470 Chapter 470: Meeting the holder of 20th token

    "You can call me stubborn, but I don't care. I will not leave," Long Xue Ying said.

    "Fine, die then," Long Chen said as he covered his face with his mask and started to leave.


    Long Chen was about to step out of the room when Long Xue Ying stopped him.

    Long Chen stopped in his tracks and turned back to glance at her.

    "It's good that you changed your mind. Come with me," Long Chen said.

    "That's not it. I will not leave with you. Instead, I will go back to the Kingdom," Long Xue Ying said.

    Long Chen was getting frustrated at the lack of understanding from the girl.

    "You clearly don't understand that it's not a game. You and your sect are nothing in the bigger scale of things. Only one of the enemies can destroy your sect in a single night, and you won't be able to do anything but watch. Come with me, it's the last chance," Long Chen said to her again.

    "I just want to know the names of the people that destroyed my home. You can leave after that. I'm not coming with you!" Long Xue Ying said stubbornly.

    "If you weren't the last of Grand Elder Mu's bloodline, I would really have left you behind to die, but I guess he does deserve something from me for what he did for me. I'll save you," Long Chen muttered as he teleported behind her and hit the back of her hand to make her lose consciousness.

    As she lost her consciousness, Long Chen caught her, preventing her from falling down.

    "If you don't want to come, then I'll take you forcefully."

    He was about to send her to the fake world when he noticed that she was still in her underwear. If he sent her there in such a condition, things wouldn't be right.

    With a wry smile on his face, he made her lie down on the bed and helped her dress.

    After dressing her up appropriately, he held her hands.

    "You might not like what I'm about to do, but that's good for you in the long run and for me, as no one knows that I'm alive or what happened back home after everyone left," Long Chen muttered as he used the Fake World Ring and sent her into the Fake World.

    Long Xue Mei was still unconscious when she was sent inside the Fake World.

    She appeared right beside Sima Ziyi, which Long Chen had done intentionally.


    After dealing with her, Long Chen stepped out of the room. He had again activated the mask, but this time he disguised as another person. Leaving the Sect was much more hassle-free than getting entry as there was no checking for the one leaving the sect.

    Long Chen was walking towards the Sect exit when he noticed the Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect, which he had some dealing with before. He ignored the Sect Master that was like an ant before him, but he did remember that the secret cave which had the inheritance of the Saint King Xianwu was still hidden in the Glorious Blossom Sect. Unfortunately, he hadn't found the medallion of the Saint King.

    The stone guardian of that place told him that he needed two things to gain entry into that place. One of which was Saint King Xianwu's sword, which was called the King's Sword. It was something that Long Chen already had. It was his strongest weapon as well, but the second thing was still missing. It was the medallion of the Saint King.

    'I wonder if I will ever find the medallion,' Long Chen wondered as he continued walking towards the exit.

    He stepped out of the sect without any difficulty.

    He was walking towards the destination he had left the others at. The streets were crowded, and many people were walking in opposite directions to him.

    One of the people on the street was wearing a dark green hood. His face was half-covered because of the hood. As he walked past Long Chen, their Shoulders collided, but the impact was small.

    "Sorry," the person said to Long Chen before he continued walking away. The voice sounded like it belonged to a teenager. Long Chen glanced back at the person before ignoring him as he continued to leave.

    What he didn't know was that the hooded person was wearing the 20th token of appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect that was hidden under his clothes and not clearly visible to others.

    When Long Chen was given the token of Appreciation in the Dark Soul Sect, he was told that these tokens were special, and there were only 20 in the world, but they were the only things that allowed someone to enter the Divine Heaven Sect. He was also told that these tokens would disappear before 14 days after someone entered the sect and appear in various unknown corners of the continent.

    The other sects worked hard to find them after every Divine Heaven Sect exploration.

    The hooded person still had the token, which meant that he hadn't used it to enter the Divine Heaven Sect.

    While Long Chen was walking away, the hooded person also looked back towards Long Chen's back.

    There was a knowing smile on his face that seemed somewhat gentle and less malicious, but there was something mysterious about it as well.

    The hooded person continued walking away. Soon, he disappeared in the crowd of people.


    Far away from the continent in which Long Chen was currently in, there existed another continent. It was a continent where Mingyu was born.

    In that continent, there were many Empires and Kingdoms. The strength of that continent was also much higher than the overall power of Long Chen's continent.

    Mingyu's continent was also called as the Heaven for Cultivators amongst the people of knowledge and power.

    Amongst these hundreds of Empires, there were the 2 Empires, Esteria and Qiandi, that were involved in a turmoil all because of the scheme of the Tricion Empire that killed Mingyu's brother and made it seem like he had run away with a commoner right before his marriage to the Qiandi Empire's princess.

    This had broken the last thread of the already tense relationship between the Esteria Empire and the Qiandi Empire.

    The situation was getting worse day by day. The Qiandi and the Esteria were on each other's throat. While the Qiandi Emperor blamed Esteria for insulting them and his daughter by doing this, the Esteria Emperor blamed Qiandi for kidnapping his son. The Esteria Emperor didn't believe that his son would run away.

    He claimed that it was Qiandi that kidnapped his son because they didn't want peace.

    The situation had gotten so bad that both the Empires had started a war.

    The Tricion Empire, on the other hand, watched everything with great interest, enjoying both of its neighbors destroying each other. Their plan had worked perfectly.

    The only problem in their plan was the missing Esteria Princesses, Mingyu that had found out that it was Tricion that killed the Prince of Esteria and her brother. She still wasn't caught, and she was still missing. The Tricion Emperor knew that if she returned to the Palace someday, then their whole plan would backfire.


    Even though there was a war going on at the borders of the Esteria Empire and the Qiandi Empire, everyone knew that it was going to be a long war that will probably last for years before any victor would appear.

    The Tricion Empire was relatively peaceful at that moment.

    Inside one of the bars of the Tricion Empire, two people were sitting on a table.

    One of the guys looked like a 20-year-old boy who didn't have many expressions on his face. He was wearing a full face mask to cover his face.
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