462 Chapter 462: Slaughter Aura

    Orion carried Long Chen on his back as he walked back to the ruins of the Dragon City.

    He took Long Chen to the northern black forest that was dense and filled with trees.

    Orion stopped inside the forest and sat down under the shade of a tree. He didn't put Long Chen down to the ground.

    "This might take some toll on him, but he gained something from it as well. The only thing that I wonder is if the cost was worth it or not."

    Xun was also sitting nearby, watching Long Chen. Orion couldn't see Xun.

    "His Slaughter Aura reached 20 percent in just a single day. It was not an easy feat, but the lives of many were lost as well. Fortunately, he had thought about it and sent his family away. I don't think he would've used that otherwise,"

    "The downside of using Dark Sacrifice is quite fierce as well. Losing some of his emotions in exchange for a great power isn't an easy decision. Fortunately, it was his first time, so the damage should be quite negligible, so I should say that it was beneficial in the long run. He might toughen up after this experience as well," she muttered.

    She watched Long Chen's face that looked like he was sleeping.

    She stood up and walked closer to him.

    She extended her hand towards Long Chen's face and wiped off the red mark that was left behind by the liquid that came out of his eyes.

    "Sleep well," she said as she lightly kissed him on his lips before walking back. She sat near him.


    The Snake Monarch was flying back towards the Dragon City with Xia and the others.

    The Snake Monarch attracted a lot of attention from the citizens of various cities that he passed through.

    After some time, he reached the Dragon City, only to be stunned by what he saw.

    "What... the **... happened here?" he exclaimed as he saw ruins everywhere.

    Above the Snake Monarch, the others were just as shocked.

    They reached near the Long Clan, but there was nothing there anymore. Blood could be found on the ground, but no signs of anyone living could be seen.

    Sima Ziyi fell down to her knees as tears started falling from her eyes.

    "D-don't cry. Nothing could happen to him! He must've escaped!" Long Ren comforted Sima Ziyi, but even he was feeling scared for Long Chen. Even though he didn't want to believe it, looking at everything, there was a good chance that Long Chen was dead.

    Only after killing him, could the others have the chance to destroy the city according to him.

    There was nothing left here anymore.

    Snake Monarch landed on the ground, giving others the chance to get off.

    "Calm down, you crybabies. He's not dead. This king would be able to feel it if he was dead. Also, from what this King knows, those guys can't destroy this city so fast. This was not their work," Snake Monarch let out with an annoyed look on his face as he watched everyone's cry-like face.

    Snake Monarch closed his eyes as he tried to find Long Chen's location through the link that was between them.

    "Master is alive!" Xia said as well.

    "Can you feel him as well?" Snake Monarch asked Xia.

    "Xia can feel that the master is nearby. Let's go," she told the Snake Monarch.

    "You don't need to tell this King. This King's knowledge is much vast then you can imagine. He seems to be in the North. The connection is weak, though. That's why it took this Master some time to find him," Snake Monarch said.

    "He's nearby?" Everyone was suddenly more excited to get the news, but they were worried as well. The situation of the city was so bad; they didn't know what condition Long Chen should be in.

    They all got on top of the Snake Monarch that began flying towards the North.

    "It's so good that we have you to carry us. Thank you so much," Ji Shan thanked the Snake Monarch.

    "Only for today, this King will act as a carrier. If the Times were not serious, you would all be lying on the ground with your head buried," Snake Monarch muttered.


    Far away from the Shui Kingdom existed the Dark Soul Sect.

    The Dark Soul Sect had spent too much effort and resources to find what had happened with Lang Jing. They also tried to find how Mi Yao escaped and who helped her, but there was just no evidence.

    The investigation didn't bore any fruit, but they did find out something.

    One of their disciples came back from a mission and showed them a poster.

    It was a poster that had Long Chen's portrait. It talked about how Long Chen was a vicious criminal that had killed tens of cultivators from the Supreme Sects. It also talked about how the person that gave Long Chen's information would be rewarded heavily.

    The wanted poster didn't say when Long Chen had killed their cultivators, and it also didn't mention that the cultivators that Long Chen had killed were their Elders, so the Sect Master and the Prime Elder assumed that it might be from the time he went to complete a mission.

    They decided to send an Envoy to other sects to ask about the matters in-depth since they didn't have any other clue. It was agreed that they would go to the Devil Worshipping Sect to get the information.


    The Devil Worshipping Sect was also not peaceful.

    The Devil Worshipping Sect was waiting for their people to return from the Divine Heaven Sect mission, but only Manxiang Li returned.

    He returned with a fellow disciple and no one else.

    Manxiang Li informed the Sect Master of what happened and asked him to help the Elder.

    The Sect Master sent their Supreme Elder to handle the matter, but as the Supreme Elder got near that place, he met up with the Elder of the Profound Yin Snatching Sect that was going back to the sect to inform them about the murder of their Elders that were committed by Long Chen.

    He captured him to find out what happened to their Elder only to discover that Long Chen had killed all their Elders in front of the Divine Heaven Sect and how the teams of various sects found it out with the help of the Mirror from the Buddha Temple.

    He also showed him the portrait of the culprit that they had discovered.

    The Supreme Elder killed the Elder before he continued towards the location where it all happened. It was just as he had heard. There was only blood and nothing else.

    "Could it be true that this boy killed everyone? Who could he be?" The Supreme Elder muttered as he looked at Long Chen's portrait.

    He flew back to the Sect to inform the Sect Master.

    Manxiang Li recognized that boy when he was asked by the Sect Master. He told them that the boy was Long Chen from the Dark Soul Sect and how those 17 Elders also targeted him.

    "Looks like this boy was quite strong. He used the Flute of War to kill everyone there," the Sect Master muttered.

    "He wouldn't kill our Elder, Master. I'm sure that the others must've killed him. Long Chen wouldn't harm the one that stood with him," Manxiang Li told the Sect Master.

    "I believe that. There shouldn't be a reason for him to kill anyone other than the 17 Elders that wanted to kill him. But things are pretty grim. If those sects find out that this boy is from the Dark Soul Sect, then they would do anything in their power to find the location of the Dark Soul Sect to destroy them with the boy. Unfortunately, even we don't know the location of the Dark Soul Sect to warn them," the Sect Master sighed.
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