463 Chapter 463: Another Wife

    The Snake Monarch brought everyone to the northern black forest. After looking around for a short time, they found Long Chen, lying on the back of Orion.

    "Is he alright?" the Snake Monarch asked Orion as he started getting smaller. The others got down to the ground and ran towards Long Chen.

    Sima Ziyi was the first one to get to him.

    "Rrrrr," Orion growled in anger, stopping Sima Ziyi.

    "Calm down, pup. Even this King wants to protect him, but you don't have to be so angry. She's his mother. She won't harm him," Snake Monarch told Orion.

    "Yes. Master said that she's family. One can't harm family," Xia also said the same thing.

    Sima Ziyi again tried, and this time, Orion didn't do anything and let her take him in her embrace.

    Sima Ziyi sat down on the ground with Long Chen's head resting on her lap.

    "He is unconscious, but he looks to be fine," Long Ren said as he breathed in relief.

    Mingyu and the others also calmed down, seeing that Long Chen was fine.

    "Master is weak, and he can't move. He needs this rest," Xia told them.

    "Hmph, this king knew that his advisor wouldn't die. We have the world to rule. It would be insulting if he were defeated by those insects. Cheh, those idiots thought they could defeat this King's people just because they were more in number," the Snake Monarch let out proudly.

    "He is safe. It's all that matters, but I still can't understand who destroyed the city? I didn't see anyone alive there. I don't think the city could be emptied this fast. The chances are that everyone was killed in this carnage. Who could have done it?" Ji Shan asked in confusion. He didn't even think that it was Long Chen who had done this.

    Snake Monarch had his doubts, but he didn't comment on what he actually thought; instead, he said the opposite.

    "Maybe someone stronger came to this city, killed the others, destroyed this city, and left. You don't have to trouble your tiny little mind about this matter. What happened has already happened. Just focus on what to do next," the Snake Monarch said.

    "The other sects should already be informed about Long Chen by now. He might be the most wanted man on the continent soon. When the sects realize that their teams that came to Long Chen's city haven't returned, they will send more people. This time the numbers will be bigger and their strength as well. The best we can do is find a place to hide him and the family," Ji Shan said as he rubbed his chin.

    "Can't we go back to your kingdom? We should be able to hide him there," Zhiqing suggested.

    "No. Father has already seen his portrait. He's a disciple of the Beast Hall. He will definitely not let Long Chen hide there. He would either capture him or inform the Beast Hall," Ji Shan said, shaking his head.

    "How about we leave the continent?" Zhiqing asked again.

    "No, we can't do that either. All the ports that are used for intercontinental travel are controlled by the Supreme Clans of the continent. It would only mean that we would be entering the lion's den to hide, which would be more dangerous."

    It was Mingyu that answered this time. She had done some research about leaving this continent when she was in the Royal Palace and knew that going through the specialized ships was the only option to leave this continent, but those places were controlled by the Supreme Sects.

    "Is there nothing we can do?" Zhiqing asked. "How about we go to my kingdom, but my brother might also take the same decision and sold us out to protect the kingdom."

    "We should just wait for some time. Let him wake up before we decide what to do. Long Chen might have a better understanding of the situation since he was in the Dark Soul Sect," Ji Shan said.

    "Why are you calling him Long Chen? His name is Long Tian," Long Ren told them. He was getting quite confused as they kept calling his grandson Long Chen.

    "That's the name he goes by in the outside world," Mingyu replied to Long Ren.

    "I don't know what his name at home is, but I know him as Long Chen. We are more familiar with that name," Ji Shan replied.

    "May I ask who all of you are to him? Are you, his friends?" Long Ren asked.

    "Oh? Don't you recognize them? I guess your grandson didn't come back to inform you after he married them. These two are his wives. She's Mingyu, and that's Zhiqing. I am Ji Shan, the Second Prince of the Blazing Sun Empire," Ji Shan introduced themselves before Mingyu could answer.

    His words made Mingyu embarrassed as they were not actually married to Long Chen, but she didn't mind being addressed as his wife as it was already decided by them.

    "W-wives? Both of you?" Sima Ziyi and Long Ren both exclaimed out loud. He was also shocked to see that he was talking to the Prince of an Empire.

    Xue and Mei didn't say anything and just looked down as they clenched the corner of their dress. Their eyes were somewhat wet.

    "Yes. We are his wives," Mingyu said in a voice that was neither loud nor low.

    Both of them greeted Sima Ziyi and Long Ren as they bowed their heads in respect.

    "He got married. H-he didn't even tell us. Let him wake up. I'll get my answers as to why he didn't come home for marriage!" Long Ren said as he looked at Long Chen.

    "You girls are so pretty. My son is definitely lucky to have you both," Sima Ziyi told them. "I'm sorry that I can't give you any gift even though I should give one to my daughter in law, but as you can see, we left everything behind."

    Sima Ziyi wasn't wearing any accessories; otherwise, she would've given them as gifts.

    "It's alright, Aunty. Your blessing is enough for us," Zhiqing replied.

    "What aunty, You're already married to my son. You can call me mother," Sima Ziyi said as she smiled.

    "M-mother," Zhiqing said with a red face.

    "And you guys can call me grandpa," Long Ren said, smilingly.

    "Grandpa, Thank you for accepting us," Mingyu thanked Long Ren. She wasn't sure how this was going to go, but her first meeting with Long Chen's family was really good. She was accepted into the family.

    "You're family from now on. Don't thank us," Long Ren replied.

    He looked towards Xia in curiosity. She was the only one he didn't know about.

    "Who are you to my grandson?" he asked.

    "Xia is master's family as well," Xia replied to Long Ren. She was told by Long Chen that she was a part of his family, and that's what she was repeating.

    "F-family? Another wife?" Long Ren stuttered as he misunderstood her words. Even Mingyu and the others Misunderstood her. They still hadn't realized that Xia wasn't a puppet.

    'I know I jokingly said that I want you to have a harem when you weren't healthy, but I didn't know that you would take that seriously and fulfill my words so soon,' Sima Ziyi thought as she looked towards Long Chen.


    Far away from Long Chen and his family, there was a small pond. A person was sitting near that pond.

    The pond had crystal clear water in it, that was like the purest water in existence.

    The boy was wearing the 20th token of Divine Heaven Sect as a necklace as he sat on the ground with his back resting against the tree.

    He looked towards the pond.
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