471 Chapter 471: A name I will never forge

    The other person was someone that Mingyu had met before. It was the person that had given her the destiny crystal that brought her to Long Chen.

    A mask covered half of the man's face. It seemed like the other half of his Mask was broken.

    If Long Chen was here and he had seen that mask, he would be able to realize that this mask was similar to the broken mask piece that he found in the Divine Heaven Sect. If he had tried, both the pieces would have fit perfectly as if the piece that he had was the broken piece of this mask.


    Long Chen reached his friends, and they again continued on their journey.

    The Sun Destroying Condor flew throughout the rest of the day, towards the destination of Long Chen, which was the Ports of the Supreme Sects.

    Along the way, Mingyu had finished reading the Dual Cultivation Technique, and she had understood it entirely as it was an easy to learn skill.

    After learning it, she passed the book to Zhiqing for her to learn.

    The afternoon turned to the evening, which soon turned to the night before Long Chen decided that it was time for everyone to rest. Zhiqing had also learned the Dual Cultivation technique by now.

    The Sun Destroying Condor landed inside the dense forest, according to Long Chen's wishes.

    Ji Shan also landed behind them.

    "Go and have some rest. You worked hard," Long Chen patted the head of the Sun Destroying Condor before he sent him into the Beast Region.

    Long Chen glanced inside the Fake World to see if the construction of the house was completed, and he was amazed to see that it was done. The house was made entirely of wood, but it was much bigger than he had expected and looked beautiful.

    Long Xue Ying had also woken up. She was talking to Sima Ziyi while looking upset. His grandfather was resting inside the house while Xue and Mei were cutting some fruits for them.

    Xia was just standing there. Her work was completed, and she didn't know what to do anymore.

    Long Chen brought Xia out of the Fake World.

    "Thank you for the work, Xia. You're really incredible," Long Chen praised her.

    "Thank you, Master," Xia replied with a smile on her face that looked just as real as the smile of a living person.

    Long Chen brought the tents out of his storage ring and started arranging them.

    He only brought two tents today.

    Both of the tents were set up by them. Long Chen assigned one of them to Ji Shan while the other one was for Mingyu, Zhiqing, and him.

    "Xia, Keep an eye out on the surroundings. If there are any enemies, kill them. You don't need my permission for that, but if the enemies are strong, you need to wake me up," Long Chen told Xia.

    "Understood Master," Xia responded.

    "You guys can go inside the tents and rest. I'll be right inside," Long Chen told Mingyu and Zhiqing. Both of them entered the tents.

    "Good night," Ji Shan also wished Long Chen before he entered his tent.

    Only Xia and Long Chen were standing outside now.

    Long Chen brought his grandfather out of his Fake World Ring.

    Long Ren was surprised to find himself back.

    "So you can send us there and bring us back anytime? That's good. Why didn't you come there, though?" Long Ren asked? He was waiting for Long Chen to come there after they were sent inside.

    "I can't enter that place, Grandfather. Anyway, I called you out to give you something," Long Chen said to Long Ren.

    He brought out an item from inside his storage ring.

    It was a small, blood-red booklet.

    "This is the Nine Sun Cultivation Manual. I think you can use this Cultivation Skill. It's one of the best Cultivation Skills of this continent, and you can progress a lot if you cultivate using it," Long Chen told Long Ren as he gave him the booklet.

    The small booklet was something that he had found inside the ring that he had collected from the True Dao Sect Elder he killed.

    He had heard that it was the Cultivation Skill of the True Dao Sect. The True Dao Sect was the strongest righteous sect that also made this the strongest righteous Cultivation skill in a way.

    "The Nine Sun Cultivation? I haven't heard of it before, but if you say that, then it must be good," Long Ren let out as he glanced at the book.

    Long Chen looked at Long Ren as he thought of something that he had wanted to know for quite some time.

    "Grandfather, there is one more thing that I need to ask. Do you know about the Ghost Temple?" He asked, straight away.

    Long Chen already wondered why the Ghost Temple targeted his Father. He knew that it was because of the special mark on his body, but still, he didn't know the exact reason other than that. He wondered if his grandfather had heard about the people that kidnapped his father.

    "The Ghost Temple?! How did you hear of that name!"

    Long Ren's face turned white as soon as he heard of that name. It was clear that he knew something about it. Something which made him tense.

    "Tell me about them, grandfather. I need to know about them as much as I can," Long Chen said in full seriousness. He wanted to know what Long Ren was hiding.

    "It... It's something that I don't wish to talk about," Long Ren let out as he turned his back on Long Chen. He refused to talk about it.

    "Grandfather, if you don't tell me everything, then I might die," Long Chen said with a grave look on his face.

    "Are you dealing with the Ghost Temple?" Long Ren asked without looking back.

    "I plan to do that," Long Chen replied.

    "Y-you can't do that! I forbid you to have anything to do with the Ghost Temple!" Long Ren said fiercely.

    "I'm sorry, Grandfather, but I can't do that. Even if I have to go against you, it's something that I must do," Long Chen said, refusing to budge from his position.

    "You stubborn fool! You don't know who they are! You will die!" Long Ren bellowed in anger.

    "If that's how it ends, then I'm willing to face that end. But I don't want it to end like that, and that's why I'm asking you to tell me what you know!" Long Chen replied.

    "I-i will tell you, but you must promise that you won't even get near anyone from the Ghost Temple!" Long Ren finally let out, with a defeated look on his face.

    He couldn't use force on his grandson, and he was way too weak in comparison to hold him forcibly. He could only use his words to convince his stubborn grandson.

    Long Chen didn't respond right away as he didn't want to make it seem like he was lying.

    After thinking for a few minutes, he nodded his head and agreed to that condition.

    "I promise that I won't get near them as long as you tell me the truth," Long Chen said. He was lying, though.

    Long Ren sighed as he looked towards the sky.

    " The Ghost Temple is the name that I will never forget. It has been carved into the depths of my soul as the name of the monsters," Long Ren told Long Chen before he began telling him the story.

    "I was 30 years old at that time. I was not particularly talented when it came to Cultivation, but I had still managed to reach the 3rd stage of Gold Core Realm. That was when I met her..." Long Ren said.
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