468 Chapter 468: Found them?

    Ji Shan was the prince of an Empire who could have any resources he needed for Cultivation.

    "A chance to go to the Higher Continents? I heard that those places are like heaven for Cultivators with their Qi and resources. Of Course, I would come with you! I also wanted to explore the world," Ji Shan chuckled as he replied.

    "What about you, Zhiqing? I know that you have a family here. I need to know your wish as well," Long Chen asked Zhiqing.

    "Can I meet my brother once before we leave? Wait, Ignore that. It's better if I leave like this. I don't want to bring trouble to his Kingdom," Zhiqing told Long Chen.

    "It would not bring him trouble if we take proper precautions, but it would be better if we don't go there," Ji Shan said.

    "Well, the Kingdom is on our way to the ports. We can stop by if you need to talk to him. I can disguise myself," Long Chen suggested. "But yeah, if things go wrong, then your kingdom would be in trouble."

    "Let's not stop there then. We can be on our way," Zhiqing shook her head as she rejected the suggestion.

    "Alright," Long Chen muttered.

    Long Chen glanced inside the Fake world to see what others were doing. He saw his grandfather bringing wood to make a house inside.

    He didn't like the fact that he was making the old man work.

    'Xun, can I at least send Xia inside? She's not alive, but she is linked to me. Our connection should be enough to send her in,' Long Chen asked Xun.

    "You can send her inside, but not your beasts even though they are linked to you," Xun answered him.

    "Good," Long Chen muttered. He walked towards Xia.

    "Xia, I should also thank you for helping me with everything. I also need one more help from you now," Long Chen told her.

    "Xia is ready to help Master with anything," Xia said, smilingly

    "Good. I will send you to my grandfather. You need to help him make an amazing house for them to live. Don't let him do any work if possible," he told her.

    "Xia understands," Xia nodded her head as she gave him affirmation.

    Long Chen reached out his hand and held her hand.

    As soon as his hands touched her, Xia disappeared from this place and appeared in a different location, which was inside Long Chen's fake world.

    She took the wood from Long Ren's hand and explained the order she had received from Long Chen.


    "Let's Leave," Long Chen told the others.

    He walked towards the tree and picked up his king's sword and put that in his storage ring before he got on top of his Sun Destroying Condor.

    Ji Shan also brought his flying beast out of his beast bag.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing sat behind Long Chen as the Sun Destroying started flying. Ji Shan followed right beside them.

    Long Chen brought out his mask of mischief and covered his face with it. He didn't activate the mask's effects, though, which made it work like a normal mask that helped him hide his face and not something that could disguise his face with a different person's face.

    "Why are you hiding your face now?" Zhiqing asked him.

    "Just to escape some unnecessary trouble. Need to get in the habit of wearing it again," Long Chen claimed.

    "Oh, That mask looks good on you, though," Zhiqing complimented him.

    "So I look good with my face hidden? That's hurtful," Long Chen responded.

    "Oh, right. I have something else to tell you. I have a Dual Cultivation technique that I got from the Divine Heaven Sect. It is not harmful in the least, and it can increase your Cultivation as well," Long Chen said as he brought a small booklet out of his storage ring.

    "Mingyu, You can read it first. You'll learn it faster as you have experience with higher grade techniques. After learning, share the book with Zhiqing. I only have this single copy," he said to Mingyu as he gave her the booklet.

    Mingyu curiously went through the contents of the book. Her expressions didn't change much as she read it.

    While Mingyu read, Zhiqing just looked at her with interest.

    Soon, the Sun Destroying Condor reached the part of the city, which allowed Long Chen to watch the destruction that he had caused.

    'I feel nothing at all. I guess it can be a good thing. I won't live with the guilt,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    "The consequences were small because it was your first time using Dark Sacrifice, and you can say that it worked in your favor by eliminating your biggest weakness. But the next time isn't going to be the same. You need to use the skill carefully the next time," Xun told Long Chen as she appeared beside him.

    She also glanced at the destroyed City, but she didn't care for the ones that were dead. She didn't have attachments to anyone other than Long Chen here.

    'Don't worry. I won't let a situation like this appear again. Everything is in control now. My family is in the safest place it could be, and that's all that matters. They were my weakness, and now I have my weakness hidden away, and no one can reach my weakness,"

    " As for Zhiqing and Mingyu, I can send them to the fake world any time I want. It might work for Ji Shan as well if things come to worse, and then I'll be free to use Spatial Travel. This Fake world ring solved half my problems already. No one can stop me with this ring and my Space Law now," Long Chen muttered.

    They left the airspace of the Dragon City and continued going farther from this place, and towards their destination.

    "Oh right, Although I don't care for them, where are other people? I noticed that other clan members also left with grandfather. What happened to them?" Long Chen asked as he suddenly thought of the Long Clan members that had left on the Snake Monarch.

    "They decide to stay behind and not come with us to help you. They are in the next kingdom," Mingyu said.

    "Did grandfather not tell them to stay behind?"  Long Chen asked Mingyu.

    "Nope. They said that they don't want to come back, and we left them behind. Those that we were standing before you when you woke up were the only ones that came back for you," Mingyu told him.

    "Huh, Alright. If they wanted to go their separate ways, then fine," Long Chen muttered.

    He couldn't help but imagine how strong Long Clan would've become if this thing hadn't happened and he was able to give them the extra treasures that he had, but now, it didn't matter. The Long Clan was technically over. He didn't have anything to do with them, and clearly, they wanted nothing to do with him.

    "It's alright. I can at least give grandfather the high-grade Cultivation techniques that I had collected from other places. It's a pity that my Cultivation technique won't work on them. The other skills are not bad. His Cultivation speed would definitely increase," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards his ring.

    "I'll give them after the house is ready. Something that would suit him," Long Chen muttered.

    Soon, they left the kingdom of Shui as well.

    Long Chen was looking down when he noticed someone.

    He noticed a group of people moving ahead on their horses.

    The two people on the lead were the ones that he quickly recognized. They were Yu Tianhao and Yu Ling.

    He also knew the people that were following them

    They were the Long Clan members that had left with his family.
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