466 Chapter 466: Fake World

    "I don't know who destroyed what. I escaped from them when I was injured, and I was brought here. I don't know what happened after that. When I woke up, I found you all near me," Long Chen replied to them.

    Even though he didn't feel sad for what he did, he knew that his family would feel bad if he told them that he killed millions of people.

    He hid that information from his family and decided to go with an excuse.

    "See, It's as this King said. Someone else came to the city, and the other guys probably annoyed him when they were looking for this guy, which resulted in that being destroying everything," The Snake Monarch came to Long Chen's rescue and supported that theory even though he was mostly sure that Long Chen did it.

    "Sigh, everything was destroyed, whoever it was destroyed millions of lives. No one was left alive. Not only our home, but even our city and its millions of residents are no more. Who could be so cruel?" Long Ren sighed.

    "The Shui Kingdom will most likely become part of history. The main strength of the kingdom resided in the Royal Capital, which was wiped out. The surrounding kingdoms will take control of Shui as soon as they find out," he added.

    "You don't have to worry about Shui, Grandfather. We can't live here, after all. I'll take you to a different place. The Clan will be established there. I have the resources to help you," Long Chen said.

    "Yeah, The ones that have seen your grandfather and mother are mostly dead. No one knows what happened to the city. I don't think they will be able to find your family. You are the wanted person, not them. They can establish themselves anywhere as long as it's sufficiently far away from Shui," Ji Shan told Long Chen.

    "Let's leave this place before the sects send someone else to this place," Mingyu suggested.

    "We need to leave, but I don't think we have that many flying beasts. We can use the Snake Monarch, but he would have to be big enough, which would attract more attention. We would just be leaving a trail being for the others to follow if we fly," Long Chen said with a thoughtful look on his face.

    Xun glanced at Long Chen and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she stopped herself. After some more time, she again opened her mouth again.

    "There is something that you can use, but that would make you lose a really big opportunity," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Use what?" Long Chen asked her.

    "I didn't tell you before as I didn't think that it was important since you already received the best treasure as the reward for passing the Second Bloodline Trial, but you can exchange the treasure you received with another treasure that was present there,"

    "There is another treasure there that I think is not worth exchanging, as you would lose your Demon Scabbard in exchange, which helps your Weapon Grade in grade. Think about it; If you decide to exchange the Demon Scabbard, you will lose it forever. Something that could give you a God Grade Weapon in the future would be gone," she said.

    "If the other item can help me, then I don't mind losing this scabbard. It would only be the loss of an item. I can always get stronger weapons as long as I get sufficient strength. What is the treasure that you are talking about?" He asked her.

    "A fake planet," Xun answered.

    "A fake planet?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "It is a special artifact which is in the form of a ring. There is a red diamond engraved in the ring, which is the fake planet. It's like the beast region where you can keep living beings. Humans can be kept there. The Qi inside that place is not much superior to this place, though, but it's not worse than here either. Your family can build a house there and live in peace. They won't come to harm either," Xun explained.

    "There are some limitations, as well. As soon as you chose the ring to exchange for your sheath, it would be bound to you. You can only send the people that you consider deeply close to you inside. That's an important thing to remember. If you think that a person is close to you, but you don't have a deep enough place in your heart for them or connection with them, then they will die as soon as they enter the fake world. Since we are talking about your family and the girls you love, then it should be fine. But think carefully. I still think that Demon Scabbard is worth more value in the Higher Realm," She added.

    "I've already thought about it. I will take the fake world instead of the Demon Scabbard. Can you help me with the exchange?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Alright. If you have already decided," Xun muttered as she shook her head before she disappeared.

    All their conversation happened through their thoughts, which others didn't hear.

    After some time, Long Chen noticed that his Demon Scabbard had disappeared. Only his King's Sword was lying near the tree now

    He also felt something appear in his finger.

    There was now a silver ring on his finger that had a red diamond-like crystal engraved on it.

    "It's done," Xun said to Long Chen as she again appeared near him.

    "The ring in your hand is called the fake world ring. You can now send your family there. The thing is that there are fruits, plants, and trees inside the fake planet. There are even lakes and rivers that have pure water, but they would still have to build a house there, themselves," Xun told him.

    "Can't I enter?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "No, You can't enter the fake world. You can send them in and bring them out, but you can't enter. You can send your consciousness inside to see what's happening inside though," she said.

    "Sigh, so it's just like the Beast Region, just with fewer advantages," Long Chen replied.

    "Yeah, there is no superior Qi or Heavenly Herbs in the fake world, unlike the Beast Region. That's why it's not a treasure that is worth as much as the Demon Sheath," Xun said.

    "Alright. I understand," Long Chen responded.

    While Long Chen was talking with Xun through his mind, everyone else was looking at him, just standing there, not doing anything.

    "Grandfather," Long Chen abruptly said as he looked towards Long Ren.

    "Ah, Yes," Long Ren was stunned at suddenly being called out.

    "I have a place where you guys can live comfortably without worrying. There is only one problem, though. That place does not have a house. You will have to build a house there," Long Chen said to Long Ren.

    "That's no trouble. Your grandfather is an experienced man," Long Ren said, smilingly.

    "Where is this place?" he asked.

    "It's nearby. Are you guys ready to go there?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yes," Long Ren nodded his head. The others also agreed.


    Long Chen stepped closer to Long Ren and held his hand.

    "It might feel weird, and your head might spin at first. That's just the side effects of traveling like that for the first time. It won't last long," Long Chen said.

    "What are you talking about?" Long Ren asked in confusion, but before Long Chen could reply, everything turned dark for him. It lasted for an instant before he found himself in a different place.

    He was near a crystal clear lake.

    "Is this the place he was talking about? How did he send me here?" Long Ren muttered in confusion as he looked around.

    Soon, he noticed that Sima Ziyi also appeared there.

    "This is our new place?" Sima Ziyi asked.
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