467 Chapter 467: Request of the Snake Monarch

    "Is this the place where we will stay?" Sima Ziyi said as she looked around.

    "It looks like the place he talked about. I wonder how he sent us here," Long Ren muttered.

    "This seems like a nice place to stay with the lake nearby. Wait here, I'll get the wood to make the place to stay for us," Long Ren said as he started walking towards the forest.


    In the outside world, Ji Shan and the others were looking at Long Chen in confusion. They saw Long Chen touch people before they disappeared.

    "What the heck is happening here?" Ji Shan exclaimed.

    Long Chen walked towards Xue and Mei.

    "It's your turn to go there. It's not a separation, though. You'll be just at a thought's distance for me. We can meet without any problem now. Oh, I also have some things for you. We'll be spending quite a lot of time together to make you girls stronger," Long Chen told them as he placed his hands on their cheeks.

    "We understand, Young Master," Xue and Mei replied.

    "Didn't I tell you before not to call me young master. You're my woman, not my servants. I'll seriously be angry if you don't stop calling me young master," Long Chen said with a stern look on his face.

    Xue and Mei nodded their head like the girls that had realized their mistakes.

    "Good girls," Long Chen muttered as he looked at them.

    He moved his face forward and gently kissed on the lips of Xue. After a short kiss, he separated and kissed Mei.

    He held their hands.

    "I'll see you really soon. Take care of mother inside," Long Chen let out as he sent them into the fake world as well.

    After finishing with them, he turned back to look at the shocked Ji Shan.

    "What happened? Did you see a ghost?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "You're impossible to understand. Just how can you be so miraculous. You can fight over fifty elders from the supreme sects at once, and you can even do this? Are you really a human or what?" Ji Shan asked.

    "I am a demon disguised as a human," Long Chen said as he chuckled.

    "Anyway, Do you girls also want to go there?" Long Chen asked them.

    "No need. No one knows about us being related to you. Also, your Sun Destroying Condor can carry three people with ease," Mingyu replied to me.

    "Hey, what about me?" Ji Shan let out as he rolled his eyes. "I'm here as well."

    "I'm sorry, but I can't send you to that place. I'm just not confident if it will work for you, and I don't want to take the risk. It would be really bad if the transfer failed for you," Long Chen said.

    Xun had told him that he could send people that were closest and the people he had the deepest bond with. Even though Long Chen considered Ji Shan his best friend and like a sworn brother, he was still doubtful if it would work for him. He was clearly conflicted about it as he clearly didn't put Ji Shan at the same position as his mother, grandfather, and wife yet.

    "It's alright. I'm sure that there must be some trouble for you regarding that, but I was talking about the travel arrangements. You guys were talking about the 3 of you, ignoring me," Ji Shan said.

    "We would never forget you," Long Chen said as he tapped on Ji Shan's orders.

    "Anyway, Let's leave this place. The information about the destruction of the city will spread, but the main problem would be when the Supreme Sects send someone to search for their Elders," Long Chen let out as he brought the Sun Destroying Condor out of his Storage Ring.

    "Orion, Come here, boy," he said to Orion, who was waiting on the side.

    Orion came closer to Long Chen and stopped closer to his legs.

    "Thank you for everything. You helped me a lot," Long Chen said as he gently patted Orion's head.

    "Go back and rest now," he added as he sent Orion back into the Beast Region.

    "Hey, this king also struggled a lot for this. You dared to make this king a carrier beast. You owe this King now!" The Snake Monarch declared as he flew closer to them.

    "Thank you for that as well. Also, I'm sorry for using the BeastMaster Command on you. It was a serious time," Long Chen said, apologetically.

    He was still the same for his close ones, even though he had lost some of his empathy towards strangers and the ones that were not close to him.

    The Snake Monarch didn't say anything and flew even closer to Long Chen's face. He whispered something into Long Chen's ears.

    "Your apology won't make it. This King needs you to do something for me," The Snake Monarch whispered.

    "Why are you being so sneaky? What do you want?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "This King wants something that you can easily make happen. I want you to tell that fluffy to vacate the throne for me," the Snake Monarch said with a sneaky look on his face.

    Long Chen just looked at him weirdly.

    "Don't take it the wrong way. It's not like this king can't take the throne with strength. This king just doesn't want to bully fluffy. It would be better if you make her acknowledge this King as the Ruler of your beasts," The Snake Monarch replied instantly.

    "Is this the imaginary kingship of the Beast Region you keep talking about? You're blowing it out of proportions. Little Snow is like a child. She shouldn't even have these things in her mind, but since you helped me, I'll tell her not to bully you too much," Long Chen said jokingly.

    "She? and bully this King? You're dreaming. Was your head hit hard during that fight?" the Snake Monarch said annoyingly.

    "I'm joking. Go back; I'll tell her what you want me to tell her," Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face as he sent the Snake Monarch back.

    "Why are you sending him back? He should be faster than the Sun Destroying Condor from what I've seen," Ji Shan told Long Chen after he sent the Snake Monarch back.

    "He is faster, but he has a bad personality. I don't want to annoy him anymore unless necessary," Long Chen replied.

    "You have another flying beast, right? The speed difference between the Sun Destroying Condor and it shouldn't be too big. We can still travel together although separately," he suggested.

    "Alright. Where are we going, though? Do you have a plan?" Ji Shan asked.

    "There is nothing that this continent has for me anymore. I'll be leaving this continent, and I can only do that by going through the ports. I need to go to the Ghost Temple, which is on an island between our continent and the next continent. It can only be done by going to the ports even though they are controlled by the Supreme Sects," Long Chen answered them.

    "Are we finally leaving this continent? You'd love our continent when we get there. It's a beautiful place," Mingyu chimed in.

    "Yeah, we will go to your Empire as well. It hasn't been long, so the war between Esteria and Qiandi shouldn't have started yet. We will definitely stop it by exposing the Tricion Empire," Long Chen told Mingyu.

    "Umm-hmm," Mingyu nodded her head as a beautiful smile covered her face.

    "Wait? You are from another continent? What the heck? Your identity is even more powerful than I thought!" Ji Shan exclaimed in shock.

    "Yeah," Mingyu answered.

    "Will you come with us or stay behind?" Long Chen asked Ji Shan, ignoring the shock on his face. He wasn't sure if Ji Shan would come with him as his identity here was really high.
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