465 Chapter 465: Four Women?

    "I am fine as well. It was nothing serious," Long Chen replied to her.

    "Grandfather," Long Chen greeted Long Ren.

    "Young man, your grandfather is not happy at you. I don't even want to talk to you," Long Ren pretended to be angry as he turned back.

    "What did I do?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    He tried to sit up. There was some pain in his body as he tried to sit, but he didn't let it show on his face.

    He sat straight beside his mother, resting his back on the tree.

    "You left the clan without telling us and didn't return even after we found you before. That was still fine, but you didn't even tell us about your marriage? You found girls and got married and still didn't think that we needed to know. Do you even consider us your family anymore?" Long Ren let out in an upset tone.

    "Marriage?" Long Chen muttered in confusion as he roamed his gaze over others and saw Mingyu and Zhiqing.

    'Did they tell him that we are married? I guess it's not entirely a lie,' Long Chen thought.

    "I apologize grandfather. I wanted to tell you when I returned, but you already know what happened when I came back. I just didn't get the time to tell you," Long Chen gave an excuse.

    "Hmph, Is there anything else that you didn't get the time to tell us?" Long Ren asked.

    "There is one more thing. Please wait a minute," Long Chen muttered as he stood up. His feet were feeling weak, just like his whole body. It was as if he had used too much energy.

    He walked towards Mingyu and Zhiqing and held their hands before he walked away from others.

    "Where is he going?" Long Ren muttered in confusion.

    Xue and Mei looked down as they saw Long Chen move away. They were sad that he didn't even look towards them for more than a few seconds.

    "There is something that I need to tell you guys," Long Chen told the girls after he was far away from the others.

    "Alright. What is it?" Mingyu asked him.

    "You remember the time we were in the hotel near the Glorious Blossom Sect, and I told you about my family while they were walking outside?" Long Chen asked Mingyu.

    "Yeah. I remember," Mingyu answered.

    "You know how I introduced those two girls to you?" Long Chen inquired again.

    "Yeah, you joked that they were your lovers," Mingyu replied to him. She still remembered what Long Chen had said when she asked him about Xue and Mei when she saw them.

    "I wasn't joking. They really are my women," Long Chen said to them.

    "Zhiqing, Mingyu, I have two more girls. Xue and Mei. And I won't be leaving them behind. I had already promised them before I left them last time," Long Chen explained.

    Zhiqing looked more shocked than Mingyu, who seemed as if she was expecting that.

    "Let me tell you about myself honestly," Long Chen muttered before he started introducing him honestly as the Grandson of the Long Clan patriarch.

    He also talked about Xue and Mei and about many other things. He also spoke about his broken engagement, which he said he was happy to get rid of.

    Other than the things about his ring, his real strength, and his transmigration, he told them everything.

    He even talked about his problems related to his heart demon, which he said was somewhat under his control now.

    After telling them everything, he waited for them to react.

    "I don't know what to say. I am not happy that you have more women, but then again, I myself jumped into the wagon, knowing that you have Mingyu. I don't want to lose you because of things that I already expected from you," Zhiqing responded after some time.

    She had known that Long Chen was in a relationship, but still, she had fallen for him. What started as something to gain a strong ally for her kingdom initially, had changed into love before she even knew it. She didn't want to leave him because he had more girls than she had expected.

    "Thank you," Long Chen thanked her.

    He looked towards Mingyu and waited for her response.

    Mingyu didn't speak any words, but she nodded her head as if giving her ultimate approval.

    "Thank you both," Long Chen said happily as he stepped forth and took them into his embrace.

    The others were far away from them, but they could still see them.

    "Hah, young love," Long Ren smiled as he saw them.

    "I'm so happy for him," Sima Ziyi let out as she glanced at him. "He established a family of his own."

    After some time, Long Chen walked back to the others with Mingyu and Zhiqing.

    "Alright. Grandfather, Mother. There is one more thing that I need to tell you," Long Chen said as he walked towards Xue and Mei.

    He held their hands and looked towards Long Ren.

    "Xue and Mei are also my women," Long Chen declared.

    "They as well? You have four girls? Wow, even the King didn't have so many women," Long Ren let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "Is this true?" Sima Ziyi asked as she looked towards Xue and Mei.

    "Young Master, This..."

    Xue and Mei couldn't understand how to react anymore. They had thought that Long Chen didn't care about them, but what happened before then was unbelievable to them.

    "Don't worry about anything. As I said before, You are a part of my family. Just letting everyone know about that," Long Chen said with a slight smile on his face.

    "Well, it doesn't change anything. You were already like my daughters before. It will be the same now," Sima Ziyi said as she gave her approval.

    'Well, I have another wife. Her name is Xun,' Long Chen thought. He intentionally made Xun hear his thoughts. He glanced towards Xun, who was standing near.

    "Cheh, who would want to be your wife. Don't blemish the reputation of your master, or you'll be beaten badly," Xun snorted as she looked away.

    "Long Chen, I'm sorry to disturb your family moment, but I'm really curious about something. Who was the one that destroyed the city and killed so many people? Did those Elders do it?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen.

    His words reminded Long Chen about what had happened when he used his Dark Sacrifice.

    He remembered everyone he killed after that and everything he destroyed, but strangely he didn't feel bad about any of that.

    It was as if he wasn't sad that he killed so many people. The emotions he felt about the deaths were almost negligible to him.

    He realized what was happening to him.

    'Is this the success effect of Dark Sacrifice? I lost empathy for others?' Long Chen asked Xun. "I can still feel bad about what my family had to go through. I guess it's only related to the ones I didn't know or care about deeply."

    "Yes. I think that you lost empathy for strangers and for the ones that you don't care deeply about. It is a good thing in a way as now you can think more clearly when dealing with people. Also, your slaughter aura reached twenty percent in just one day," Xun informed Long Chen.

    'The lives of a city to get it to 20 percent. It is hard. I guess I understand why you didn't say how many lives it would take to get it to full,' Long Chen replied to her.

    "Yeah, it would be difficult, but not impossible. In fact, now that you lost your empathy towards others, it'll be even easier," Xun said to him.

    "Ahmm, Long Chen? Why are you in a daze? Who destroyed the city?" Ji Shan asked again.
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