Snake Monarch said. His words disappointed everyone that wanted to go back but made the ones that didn't want to go back, happy.

    "Of Course, This King will be free of that command after this King gets to another Kingdom. Then this King can go back," The Snake Monarch said as he laughed. "No matter how stupid that kid is, this King won't leave him to die alone. Still, this King must say that he shouldn't need my help. He's much stronger than you all insects think."

    He kept flying towards the next kingdom and passed through many cities along the way. Many people in the cities saw a large dragon-like creature flying from above their City. This was something that was going to be talked about for a long time.

    The Snake Monarch reached the next kingdom and landed on the ground.

    "We can go back now, right?" Mingyu asked Xia, who didn't seem like she was going to oppose them.

    "Master's order has been fulfilled," Xia said.

    "Please take us back!" Sima Ziyi begged the Snake Monarch.

    "Yes! Take us back with you!" Long Ren said.

    "Patriarch, We don't want to go back! We will all die if we go there. Please reconsider!" The Members of the Clan pleaded to Long Ren.

    "You guys can get down here. You don't need to come. I will go to help my grandson alone," Long Ren said with disappointment.

    "As patriarch orders," The Long Clan members got off the snake monarch as if they were in a hurry to leave. Long Ren couldn't help but sigh as he saw this.

    What stunned him the most was that Yu Tianhao also got down with his daughter. Long Ren didn't say anything.

    "I'm sorry, Uncle Ren, but I can't risk everything. He must already be dead. Those guys should be looking for us," Yu Tianhao said.

    "It's alright. You don't need to explain," Long Ren said.

    The ones that were still left there were Xue, Mei, Mingyu, Zhiqing, Ji Shan, Sima Ziyi, Long Ren, and Xia.

    The Snake Monarch started flying back towards the Dragon City.
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