464 Chapter 464: Joining others

    "Well, the first part did not go as planned. Although you did become stronger, but not as strong as you could've been. Sigh, I hate that I can see other people's destiny, but not your actions. Still, it was not a total failure. It should be fun to see what happens next. Grow fast, little brother. The time is not going to wait for anyone," the person muttered as he shook his head.


    It was early morning when an envoy of the Dark Soul Sect reached the Devil Worshipping Sect to get the information.

    The Envoy that was sent here was Grand Elder Chu. He had also put on a disguise.

    As he reached the Devil Worshipping Sect, he showed the guards the badge that signified that he was an important friend of the Sect Master of the Devil Worshipping Sect.

    This was the badge that was given to the Dark Soul Sect Master by the Devil Worshipping Sect Master. This allowed the Dark Soul Envoy to meet the sect master, but it could only be used when it was really important; otherwise, it would be seen as an insult to the Devil Worshipping Sect Master to waste his time.

    The Guards brought Grand Elder Chu to the Sect Master.

    "I was wondering when you guys would get wind of this. Did you find out what's happening outside?" The Sect Master asked Grand Elder Chu.

    Manxiang Li was standing behind him.

    "I am here to ask the Sect Master about the things that are going on outside. One of our disciples saw this wanted poster when he was coming back. This poster doesn't convey the information that we need, so we decided to ask your sect as our sects had been close for generations," Grand Elder Chu said as he showed the wanted poster of Long Chen to the Devil Worshipping Sect Master.

    "What's there to not understand about it? From what I understand, this boy is the Head Disciple of your sect. Did he not tell you what happened after they left the Divine Heaven Sect? It should be easy to guess from there," the Sect Master said.

    "What happened? He did tell us some things, but I don't understand how those could influence things in such a big manner," Grand Elder Chu responded before he started telling the Sect Master what happened since Long Chen returned and his death.

    Manxiang Li couldn't help but be shocked to hear the news of Long Chen's death.

    "Oh? So he l..." the Sect Master was about to say something, but Manxiang Li stopped him.

    "Master, I think he didn't tell them because he didn't want his junior sister to get punished with him. If you tell them that both of them lied, the girl would definitely be punished by the Sect. Please, Master, don't tell them that he killed the Elders. Consider this a request from your disciple," Manxiang Li whispered in the Sect Master's ears.

    The Sect Master looked at Manxiang Li and just sighed.

    "Whatever happened has already happened. What I can suggest to you is that don't let anyone know that this boy was your disciple, or you will invite a calamity to your sect. He offended a lot of sects, but they don't know yet that he's the Disciple of the Dark Soul Sect. As long as you can keep this information contained, things will be fine," the Sect Master said.

    "He offended the sects? Sigh, even though he died, he still left so many troubles behind for us. I will heed the Sect Master's advice and convey the words back to the sect," Grand Elder Chu said.

    They talked some more after that, but the Sect Master didn't speak about Long Chen. Their topic revolved around the sects that were in on it and how they could protect themselves. The Sect Master told him to pretend that they were offended as well and put Long Chen's poster all around as well while declaring the rewards.

    "Good. We will do that," Grand Elder Chu agreed.

    After some time, he left the Sect.

    As both of these sects had decided, they also distributed the wanted poster of Long Chen and used the same message as the other sects had used.

    The Dark Soul Sect also advised their disciples that none of them was ever to mention the name of Long Chen or the fact that they knew him.


    The Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect was sitting in the discussion hall with the Elders of the Sect.

    "We have warned everyone and made them take oaths. The information about Long Chen's link to the Dark Soul Sect will never come out," Grand Elder Chu said.

    "Good, but there's another problem as well. Mi Yao should be out in the open. If she decides to tell the other sects about Long Chen being our disciple, then we would be in trouble, " One of the Elders said.

    "We need to continue the search for her as well and hope that she doesn't hate our sect enough to do this. We need to put all our resources into this. We can use the excuse that we are searching for Long Chen while we search for her. Also, if worse comes to worst, then we would just use the excuse that she's an escaped criminal of the Sect who is lying to the other sects to use them against us," the Prime Elder suggested.

    "There doesn't seem to be any other option. We will go with that," the Sect Master said.


    There was another person that was looking for Long Chen now. It was the father of Lang Jing. He didn't believe that Long Chen was dead. He was suspicious that he had killed Lang Jing instead.


    Another Twenty-Four hours had already passed away. Long Chen's side effects of using the flute were already over, but he was still sleeping.

    "It has been so long. When will he wake up?" Ji Shan commented as he looked at Long Chen. "He sure does like his sleep."

    "Let him rest. He worked really hard. It wasn't easy to fight so many strong people. If it were any of us, we wouldn't be sleeping; we would have been dead," Mingyu replied to Ji Shan.

    "He does look more comfortable. Also, he looks so cute," Zhiqing muttered as she looked at Long Chen's sleeping face with a slight smile on her face.

    "Hmph, You should see this Emperor when he sleeps. When this Emperor sleeps, even the heavenly goddesses fall in love with this Emperor. What can I say, this Master is just so charming. Sigh, why am I so superior. It's so lonely being at the top," the Snake Monarch let out proudly.

    "Sigh, do you always brag this much?" Ji Shan replied.

    "Do you want to get your ass beaten? This king can promise you that you would lose all your teeth if you keep being jealous of this king's handsome looks," the Snake Monarch said with an annoyed look on his face.

    "You never stay silent, do you?"

    The Snake Monarch was about to curse again when he heard a voice.

    It was Long Chen's voice. They all looked towards him. He still had his eyes closed, but they were clear that he had woken up.

    "You finally decided to wake up. You kept this king waiting for so long. Also, why would this king stay silent? It's the citizen's job to stay silent before the Ruler, not the Ruler's job to stay silent before the citizen," the Snake Monarch said.

    "Mother, are you fine?" Long Chen asked as he opened his eyes and saw the face of his mother.

    "I am fine. It was you who was hurt," Sima Ziyi did as she gently placed her hand on Long Chen's face.
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